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CHART Bush's 7 Leo Ascendant with Mercury, Pluto and Venus in his first house paint a portrait of a charismatic man skilled the art of power manipulation. His 12th house Sun (back room dealings) at 13 Cancer conjoins the fixed star Sirius and rules Bush's Ascendant and first house planets. Sirius is the brightest fixed star in the heavens, is a binary star and is situated in the mouth of the greater dog. In ancient Persia, Sirius meant "creator of prosperity," which fits Bush's huge success in real estate development. What is notable is that Bush's Venus is in the degree of Washington, DC's lunar nodes and opposes DC's natal Pluto (21 Aquarius) in DC's 5th house. Lovely Venus has proven herself a warmonger when checking out her transits for 1998 and early 1999 (Iraq, Clinton's impeachment trial, Kosovo). This is not to say that Bush is a warmonger, but it is interesting that Bush, Sr.'s claim to fame was the USA's war with Iraq.

The 5th/11th house axis (DC's natal Pluto in its 5th house) represents ambassadors and diplomatic relationships between the USA and other nations. "W," schooled at the feet of Bush, Sr., may be destined (Bush's Venus in DC's nodal degree) to play a pivotal role in foreign relations. Also, the nodal contact may indicate a special destiny or fated link between Bush and Washington, D.C. "W's" Mercury and Pluto conjoin DC's Uranus (10 Leo) in DC's 11th house (Congress, the future and rewards derived from the 10th house of power). "W's" Mercury and Pluto lend themselves to skilled, controlled speech which can mobilize or tap into the collective unconscious "hitting" the raw nerves of dissatisfied electorate. As we've seen, Bush's ability to dodge questions regarding his own nefarious drug and alcohol activities could also be mobilized as useful skills at a bargaining table. "W" is probably very good at poker.

Both "W" and his father are linked to Washington, DC by nodal contacts:

George Sr.'s North Node at 25 Leo trines DC's exalted Aries Sun and its Mercury. His 21 degree Gemini Sun is in DC's nodal degree in trine to the North Node in the first house at 21 Libra. His natal Mars at 25 Aquarius in DC's 6th house shows a relentless work drive coupled with intense concentration (Mars trine Saturn conjunct natal Moon). Jupiter (retrograde) in George, Sr.'s 10th house is indicative of someone who wanted to enhance his legacy and surpass that of his ancestors through social/political expansion. Retrograde Jupiter indicates that he would be in line to do so, but that his crowning achievement would not occur until late middle age or after

It appears that nodal/planetary contacts from a candidate's chart to DC's (or vice versa) are strong indicators of whether a hopeful is drawn into the game of destiny. Often times it is the outer planets or Mars, Venus and Saturn contacts that complete the web of political seduction. Not all players can be elected president, but the majority of the players with strong nodal/planetary contacts eventually find themselves in the middle of the drama.

[An expanded version of the above-mentioned candidates' profiles by Claudia Dikinis (Starcats) in conjunction with research by Rob Couteau appeared in the the Summer and Fall 1999 issues of "Aspects" magazine, published by Joan McEvers and Marion March of Aquarius Workshops, Inc.]


CHART Gore's Midheaven at 21 Aries is ruled by Mars at 18 Leo in Gore's first house. Mars is in mutual reception with his Sun (10 Aries in the 9th house) and is conjoined by Pluto and Saturn at 12 and 16 Leo, respectively. Saturn, which is peregrine, disposits Gore's peregrine Moon. Saturn's antiscia is 14 Scorpio which conjoins his South Node of endings in his 4th house. When considering the foregoing in relation to the fixed star Acumen (conjunct Gore's natal Jupiter), concern arises as to Gore's ability to negotiate conflict without overreacting.

Further, Saturn's conjunction with Mars in Gore's first house is the classic "driving with the breaks on," or the "accident prone" aspect. Gore can either moblize his Saturn-Mars and supply himself with enormous concentration or fund angry eruptions born of frustration. Gore should watch it the closer transiting Jupiter moves to its conjunction with Saturn on May 28, 2000 (22°). Jupiter and Saturn both will square his natal Saturn and Mars tripping off the accident prone natal conjunction through Jupiter's urge to overshoot the mark.

