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Inauguration 2001, A Most Dangerous Game

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Inauguration 2001

Updated October 14, 2001

The stakes are higher than we could have imagined. Since Al Qaeda's (Osama bin Laden's organization) attack on the United States on 9/11/01, George W. Bush has been thrust into the very role I foresaw for the next president when "Inauguration 2001, A Most Dangerous Game" was first written late in 1999. An expanded version of this article and predictions as to who would spring forward as 2000's presidential candidates (and a projected winner) appeared in "Aspects" magazine (December 1999) and on Espirituality.com (web site now defunct) in late June, 2000.

Notable quote from original 1999-2000 Starcats article (below):

"Mars (16 Scorpio) in the 7th house of adversaries squares Mercury (16 Aquarius) and Uranus (19 Aquarius) in the 10th house of the presidency. This set up is the classic "explosion" aspect associated with bombs, gun fire, terrorist activities and calls to war. Saturn at 24 Taurus in the first house indicates that the next president will carry burdens nearly beyond human endurance."

What concerns me most is that Bush assumed office under conditions not unlike Abraham Lincoln. In 1860, just before the start of the Civil War, the nation was equally divided with half hating Lincoln, and the other half hopeful and enamored of the plain talking midwesterner. During the Civil War, the enemy was within: Union and Confederate enemies, brother against brother, both locked in combat to the death. The enemy today is also within; one that infiltrated and integrated into the fabric of America yet springs like a coiled snake attacking the nation's backbone. Unity and division, and what lies within, challenged Lincoln and today challenges George W. Bush. It is the enemy within, not the enemy without that Mr. Bush will have to look out for. So will every American. -- Starcats.

Inauguration 2001: A Most Dangerous Game

The arabic part for the inauguration 2001 chart: Jupiter conjunct the part of bondage and has just crossed over ALCYONE, the fixed star of great grief.

  1. Moon conjoins Pluto in the 8th house of loss and death
  2. Moon sextile Mercury
  3. Moon square Venus
  4. Moon sextile Uranus
  5. Moon semi-square Neptune
By sect the Moon is ex-conditio, or "out of condition," meaning it holds no essential dignity and is "uncomfortable" in the house and sign in which it is placed. As the Moon is a potent timer in event charts, this does not bode well. Just before the new president is sworn in, the Moon makes a square to Venus at 17 Pisces (11th house). The next aspect will be Moon conjoining Chiron at 24 Sagittarius (8th house) and quincunxing Saturn at 24 Taurus in the first house. Mars (16 Scorpio) in the 7th house of adversaries squares Mercury (16 Aquarius) and Uranus (19 Aquarius) in the 10th house of the presidency. This set up is the classic "explosion" aspect associated with bombs, gun fire, terrorist activities and calls to war. Saturn at 24 Taurus in the first house indicates that the next president will carry burdens nearly beyond human endurance.

Venus, Saturn's ruler, is exalted in the sign Pisces in the 11th house representing Congress. This planetary relationship may somewhat mitigate the harshness of the president's burden, however, Pisces is the sign of sacrifice and may hold darker connotations.

Jupiter in the first house opposes the arabic part of bondage and further testifies to the possibility that the president's duties may become so overwhelming that he/she becomes more of a prisoner in the White House than a powerful figure. Mars in the 7th house in trine to Venus in the 11th house indicates that the House and Senate will initially support the new president's decisions (as will the president's spouse). The Sun at 0 Aquarius in house 10 conjoins Neptune at 6 Aquarius and is indicative of a leader who is detached, forward thinking, and not above dissembling when it comes to public image. The sun, by sect, is in hayz (the highest glory), but registers -10 on Ptolemy's Table of Essential Dignities. Thus, the "heart of life" for the next president is debilitated. Jupiter (1 Gemini) will have passed its conjunction with Saturn (the classic aspect for presidential assassinations in the USA), however, it is important to note that the act does not necessarily occur when the conjunction is exact. Many astrologers believe that the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction "curse" was broken during the Reagan administration, as the conjunction (1981) was in an Air sign (Libra), rather than in a traditional earth sign. [The Air sign conjunction is known as a "grand mutation"] Suffice to say that a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is a seed moment initiating the next 20 year political and economic cycle.

See, Mundane Astrology & Astrological Law for data on presidential deaths in office, including notes on the Air sign Jupiter-Saturn conjunction and Ronald Reagan.

See. also May 2000 Alignments | Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction

To illustrate the point, we can use Lincoln's assassination as our example:


The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction during his presidency occured on October 29, 1861 at 3:34 pm, LMT +5:08:08, Washington, DC in Virgo, the sign of health and bodily integrity. (See house 6). Two degrees Aries rose (Mars ruler) and 1 degree Capricorn (Saturn ruler) crowned the Midheaven. Mars at 14 Libra resided in the 7th house of enemies (where Mars will be for the 2001 inauguration). The Sun at 6 Scorpio was in nodal degree (North Node 6 Capricorn/South Node 6 Cancer) and was just shy of the 8th house cusp. The part of fortune in the 11th house was squared by retrograde Pluto at 9 Taurus in the 2nd house. Pluto was also in opposition to the Scorpio Sun.

What is interesting is that Venus in Sagittarius (9th house) is squared by its ruler Jupiter (as well as Saturn), the planet often associated with actors (John Wilkes Booth). Venus opposed Uranus (upheavals, the unexpected) in house 3, thus forming a t-square to the Moon (13 Virgo) and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (19 Virgo) in house 6. Lincoln's assassination did not occur until April 14, 1865, 10:13 pm, LMT +5:08:08 (Washington, DC). The Ascendant was 9 Sagittarius (Jupiter ruled actors); Jupiter was at 29 Sagittarius (critical degree); and Saturn was retrograde at 27 Libra in house 11. Mars in Cancer was in the 8th house of death square Neptune at 8 Aries in the 5th house (theatres and diversions). Venus at 25 Taurus conjoined the fixed star Caput Algol and was posited in the 6th house of health. As is well-known, Lincoln was shot in the back of the head. Caput means head. He died early the following morning.

George W. Bush was inaugurated as the 43rd President of the United States:
January 20, 2001, 12:02 PM, Washington, D.C.

World Astro Map: George W. Bush, Natal Chart
Warring Mars runs straight through Pakistan & Afghanistan.
See, U.S.S. Cole Bombing for article and Astromap
indicating Bin Laden and Afghanistan, October 12-13, 2000.

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