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June 10, 2002

Eclipse Day Updates

"WASHINGTON ( CNN) -- Federal officials captured a U.S. citizen with suspected ties to al Qaeda who allegedly planned to build and explode a radioactive "dirty bomb" in the United States, the Justice Department announced Monday. ...Attorney General John Ashcroft said Al Muhajir -- who was born Jose Padilla -- was captured May 8 as he flew into O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois, from Pakistan...."

Checking today's Solar Eclipse Astro map, ( June 10, 2002 Solar Eclipse) you can see where the Mercury (information) line crosses Uranus (revoluntionaries). Today's disclosure follows upon the heels of a watershed of information (Gemini/Mercury) outlining what the FBI and CIA did nor didn't know prior to September 11, 2001. Today's "Ashcroft" news release re Padilla is no mere coincidence. This is political capital used as a bargaining chip in an effort to rebuild confidence in the Bush administration. At the time of this writng (1:13 PM PDT), the Moon applies to its Solar conjunction marking the eclipse (7:46 PM EDT, Washington, DC). Mercury in direct motion (June 8, 2002) carries "the message" by virtue of its sign rulershipof the eclipse planets: Sun, Moon and Saturn. Saturn (recently in opposition with "underworld" Pluto) testifies to conditions, people and events that have developed over a long period of time. The fact that Padilla was apprehended back on May 8 (a fact disclosed by the media at that time) becomes a weightier proposition. Evidence gathered indicates that Padilla's goal was the creation of a dirty bomb.

Padilla was born on Oct 18, 1970, New York City, per CNN. Thanks to Sharon of my Anima Mundi astrology list for researching this information.

"SALT LAKE CITY ( CNN) -- Hoping to send a message to their daughter, the parents of a missing Utah girl, believed to have been kidnapped last week, urged her Monday to "be strong" and pleaded with her captor to "have pity" and release her. ...Police said Monday that Ed Smart had taken a polygraph test Sunday. They had no comment on the results and did not rule out the possibility of other family members taking a lie detector test. ..."

Mr. Smart underwent the polygraph on Sunday, June 9 as the Sun applied to its conjunction with Saturn. Sun, representing Mr. Smart, Elizabeth's father, and Saturn, representing the police/authority, represents perfecting "timing" for a polygraph event in this case. Mercury, ruler of Sun and Saturn, is now in direct motion and, again, sends the message. The polygraph (Mercury) test (Saturn) ostensibily given to clear Mr. Smart of complicity in the abduction, is certainly not the end of the matter. Mr. Smart's 9 year old daughter will be questioned a third time by police in hopes of gleaning additional clues leading to Elizabeth's location. Gemini, symbolic of young people, has been under seige by "abducting Pluto" since early 2001. The Chandra Levy murder also occurred under strong Saturn-Pluto aspects. The chart for Elizabeth Smart's abduction: June 5, 2002, 1:00 AM, MDT +6:00, Salt Lake City Utah. 39N45, 111W53. Ascendant is 21 Aquarius. Uranus at 28 Aquarius retrograde conjoined to Pallas Athena (asteroid of strategy) in the chart's first house indicates that the abduction was a sudden, shocking event. Pallas of strategy would indicate that Elizabeth's abductor strategized his crime and was aware that stealth and surprise were key to his success. Pluto in the 10th house of the chart in opposition to Sun, the North Node and Saturn, testify to the abductor's keen ability to employ stealth. He was invisible (Pluto/Hades is endowed with a helmet of invisibility) until arriving inside the home (4th house Gemini planets). He "appeared" suddenly (Uranus in the first house -- the girls) in the bedroom. Neptune of subterfuge is in the 12th house of the chart in retrograde status. Mercury was retrograde at the time of the abduction, and may show by direct motion a "return of Elizabeth." Once Mercury trines Neptune on June 23, there may be a substantial lead drawing the police closer to solving the case.

Uranus was in the 7th house when Chandra Levy last logged off her computer. The nature of Chandra's disappearance and Elizabeth's abduction are tightly linked to Uranus, as well as to Pluto of abductions. Uranus retrogrades back to 24 Aquarius by November 4, 2002, the degree in which Uranus was the day Chandra Levy disappeared. By November, we may know much more about matters surrounding Chandra's murder.