We have more than a vague idea of what its been like for Gore (natal Pluto, Saturn and Mars conjoined in his first house -- identity) to take a back seat to Clinton. The aforementioned first house planets have been gathering momentum the last 7 years and Gore is ready to burst. However, a Saturn-Mars conjunction in quincunx to a Mercury in Pisces doesn't do much to make Gore charismatic. He has great drive and discipline but isn't built to loosen up publicly. Saturn in the first leads one to shyness and stiffness. In the sign of Leo (Gore's rising sign), the lion's effusiveness is constrained. A quick reading of his biography, particularly with an eye to his restrained relationship with his father (Saturn also describes "father" and "authority"), clearly indicates a man forced to play second fiddle for too long in his life.

However, I think Gore's Mars is going to erupt somewhere and the "how" is yet to be demonstrated. This is reiterated by the fact that his natal Sun conjoins DC's 7th house Saturn! Here Gore finds his adversaries and his own shadow. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of May 28, 2000 falls in Gore's 10th house squaring his Mars (mentioned above). Mars is one of Gore's powerful "timer" planets. This Saturn-Mars-Jupiter line-up gives me pause. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction conjoin in DC's 8th house of death and is just one degree shy of its natal Venus (20 Taurus). Gore's natal Venus at 26 Taurus conjoins Caput Algol, the most malefic fixed star in the heavens, which foretold death by beheading in ancient times.

At this point, Gore is the logical DNC choice for the nomination. However, I fear for Al Gore's safety.


CHART Bradley has been a surprise since sacrificing his lumberjack shirts, but he still may have problems on the campaign trial. His arabic part of sickness conjoins Chiron at 0° Virgo in house 11 (his future ambitions). Mercury, Chiron's ruler, is at 16° Leo in house 11 as well and receives a -5 score on Ptolomey's Essential Dignities Table. See Table.

Mercury (thinking/talking/conceptualizing) and Mars's drive to exceed all limits (typical of ambitious politicians and lawyers), are too debilitated to help Bradley.

Bradley was born at the planetary hour of Mars on the day of Mercury. His Moon (26 Gemini) conjoins Saturn (22 Gemini) in the 9th house (travel on the campaign trail). As both planets are disposited by peregrine (no essential dignity) Mercury, I suspect Bradley will throw his support Gore's way at Convention 2000 in Los Angeles. Health issues may loom large for Bradley as the campaign wears on.

Bradley's progressed Midheaven at 17 Virgo conjoins Washington, DC's natal Moon in its 12th house. His progressed Ascendant at 2 Sagittarius falls in DC's 3rd house, but makes no aspect to a strong planet or angle in DC's natal chart. Bradley's progressed Sun at 0° Libra is indicative of a strong change in orientation regarding his "purpose," but is cadent (buried) in DC's 12th house.

Bradley's progressed Moon at 29 Cancer is void of course in his progressed chart, but sextiles his natal Neptune at 29° Virgo in his 12th house. His progressed Moon at the time of the close of polls November 3, 2000 is already 3 degrees past a square with DC's natal Mercury at 26 Libra, thus it misses the moment at election time.

John McCain

An unusual number of US presidents have had Libra Rising:

John Quincy Adams
Franklin Pierce
Bill Clinton
Harry S. Truman
Chester Arthur
William McKinley
Andrew Johnson
James A. Garfield
Woodrow Wilson
John F. Kennedy
Jimmy Carter

["Aspects" Magazine, Fall, 1999, "Election 2000" by Claudia D. Dikinis & Robert Couteau]

Of these presidents, three were assassinated while in office:

James Garfield, 20th President of the United States. Assassinated in 1881.
Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction: April 18,
1881, 6:12 am, LMT +5:08:08,
Washington, DC, 38N54 077W02, Asc: 0 1 Taurus.

William McKinley, 25th President of the United States. Assassinated September 6, 1901.
Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction: November 28,
1901, 6:20 am EST +5:00, Washington,
DC, 38N54 077W02, Asc: 25 Scorpio.
Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction 13 Capricorn.

