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2002 Archives

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Newsmakers 2002 Archive:

January & early February, 2002 Marjan, King of Kabul and Yassar Arafat
January & early February, 2002 Ken Lay & Enron
Late February, 2002, 2-27-02 Full Moon & GAO Sues Cheney
March 1, 2002, Danielle Van Dam
March 2-3, 2002, Escalating Violence in Israel/Palestine
March 3, 2002, Monica Lewinsky's HBO Special
March 5, 2002, Operation Anaconda Updated March 21, 2002
March 9-10, 2002, Bush Wants Nukes!
Update: March 21, 2002 Warlords Undermine Afghanistan!
April 5, 2002 Powell Set for Mideast; Yasser Arafat; Ariel Sharon
April 13, 2002 Powell; Mideast; Yasser Arafat; Ariel Sharon Continued
May 2002 Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bush, Sharon & Colin Powell, Suicide Bombers
June 10, 2002 Jose Padilla, Elizabeth Smart, John Gotti, June 10 Solar Eclipse
June 26, 2002 Martha Stewart
July 4, 2002 USA & Bush's Solar Return
July 15, 2002 Cheney Boiled In Oil: Halliburton Probe
August, 2002, Starcats' gets hatemail Anyone Who Criticizes Bush Gets a Beatin' Behind the Woodshed!
Sept 10, 13, 14 Madeleine Albright, Bush Goes to U.N., 9-11 Anniversary
October 2 It's War Baby! Oh, Behave!
October 14 Terrorist Bombing in Bali, Indonesia
November 9, 2002 The Democratic Party, A first look at death and rebirth
November 23, 2002 Nancy Pelosi, Democrat Party House Minority Leader
December 1, 2002 Homeland Security and Poindexter's Spy Machine
December 15, 2002 Al Gore Says He Won't Run in 2004
December 15, 2002 Al Gore Says He Won't Run in 2004
December 27-29, 2002 Bush & Rove Use Executive Branch of Government to Orchestrate Coup d'Etat in the Legislative Branch By Conspiring to Get Cat Killer Frist In Position To Replace Good Ole' Racist Trent Lott As Senate Majority Leader!

D.C. Sniper Archives

Update: John Muhammad's BC birth data is December 31, 1960, 6:31 AM, CST +6:00, New Orleans, Louisiana. Ascendant is 28 Sagittarius. Per Lois Rodden View Chart.

October 12 The Sniper, Tracking a Serial Killer & Rough Times at White House High
October 22, 2002 Tracking the Sniper Up to Capture
October 24, 2002 Snipers Apprehended! Astro Portrait of John Muhammed
October 25, 2002 John Muhammed & John Lee Malvo

Midterm Elections 2002

November 1-3, 2002 Midterm Elections 2002
Chart Projections, Observations & Analyses
November 2, 2002: Tom Daschle
Impact to Lunar Nodes and win/loss points.
November 2, 2002: Dubya & Daschle
They Don't Like Each Other, So "Get Over It." Gridlock: Nothing gets done for the people.
Not for the faint hearted USA Chart & Progressions, Nov 5, 2002


Tom Daschle
Tom Daschle & George W. Bush
USA Chart & Progressions, Nov 5, 2002
USA Midterm Election Lunations
JEB Bush & Bill McBride
State of Florida
Paul Wellstone
Walter Mondale
State of Minnesota

Chart Sources:

JEB Bush, George Bush, Fritz Mondale & Tom Daschle courtesy of Lois Rodden

Bill McBride, per Tamara Baker, cites BC.

Paul Wellstone, birth date from his online biography. No time of birth known.

States of Florida and Minnesota per Marc Penfield's "Charts of the USA & Canada," published by AFA, 1996.

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