"Springfield, Missouri ( CNN) -- "SPRINGFIELD, Missouri (CNN) -- Convicted mobster John Gotti -- the ruthlessly brutal but stylishly dressed New York Mafia chief with silver slicked-back hair who reveled in the public spotlight as the "Dapper Don" -- died of cancer at a federal prison hospital Monday at age 61. An FBI spokeswoman said the death occurred about 12 p.m. (1 p.m. ET) but had no other details. "

Crime boss John Gotti, kingpin of murder and racketeering, has Sun at 4 Scorpio in mutual reception by sign with "mafia" Pluto in Leo. They square by aspect and Chiron of incurable wounds in Leo is part of the square. Gotti, is partially described thusly, ""He loved this lifestyle," said Raab, the former Times writer. "He changed overnight ... and he was suddenly wearing hand-tailored silk suits made by Italian tailors ... monogrammed socks ... everything flamboyant, flashy. He really thought he was on top of the world." CNN Profile. Chiron is the key. Gotti was one of 11 children. Sun in mutual reception with Pluto and in square to Chiron signfies a terror of being "invisible." Hence, Gotti's flamboyant style. Gotti took to crime allegedly because he could see no way out of poverty and invisiblity. He dropped out of high school and commenced a life of crime. Gotti has Mercury in Scorpio in opposition to Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus in Taurus. His statement (Mercury) is about security (Taurus). Saturn in Taurus reveals the craving for money. Jupiter and Saturn oppose Gotti's "identity" Sun in scorpio and are in square to Leonine Pluto. The T-square tells the story: craving for acceptance through the channels of power and money. Gotti has Moon, Venus and Neptune conjoined in Virgo. Gotti sought a "perfect redemption" from the travails of early life through the Scorpionic/Taurean "structuration." Gotti's ego defense against the chaos of the Virgoan Neptune were earthed (Jupiter-Saturn conjunction) through an idealization of temporal power and wealth. Gotti had the moxy to succeed in business and most likely could have been a rich man through legal channels. However, the attraction and idealization of mob glamour of the 1940's proved to be his ultimate seduction.

Gotti's death from throat cancer (Taurus is associated with the throat. Note the many Taurus planets Gotti has) comes upon the heels of the last Saturn-Pluto conjunction forming a T-square to Gotti's Virgo Moon, Venus and Neptune. A noon birth time (speculative) shows Gotti's Moon at 19 Virgo, or in perfect square to today's Gemini eclipse. Uranus squares his natal Uranus: abrupt exit and Neptune of dissolution squares Gotti's Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. Transiting Jupiter and Venus in Cancer sextile Gotti's natal Taurus planets providing the "opportunity" to slip out of the body. Their wide trine to his Scorpio Sun is indicative of the ultimate transformation: death and the stepping into a new form.

Note: Gotti was born at the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of 1940, a prescient conjunction that foretold America's entry into WW II and the death of President Roosevelt while in office.

Starcats, June 10, 2002.

June 10, 2002 Solar Eclipse

Charts For Your Notebook

June 10, 2002 Solar Eclipse

A special thanks to Storm Cestavani for providing me with chart data for the FBI and CIA charts.


Prelude: Sensitive Degrees

"It's going to take a while to recover from the challenges set in motion during the sun's opposition to Pluto on the 6th. Redemption, reprieve, maybe even remorse. On Saturday at 8:12 a.m. PDT, Mercury finishes its retro tour in Gemini and turns direct. The sun and Saturn meet early Sunday morning, further emphasizing what has emerged from the last Saturn-Pluto polarity, e.g., Russia and NATO! Monday's new-moon/annular eclipse of the sun at 20 Gemini is, weather permitting, visible. Since eclipses run in 19-year cycles, think back to June 1983, when Russia was part of Reagan's "Evil Empire." As then, this eclipse is too close to the USA's natal Mars at 21 for my comfort. However, it is right on George W.'s conjunction of erratic, aerodynamic Uranus and his lunar north node (a.k.a. his destiny in this lifetime). Save us!" Rockie Gardner.