John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States. Assassinated November 22, 1963.
Saturn/Jupiter Conjunction: February 13, 1961,
6:31 pm, EST +5:00, Washington, DC,
38N54 077W02. Asc: 5 Virgo.
Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction 24 Capricorn.

See Starcats' "Astrolaw" for chart data on all U.S. Presidents who either were assassinated or died in office. Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions

CHART McCain's chart and the USA's chart have critical links that make McCain a threatening opponent for "W". It is quite possible that McCain will upset "W's" White House bid and go on to win the Republican Party's presidential nomination. Heretofore, without chart data, McCain was an unknown quantity. But now McCain has moved from "wild card" to formidible campaign foe. (More on the USA chart below).

McCain's chart holds a Mutable Grand Square:

Jupiter opposes Chiron and both square retrograde Saturn in Pisces. Saturn in his 6th house of work in the sign of Pisces (opposite natal Venus) gives rise to a character familiar with the concepts of "duty", "honor" and "sacrifice." Venus in Virgo, in mutual reception with Mercury in Libra, outpicture not only a hard worker, but a man concerned with justice. The 6th house/12th house axis also speaks of servitude and imprisonment. McCain, a POW, needed to rely heavily upon the power of his natal Moon opposite Pluto (life and death struggles) in order to be "reborn" after his ordeal.

McCain's current upset of the "W" apple cart can also be found by viewing McCain's progressed Saturn. At 16 Pisces retrograde, McCain's progressed Saturn is in the February 5, 2000 Solar Eclipse degree (Sun, Moon, Uranus 16 Aquarius). The eclipse, falling in his 5th house of creative gambles quincunxes his natal Neptune (16 Virgo, also in eclipse degree) and sets off his natal and progressed "Saturn opposite Neptune."

Saturn and Neptune don't speak the same language, and this natal opposition must be irritating for McCain who prides himself on clear vision. He works very hard at getting to the heart of issues (Chiron in Gemini: fear of intellectual inferiority). Add to the mix the fact that Chiron squares Venus in Virgo (the wound of "perfect ideals") and opposes Jupiter (the mores), and McCain finds himself in the middle of a grand mutable square!

Flexibility and adaptability are part of McCain's psychology. As a risk-taker, he may have done some work on his Saturn-Neptune opposition, because he trusts himself more and self-trust is translated into the collective as security. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of May 28, 2000, and the preceding superalignment of Taurus planets, fall in McCain's 8th house. Aside from the presidential assassination scares, McCain, if elected, is "called" to overhaul the economy and work at a redistribution of wealth. Medical insurance, medicines, health care in general, wages, and social security are by no means crises that will simply go away.


McCain's Midheaven (16 Cancer -- Eclipse degree!) conjoins the USA's Sun in its 8th house. His Pluto (28 Cancer) opposes the USA's Pluto (27 Capricorn), and his natal Moon (27 Capricorn) conjoins the USA's natal Pluto. This particular overlay does concern me, as the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurs in McCain's 8th house of death. McCain's natal Mars square Uranus is descriptive of his temper -- the one thing he tries hardest to hide. Mars in Leo in his 10th house of status (the aggressive "King") trines Jupiter in Sagittarius (the law maker). McCain lacks patience underneath it all, and the inauguration chart for 2001 is fraught with challenges. McCain, if elected, will not only face worldwide confrontations, but will need to safeguard his temper and himself.

McCain further "looks presdential" as his Jupiter conjoins the USA's Ascendant. It sextiles the USA's Saturn in Libra, thus creating "the opportunity to create new laws that benefit the people." McCain's Ascendant falls in the USA's 10th house and conjoins the USA's Saturn. Saturn is exalted in Libra and, with McCain's Mercury in Libra conjoined to the USA's Midheaven, reiterates the theme of justice.

March 10, 2000 Update: McCain's Super Tuesday defeat (March 7, 2000) may have cost him a battle, but McCain is not out of the war. If Election 2000 is not his "time," McCain, a dogged fighter, has the guts and enough of a following to re-emerge better prepared for Election 2004. Between now and Election 2000, look for McCain to rise like the phoenix (Pluto in the 10th house) with a whole new game plan.