I just got back from vacation and my return during Mercury retrograde finds me not knowing whether to shit or go blind.

I can't keep up.

India and Pakistan. The CIA and the FBI. Israel and the whole Middle East. The upcoming June 10, 2002 Annular Solar Eclipse.

Because I can't keep up, today's column zeros in on the upcoming Solar Eclipse. Let's use it as a jumping off point to track events this summer. We'll dovetail into the Lunar Eclipse of June 25 (Sun 3 CAN/Moon 3 CAP) when we get close.



Today's Sun in opposition to Pluto harks back to May 25th's third and final opposition between defensive Saturn and retributive/regenerative Pluto. About 9 1/2 hours later, the Lunar Eclipse of May 26 (Sun 5 GEM/Moon 5 SAG) marked the collapse of the bridge over the Arkansas River in Webbers Falls, Oklahoma. The Ascendant and first house Mars at 7:45 am (the time when the barge struck the bridge) was 28 Gemini: the sign and degree of September 11's Moon. Sun and Mercury in the chart for the event [not shown] hovered very close to the USA's N-Uranus at 8 Gemini. First, the 28 degree Ascendant/Mars (in trine to disruptive Uranus in the 9th house of seafaring) led us to think: terrorist attack. Subsequently we discovered it was not. (Full investigation pending).

The Webbers Falls disaster, along with escalating news surrounding Bush, the CIA and the FBI, bring us back to September 11th. The Ascendant and Mars at 28 Gemini and the third opposition between Saturn-Pluto, reaches all the way back to August 6, 2001 (First Saturn-Pluto opposition. Mars joined the fray via its conjunction to Pluto. A Pisces Moon set up a volatile T-Square). Bush was in Crawford, Texas vacationing for a full month, mind you, and was briefed about the possbility of a major attack upon the United States. Transits for August 6, 2001 show Sun conjoined to Mercury at 14 degrees Leo. The sensitive 14 degree marker accords with the position of the Ascendant/Mercury at 14 Libra on September 11, 2001.

WTC Memorial

Note: May 20, 2002's 10:29 am WTC memorial occurred on the heels of the aforementioned Saturn-Pluto/Lunar Eclipse of May 25-26, 2002. The Moon at 10:29 a.m. was at 0 Aquarius, or conjunct the Sun of each U.S. president's inauguration. The memorial, a "new moon" event for Dubya's presidential inauguration chart, crossed over inauguration Sun, Neptune, Merucry and Uranus, thus re-igniting inauguration's violent T-square between Saturn, Mars and Uranus. [See Inauguration 2001, A Most Dangerous Game.]

June 6, 2002: Crank Up The Volume

Bush Addresses Nation: Another Bogus Remedy

From June 6th's Washington Post: "Bush will address the nation from the White House at 8 p.m. Eastern time and major networks have agreed to carry the speech. The 29-page White House plan says the new department would realign "the current confusion patchwork of government activities into a single department whose primary mission is to protect our homeland." Bush will ask Congress to approve the idea by the end of the year."

Dubya's "Plan" is 29 Pages in Length. So Is Tonight's Moon

The Moon at 29 Aries sextiles retrograde Uranus. It's a sudden (Uranus) move (Mars, Moon ruler) necessitated by the Goddess Nemesis (1 Libra), the lady who ensures that whatever we hide in shadow is eventually exposed by the light. In this case, what the Bush Administration claims it didn't know was, in fact, unconsciously known but consciously denied. Further, the Moon (in mutual reception by sign with frustrated Mars in watery Cancer) makes a quincunx [aspect of adjustment] to the speech chart's Midheaven at 28 Virgo. Mercury is the MC's ruler and isretrograde. Regardless of the plans' merits (and that remains to be seen) it will not be implemented until it is reorganized. If this is presented as a "contract with the American People," it won't fly. Mercury retrograde "contracts" are usually broken. The Aries Moon (is just passing her trine to Juno (asteroid associated with "political marriages") which opposes Uranus retrograde conjoined to Pallas Athena (asteroid associated with political strategy):

  1. Aries Moon at 29 degrees of the sign is "completed" by its chart ruler, Mars, in the 8th house of deep psychological transformations that are the result of losses which call for redemption. Mars, the God of War, in mutual reception with "gut instinct" Moon may signify emotionally driven tough rhetoric.

  2. The Moon's trine to Juno (in opposition to Uranus retrograde and Pallas Athena) indicates that the new "plan" is: a) a political decision. Uranus corresponds to "new orders and reform" that result in "new tyrannies"; and b) Pallas Athena highlights the fact that the "new security order" is is also a political necessity.

    [June 7, 2002 Update: the new Bush Plan for Homeland Security would be a radical (Uranus] restructuring [Saturn] of government. According to Doris Kearns Goodwin, one of MSNBC's history analysts, Bush's government reorganization is the largest since that of Harry S. Truman post WW II].

  3. To ascertain what an angular 7th house conjunction of Sun-Saturn will initiate in two days and then again in two weeks, is an administration attempt to 'head em off at the pass.' If you've been watching the news, you can "smell" Bush and Cheney's fear. My guess: Bush is aware that this is impeachment material.

The Solar Eclipse

[Be sure and click the links for charts listed at the top of today's column. The eclipse chart link also provides you with an astromap of action across the world.]

The eclipse Ascendant (11 Sagittarius 04) is shy a mere 1 degree 17 minutes from the USA's natal Ascendant. Pluto in the first house is still in orb of opposition to Saturn in the 7th house. This eclipse, set for Washington, DC, resoundingly resonates with the American peoples' crisis of faith; the plutonic exposure an underlying corruption of values that irrevocably alters America's self-image.

Saturn in house seven (open enemies) speaks not only of terrorism and terrorists, but of the dissention between America's two distinguished political parties: the Democrats and Republicans.¹

As you can see by contemplating Ellis' quote in the footnotes, the United States has her own internal enemy oftentimes projected outward onto the global landscape. [September 11th excluded from this discussion. An attack such as that of September 11th requires an equal or greater response.] At the time of the solar eclipse, The Sun and Moon, conjoined to Saturn and the North Node in the 7th house, has a special link to George W. Bush. Bush's natal Uranus is at 19 Gemini. This eclipse will change his life and his political destiny.

This eclipse presages Saturn's passage into Cancer and subsequent conjunction to Bush's Sun, the USA's natal Sun and the square to the USA's Saturn in Justice oriented Libra. The "Saturn Return" to 13 degrees Cancer marks 29 1/2 years from the date that Richard M. Nixon resigned the U.S. presidency. Further, in 2003 and early in 2004 (election year), Uranus moves into Pisces. 01 Pisces (this degree will take three hits) marks the Uranus Return of the Nazi Party. The Bush family's truck with the Nazis is well-known. Dubya's grandfather was prosecuted by the U.S. Government under the "Trading with the Enemy Act." Prescott Bush made substantial sums of money by supporting the Nazis through banking and money laundering. It boggles the mind to note that Prescott Bush went on to become a U.S. Senator.

Uranus, the most important planet in political astrology, and is now in the Gemini Decanate. Uranus retrograde (to Nov 3/4, 2002) now shares a "special relationship" to Mercury retrograde in Gemini. Both planets show how the Bush administration is backtracking: 1) They no longer oppose investigations into the FBI/CIA; 2) They reversed course on the Democrats' desire to create a branch of government devoted to Homeland Security; and 3) The Bush administration claims the original Democrat idea as one of its own.

June 7, 2002 Update

"The White House knows it is only a matter of time before the failures of government agencies become Bush’s failures."

Newsweek, June 7, 2002: "How Bush reversed course from initially opposing a new cabinet department to championing its creation on prime-time television is vintage Bush. It’s his pattern to resist and resist until he knows he’s losing; then he embraces the opposition and claims the win as his own. He did it on the sticky question of federalizing airport workers, which he fought at first and then lauded; and he did it on campaign-finance reform, signing a bill he hated rather than let his political foes portray him as anti-reform. Harman and other Democrats, notably Sen. Joe Lieberman, a potential rival of Bush’s in 2004, introduced bills months ago along the lines of what Bush is proposing. They are too polite or perhaps too intimidated by Bush’s poll ratings to say, “I told you so.”