Rowena Wall states that John McCain's birth time is 9:00 a.m. She telephoned McCain's campaign headquarters and was advised that McCain's military records are the source.Visit StarIQ for Michael Wolfstar's weekly political updates.


"The Reform Party functions like a flophouse for political gypsies and social outcasts, and no two members can agree on the time of day." Steve Lopez, TIME, March 20, 2000, p. 40.


CHART Pat Buchanan, is 60 years old and thus recently experienced his second Saturn Return (at age 59 1/2) on April 14, 1997. Other significant transition events for Buchanan are his 5th Jupiter return (12 years per cycle x 5), Pluto's waxing square to it's natal placement, and the natal Sun-Moon placements duplicated in the progressed chart.

A look at the current transits of the outer planets (Uranus-Neptune and Pluto) indicates that Buchanan experienced most of these critical points within in the last four years, commencing at age 56. From now until age 63, Buchanan is under the rebellious and radical closing* Uranus-Uranus square, which is critical for Buchanan, as his natal Uranus conjoins his midheaven at 16 degrees Taurus. Transiting Saturn at 16 Taurus (retrograde) conjoins Uranus, and has recently conjoined Buchanan's South Node of "endings" at 17 Taurus. This configuration is the classic "fall from grace" aspect.

The article addressing Buchanan's newly published book is reproduced for you below. The book and Buchanan's subsequent separation from the GOP in favor of alignment with Ross Perot's Reform Party, are two key events in Buchanan's "fall from grace."

The GOP was outraged at Buchanan's assessment of the USA's participation in World War II, and his vulgar rhetoric against "his favorite punching bags: Jews, Hispanics, blacks, the media and large corporations." Although George W. Bush cautioned Buchanan from breaking away from the GOP (a move that will split the vote imperiling Bush's White House chances), Buchanan did so anyway, thus burning his bridges with the GOP.

Buchanan's natal Uranus in Taurus conjoined to his Midheaven is highly significant of the maverick, rebel, and radical. In "Aquarian" terms, most of us like to think of Uranus's penchant for bucking the status quo as an energetic mirror of our transition into the utopian vision of a healthy new age. However, Uranus-Aquarius, the polar opposite sign of Royal Leo-Sun, doesn't express itself solely in the context of our 11th house humanitarian visions of a new golden age. A shadowed (disowned) or Jupiter-inflated Uranus is in danger of psychic bloat which leads to new tyranny and, historically, war.

The Jupiter-Uranus of conjunction of 1941 is a prime example of psychic inflation. It was under this aspect that the Japanese Empire bombed Pearl Harbor in the belief that they would prevail over the United States. This inflation, in part, led the United States to escalate development of the atomic bomb. By August of 1945, the price of inflation was paid at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Uranus conjoined Mars (explosions) in the 9th house of the Hiroshima chart (beliefs) and in the 8th house of the Nagasaki chart (the house of death).

Pat Buchanan, a dark horse and loose cannon, advocates violations of the U.S. Constitution by weakening the boundaries between Church and State, and through disenfranchisement of people of color and of other religions. Buchanan justifies his "isolationist (Uranus) position" via his natal Uranus square to natal Jupiter in Aquarius!**

Buchanan's natal Sun (9 Scorpio)-Pluto (1 Leo) square (and in Mutual reception), is another indicator of a fixed drive for power. On an intimate level, this square (12th house Pluto to the 3rd house Sun) is indicative of bloody sibling rivalry. His sister, Bay, a journalist, is the force behind Buchanan chiding him to work harder and go further. Both Bay and Pat are high profile achievers, and the competition between the two is often demonstrated publicly. (Buchanan's Sun, 3rd house Scorpio Sun: the link to his sister Bay's journalistic career).

Also worthy of note is Buchanan's Mercury in Scorpio (penchant for sarcasim and denigration of others) in his 4th house opposing Uranus in Taurus in his 10th house. This is the parental axis, and Scorpio-Taurus, in part, combines the lessons of the right use of power through honoring another's values, beliefs and possessions. Buchanan's Mercury-Uranus opposition creates a natal T-square where Jupiter in Aquarius is the focal planet. Jupiter conjoins the 7th house cusp, the house of open enemies. With transiting Saturn's conjunction to the South Node in Buchanan's 10th, its impact on his natal T-Square conspires to fulfill Saturn's prophecy of "fall from grace." (Transiting Saturn in Richard Nixon's 10th house was the key to his "fall from grace" when he resigned the presidency during Watergate. Clinton's transiting Saturn square in 1998-1999 to his "Leo/Head-of-State Mercury" nearly cost him the presidency during Monicagate).

Presently, Buchanan's chief timing planet is Mercury (natally in Scorpio) and also the sign Virgo, until January 8, 2001. Mercury, associated with journalism and other forms of media dissemination,is where Buchanan has consistently "shot himself in the foot" throughout his career. Buchanan has Neptune at 22 Virgo in his second house in quincunx relationship to his Aquarian Jupiter. This "crisis" aspect (with Mercury square Jupiter/sextile Neptune from the 4th house of endings) appears as the "dissolving" component of Buchanan's future.

Buchanan Footnotes:

*a "closing square" is one where the faster moving planet, which forms the aspect, is applying to a conjunction with the planet it currently squares. The new conjunction is a seed moment which gives birth to a new cycle.

**Jupiter is associated with preachers, religion and belief systems, as well as Constitutional law. The Jupiter-Uranus square in Buchanan's chart is where we find his inflated ego identification. Thus, Buchanan's idea of what is innovative in regards to the solutions for America's ills lies in his identification with the solar heroics of a tyranical Uranus.

The world according to... Pat Buchanan

Foreign policy from the fringe
By Adam Cohen
September 20, 1999
Web posted at: 3:49 p.m. EDT (1949 GMT)

In his new book Pat Buchanan tells us what he would have done if he'd been President when Nazi Germany was waging war on England and France: Nothing.Adolf Hitler, he insists, was somewhat misunderstood. The Nazis only wanted to move east into Russia and Eastern Europe--which posed no threat to U.S. interests--until we got them all riled up. The Holocaust? A bad thing, certainly, but not the kind of problem that should drag a nation into war. The campaign book is a saccharine literary form--think of Jimmy Carter's Why Not the Best?--but Buchanan's new foreign policy monograph is every bit as vinegary as its author.

It's also a stark reminder of just how far on the fringe of the American political spectrum he is. In A Republic, Not an Empire, Buchanan argues for an extreme isolationism that puts him at odds with everyone from Ronald Reagan conservatives to Edward Kennedy liberals. And along the way, he manages to deliver a flurry of jabs and body blows to his favorite punching bags: Jews, Hispanics, blacks, the media and large corporations. In this post-Vietnam age, most Americans are wary of sending troops overseas. But Buchanan's opposition is sweeping.

He is, of course, outraged by Clinton's Kosovo policies ("We have no vital interest in that blood-soaked peninsula..."). But he also attacks the Persian Gulf War, waged by Republican President Bush and backed by 80% of Americans. And the moral quandary of whether, as the world's only superpower, the U.S. has a duty to stop genocide is for Buchanan a no-brainer: unless vital interests like oil are involved, we should mind our own business and let those marked for death fend for themselves.

Along with isolationism, Buchanan dredges up another dark American political tradition: old-fashioned, immigrant-bashing nativism. While George W. Bush and other Republicans are courting the Hispanic vote, Buchanan warns that too many black- and brown-skinned people are entering the U.S. ("No nation has ever undergone so radical a demographic alteration and survived"). He lashes out at Jews as too influential (using the kind of rhetoric that led fellow Catholic conservative William Buckley to conclude, in a 1991 National Review article, that Buchanan was an anti-Semite).

But he also argues that Greek-Americans, African-Americans and other "hyphenates" are too outspoken on foreign policy--drowning out the white Anglo-Christian voices he sees as truly representative of his America. And who says there are no new ideas in presidential politics? Buchanan lambastes Armenian-Americans for securing too much U.S. aid for the tiny Republic of Armenia. --By Adam Cohen

Rudi Guiliani!

Birth Time Unknown

On May 19, 2000, Rudi Guiliani officially dropped out of the New York State Senate race citing his need for focus on health and loved ones. "......it was like he was channeling Dr. Joyce Brothers." (Brian Wilson, MSNBC Cable News, quoting political pundits).