"Actually it’s stunning that eight months after the September 11 attacks all of this is still on the drawing boards, and that Bush would choose to announce his plan just as hearings into 9-11 are getting underway on Capitol Hill. White House officials claim that the reorganization has been in the works for five months. It’s true that this administration is good at keeping secrets, but it strains credulity to believe that the timing of this announcement had nothing to do with the confluence of events in the Capitol. The government was reeling from revelations that the FBI and CIA and maybe even the White House were negligent in not picking up on various clues that could have averted the tragedy of September 11. Polls show a hemorrhaging of trust in government even though Bush’s personal ratings remain high."

"As we learn more about what went on in the months leading up to September 11, we discover that the FBI and the CIA actually knew quite a bit. . .

Let's take a shot at tying all this together. First, I'm not saying Dubya is a Nazi in disguise. I am saying that Dubya, collective and unconscious creature that he is, acts as a conduit for the wackos in government around him. Ashcroft. O'Neil. Rumsfeld. Rice. Norton, et al. The extreme Uranian agenda (Uranus becomes very "right wing" once Leonine shadowed hubris takes over) embraced by the current administration parallels that which we see across the globe: a world psychotic eruption. Fear and loathing. Religious corruption. Fundamentalism. Neo-fascism. Uranian-Saturnian Nuclear threat (Pakistan/India). Terror and terroism. A huge cycle up the spiral of the human being's denial. Issues in play at 1 A.D. moving forward are the same issues we confront today. Pluto in Sagittarius: what is the truth? Is there an absolute truth? How do we balance Sagittarius' polar opposite: Gemini. Can Castor and Pollux merge? Can Heaven marry hell? Or can Islamic Jihad marry the authentic Koran? Or is this only possible if Plutonic corruption is justified through enactment of ancient, tribal blood cults? The Dionysian (Jupiter-Neptune) frenzy of suicide bombers is the extreme of ecstatic ecstacy. Though not wholly the same, you might remember Charles Manson and the Manson Family, murderers of Sharon Tate, et al. Drugs, rock n' roll, free-wheeling sex, and Charlie's plan for a racial Jihad. Stir up the blacks so that they will declare war and take over the United States. This is what I mean by Dionysian (blood/wine cult) taken to the extreme. Religious fervor, as practiced by Ashcroft, does not involve Dionysian extremes but instead masks itself behind the drapes Ashcroft placed over the nude statues in the hall of the Justice Department. ²

Back to Bush. Dubya's Uranus "eclipsed" means what? Let's think it through. Uranus is the most important planet in politics, bar none. Uranus is about reform, new orders, iconoclasm, the shattering of the Saturnian status quo. Uranus, ruler of Aquarius (the sign opposite "autocratic" Leo), is the shadow component hidden within Leo's unconscious -- "the divine right of kings," or a manifest destiny of the "divine child." (Bush has a Leo Ascendant. His "enemy" is his 7th house Aquarius where Neptune of subterfuge, "blindness," and the real enemy unseen is currently transiting). If we simply understand Uranus (located in the 10th house of Bush's inauguration chart) as Bush's vision for a "new world order" (shades of Daddy Bush) eclipsing that vision indicates an absolute loss of control. Uranus is the cosmic "trump card." Hence, it is neigh to impossible to predict just how Uranus or Uranus eclipsed may manifest. What we know for certain is that Uranus upsets "the best laid plans of mice and [wo]men." It may be that this eclipse presages the end of Dubya's free-reign raid upon the United States of America. Note that Jupiter has passed the USA's Sun and Dubya's birth Sun (as has the second goodie, Venus). Jupiter will not re-meet the Sun at 13 Cancer for another 12 years now. Jupiter, associated with politics and politicians (and good luck) has abandoned Bush for other turf. Yes, Jupiter will enter Leo and conjoin Bush's Ascendant, Venus, Mercury and Pluto. But before that, it will oppose transiting Neptune in Bush's 7th house where he is now utterly blind. t-Jupiter conjoining his natal Pluto (eventually) may make him richer, but before that, its opposition to Neptune may make him drunk. Literally.