Although we have no birth time for Rudi, his solar chart reveals the power of the Big Taurus line-up and how fixed energy releases itself while in square to the Leo/Aquarius axis.

Guiliani's health and domestic issues necessitate postponement of his political aspirations. Watching Rudi discuss this on MSNBC this evening, I was reminded of how one moment can forever alter one's course. Whether it be a fateful diagnosis or the meeting of that "special someone," illusions of "control" over the planetary gods falls short.

It appears that Rudi has chosen the high road. He's walking the path of acceptance. "Now is not the time for me to run. If this had been a year ago or six months ago, it would be different. But that's not how life is." Now we'll see what stuff Hillary is made of. With her adversary gone, what road will she take with the next candidate?

Key Aspects:

The sacrifice:

Solar Arc directed Pluto has just changed signs (0 Libra) and is approaching a conjunction with Rudi's natal Neptune (1 Libra 31). This conjunction is reflective of chemotherapy. Pluto digs deep to kill offending cells. Neptune is associated with the chemical agents used to mobilize Pluto's power.

Today's announcement has transiting Sun at 28 Taurus, just shy of a conjunction with Rudi's natal Venus at 29 Taurus. For you fixed star fans, you know that the 29th degree of Taurus is conjoined to the fixed star, ALCYONE -- that which brings great grief. Transiting Venus, Saturn and Jupiter will eventually conjoin Rudi's natal Venus. That's three more hits to ALCYONE .

Transiting Venus, Saturn and Jupiter either are squaring or have squared Rudi's natal Leo Moon. Since his birth time is unknown, it is not possible to ascertain the Moon's degree. However, his natal Jupiter at 22 Leo (and transiting Juno at 23 Aquarius, the marriage asteroid) are hooked into the Taurus planets. Each of the Taurus transits will meet Saturn, translate its light forward and, by further aspects to the chart, supercharge Rudi with Saturnine energy.

Saturn does not bode well for politicians. Saturn's Maturity and wisdom making powers aside, its mundane thrust lies chiefly in its "come uppance" role. To wit, transiting Saturn squares [in early Taurus late in 1998-early in 1999] to Bill Clinton's natal Sun [0 Leo, conjoined to his arabic part of catastrophe], initiated the Monica Lewinsky scandal which cost him his legacy (an enduring value).

Rudi's long-term liaison with "another woman," and subsequent public announcement of divorce, brought rehashes and comparisons to the "Clinton-Lewinsky" realm. Of the two factions heard, one stated that Guiliani was no better than Clinton. The other faction maintained that Guiliani never "lied" about his affair. Thus Guiliani should remain free from scandal. If values are relative, depending upon which political party one prefers, at the very least we're witnessing another example of Saturn in square to Leo planets. If Leo is the King, then Saturn (and Uranus, for both are currently in square aspect to each other) operates as a dethroner. With transiting Juno just past Uranus in Aquarius, it seems "fitting" that Guiliani's announcement (last week) of his separation from his wife would mount public outcry at the time Saturn perfected its square to Uranus.

Further observations:

Rudi's progressed Mars is 7 Virgo 05 (associated with health) and is 5 minutes shy of a perfect square to Rudi's Gemini Sun (the heart of life). His birthday is May 28 -- the day of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. Rudi not only faces recovery from prostate cancer, but faces a Solar Return fraught with a potent message: how will he lay the ground work for his next 20 years? Mars in Virgo in Square to the Sun can give this fighting man the stamina he needs to recover from Cancer, but it won't be easy, as Mars isn't "happy" in Virgo. Further, his progressed Jupiter is at 29 Leo, conjoined to the royal fixed star Regulus. More often than not, a regulus conjunction signals the end of a reign, for after the conjunction is made, the "royal" aspect begins to wane. Rudi's progressed Jupiter also squares ALCYONE (29 Taurus, the degree of his natal Venus). It should be clear from this mini-assessment that Rudi Guiliani needs our prayers.

Bill Bradley is a good man and most likely is the most honest of the candidates vying for president. However, as can be seen from the charts above (Bradley's natal chart/inner wheel and the Concession chart/outer wheel), transits and progressions don't support Bradley's bid for the White House. (See Bradley's profile. Bradley's progressions and solar arc directions for Super Tuesday (March 7, 2000) paint a revealing portrait of a man fired with hope yet not supported by the Gods of Fame. Midpoints for Wins (check your own chart for these points) are:

Win MidpointsLoss Midpoints
Venus/Jupiter=25 LeoMars/Saturn=3 Gemini
Venus/Uranus=26 CancerMars/Neptune=21 Cancer

By Super Tuesday, Bradley's Progressed Moon at 21° Cancer conjoined his Mars/Neptune Midpoint which is the loss degree cited in the table above. His Fame midpoints (Sun/Jupiter=5 Leo | Sun/Pluto= 5 Leo | Jupiter/Pluto=6 Leo) are contained between his natal Sun, Jupiter and Pluto in his 10th house of status, assuring him a good run at the presidency, but the loss midpoints and current progressions are too potent for the Fame midpoints to offset.

Bradley's progressed Sun is at 29 Virgo in his 12th house conjoined to his natal Neptune. Sun-Neptune in the 12th house is a leaking out of his 10th house potential: the Sun, Jupiter, Pluto conjunction -- a very powerful combination for fame and success, but overly challenged by the aforementioned progression to his natal Neptune. On the other hand, the progressed Sun's conjunction to Neptune in the 12th house serves Bradley well in terms of his keen ability to link compassionately with a great number of people. It is a strong indicator of Bradley's sensitivity and life-long developed ability to "take the pulse" of the collective body politic.

Bradley's progressed Midheaven (19 Virgo) also falls in his 12th house and will be opposed by the transiting Pisces Sun on March 9, 2000, the day he concedes the race to Gore. This opposition falls along Bradley's 6th/12th house axis of service and the process of spiritualizing one's "job" or mission. This aptly describes Bradley's commitment to the "underdog" and has been a keynote of his career in the public service arena.

The Biwheel above highlights the transit of Saturn to Bradley's natal Mars in his 8th house (endings). Saturn conjoined to Mars is the classic "stalemate" aspect. The conjunction squares transiting Uranus in Bradley's 5th house of "gambles" (and his natal South Node [endings]), indicating upheaval but, unfortunately, there is no way to move out of the grinding halt signified by Saturn-Mars. Loss midpoint: Saturn/Mars=3 Gemini. Transiting Saturn's conjunction with Bradley's natal Mars is a double dose of disappointment. Bradley's natal Saturn (22 Gemini) is disposited by Mercury (15 Leo). As I said in my Bradley Bio:

"Bradley was born at the planetary hour of Mars on the day of Mercury. His Moon (26 Gemini) conjoins Saturn (22 Gemini) in the 9th house (travel on the campaign trail). As both planets are disposited by peregrine (no essential dignity) Mercury, I suspect Bradley will throw his support Gore's way at Convention 2000 in Los Angeles."


"His arabic part of sickness conjoins Chiron at 0 Virgo in house 11 (his future ambitions). Mercury, Chiron's ruler, is at 16 Leo in house 11 as well and receives a -5 score."

There we go again with those damned essential dignities doing what they do best when peregrine. Bradley's health issue, atrial fibrillation (Leo Sun - ruler of the heart), is reflected in peregrine Mercury's rulership of Chiron (00 Virgo-health issues) and Uranus' transit through Aquarius, the early degrees of which opposed Bradley's Sun, Jupiter and Pluto. By January 5, 2000, Transiting Uranus conjoined Bradley's South Node (15 Aquarius). This "hit" was further exacerbated by February 5th's South Node Solar Eclipse at 16 Aquarius. Transiting Saturn's conjunction to his natal Mars in Taurus (the throat), holds no power to sustain Bradley's message. His voice is unable to carry the weight.

Starcats, March 8, 2000

March 9, 2000 marks the turning point in Election 2000. John's McCain's decision to concede to George W. Bush within hours of Bradley's decision vis a vis Gore is no coincidence.


Inner Wheel: Declaration of Independence
Middle Inner Wheel: Transits March 9, 2000
Outer Wheel: John McCain


McCain's Moon-Pluto Opposition lies across the USA's 2nd house/8th house axis and squares transiting Mars in the 4th house.