T-Venus at eclipse time is just one degree shy of a conjunction to Bush's 12th house Saturn in Cancer and to the USA's Mercury. What message does Mercury bring to Venus on Bush's Saturn? The limits of love. Could be this is the signal that Bush's poll numbers begin to drop. He will seek to escalate his war on terrorism and invent reasons to do so. Bush's progressed Uranus at 21 Gemini is conjoined to the USA's Mars. For one thing, the outer enemy, that intractable Ariel Sharon, promises to continue driving the Bush administration crazy. Mercury's transit back to the USA's Uranus (8 Gemini) indicates another critical juncture between the USA and the threat of nuclear war between Pakistan and India.

T-Venus on eclipse day has a special relationship to the eclipse of May 26 (Sun 5 GEM/Moon 5 SAG). Venus energetically contacts this eclipse degree via Antiscia and Contra-antiscia. See, Declinations & The Antiscia.

Roughly, Venus' link to May 26th's eclipse means "we go there again." Mars, too, is linked by antiscions. 21 Gemini (the USA's Mars and Dubya's progressed Uranus) and 21 Sagittarius (Pluto gets there in 2003) presages what it might mean when T-Pluto does oppose the USA Mars in 2003. This opposition occurs after November, 2002's mid-term elections. The aforementioned in connection with Dubya's Uranus factor and Venus conjoined to his natal Saturn spell a sudden, unpredictable turn of events that diverts Dubya from what he believes is his destiny.

The asteroid Nemesis (Goddess of "comeuppance") is at 1 degree Libra for this eclipse in trine to Mercury at 1 Gemini. Mercury and Nemesis create a T-square to retrograde Uranus at 28 Aquarius in the third house of the eclipse chart. The third house, of course, is associated with the media. Mercury's message to Dubya's Uranus: Nemesis, by way of the press, is coming to meet you.³

Starcats, June 6, 2002


¹ "What distingushes the American Revolution* from most, if not all, subsequent revolutions worthy of the name is that in the battle for supremacy, for the 'true meaning' of the Revolution, neither side completely triumphed. Here I do not just mean that the American Revolution did not 'devour its own children'** and lead to blood-soaked scenes at the guillotine or the firing-squad wall, though that is true enough. Instead, I mean that the revolutionary generation found a way to contain the explosive energies of the debate in the form of an ongoing argument or dialogue that was eventually institutionalized and rendered safe by the creation of the political parties. [emphasis added.] And the subsequent political history of the United States then became an oscillation between new versions of the old tension, which broke out in violence only on the occasion of the Civil War...." [the conflict between slavery and freedom. The compromise of the twin (Gemini) goals of freedom and equality for all. ]

*[Uranus="reform", the God Prometheus: he stole fire from Mt. Olympus and carried it to humanity. This symbolizes the "incarnation" of human consciousness. Prometheus/Uranus is the collective energy that bridges the gap between cosmic reality and conscious manifestation of the same on earth.] [Greek myth: Saturn ate his own children for fear that they would usurp his power] Joseph J. Ellis, Founding Brothers, the Revolutionary Generation, Vintage Books, 2000, pgs. 15-16.

² Pluto's cycle is 246 years long. The last time Pluto entered Sagittarius was in 1949-1750. When Pluto entered Capricorn (restructuring/reordering) in 1776, the American Revolution was in full swing. Uranus was discovered by William Herschel in 1781. By 1787, the U.S. Constitution was born. The first U.S. president elected under the Constitution, George Washington, was elected in 1789.

³ Yes, there is the possibility of another terrorist attack on U.S. soil or upon an U.S. interest abroad. This eclipse presages an unprecedented escalation of violence across the globe. But violence also will erupt from the press in America and scathing indictments of Bush. It is axiomatic, that whatever happens during a president's administration, regardless of who was at fault, is blamed upon the president. Our expection is that "he should have known." Whatever occurs on the "captain's watch" is the captain's responsibility. [Saturn].

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