Mars will perfect the T-square by March 21, 2000 (28 Aries), thus relaunching the transiting Mars Square Pluto themes of January 19, 2000. This is the transit that initiated dirty campaign tactics employed by candidates on both sides in an effort to undermine (Pluto) the competition (Mars). It is clear that McCain's efforts to survive (Pluto-Moon) Bush's telephonic and TV attacks (3rd house) resulted in his "shooting himself in the foot." (March 9, 2000 Transiting Sun at 19 Pisces conjoined to McCain's natal Saturn in the USA's 3rd house and Transiting Sun/McCain's Saturn in square to the USA's Mars in the 7th house of adversaries). It appears that the Aries Ingress (March 20, 2000) when the Sun reaches 0° Aries (the position of McCain's Solar Arc Directed Moon in opposition to SA Pluto at 0 Libra as of September 1, 2000) may result in McCain reinventing himself and running for office under a different banner. However, the part of fortune in the Aries Ingress chart (not shown) is 12 Cancer. Bush's Sun is 13 Cancer, conjunct the USA's Sun and the greatly fortunate fixed star, Sirius. McCain's chart doesn't show the moxie necessary to override this.

McCain won't go away, but the way in which he pursues his ambitions won't be fully known until his Solar Arc Moon (29 Pisces) enters Mars-driven Aries. His SA Moon (29 Pisces) opposes Bradley's natal Neptune (29 Virgo),¹ and as seen above ("Why Bradley Lost"), Neptune and its rulership of key planets (i.e., the Moon is the "timer") shows where loss and sacrifice are most likely to occur. Neptune's steady leaking out of directed power (A natal Capricorn Moon is instinctively ambitious, security oriented and driven to be an authority) would create high anxiety in a man like McCain. A progressed or Solar Arc Moon at the last degree of Pisces is unstable at best. It may be a call to spiritual reassessment and sacrifice of worldly ambition for a higher order, but these things are not common life goals for politicians. Bradley and McCain show character in how they are handling their losses, but the undercurrents of disappointment at the masculine (Sun) "failure" to "compete" (Mars) is difficult to integrate for such men.

Three Factors Crashed McCain:

1. Bush's accusation that McCain was not really pro-life.

2. McCain's bashing of the Far Right Christian Coalition. ((N) Mars square Uranus: "The Angry Reformer")²

3. Bush's ad accusing McCain of failing to support women's breast cancer cures.

USA's Sun at 13 in Cancer (women, breasts, pregnancy) square the USA's natal Saturn at 14 Libra (Saturn in its exaltation: permanence of the rule of law). The USA has had problems in regards to women and women's rights since the formation of the 13 colonies. {An oft overlooked "voice" for women was Abigail Adams who wrote her husband, John, that he should see to it that women and their rights were secured in the United States Constitution lest a backlash of unprecedented proportions occur. The rest has yet to become "herstory as well as "his."}.

The current transiting YOD (finger of God) in the USA's chart is comprised of Pluto quincunx the USA's Sun; quincunx transiting Saturn with the sextile between the USA's Sun and transiting Saturn completing the configuration.

The YOD impacts McCain's natal 2nd house (substance and personal support); 8th house (shared resources/resources borrowed and given); and the 9th house (USA Sun at 13 Cancer 3 degrees shy of McCain's MC). The Sun so close to the MC doesn't help McCain as the USA's Sun is square its Saturn (which falls in McCain's 12th house of "undoing"). The USA's Saturn is disposited by McCain's Venus, which is in fall at 22 Virgo.

The key to the YOD is the fact that McCain's natal Mars (12 Leo) squares Saturn, one of the spokes of the YOD. Pluto's trine to McCain's natal Mars fueled his hot temper which ran amok when he trashed Pat Robertson and Jerry Fallwell of the Far Right Christian Coalition. Do not underestimate the power and money base amassed by this group. The organized and undermining force behind the Coalition's interference with the political process is a direct result of Pluto's transit through Sagittarius.

Further, the release point for the Yod is Pluto in Sagittarius: "the marriage of heaven and hell." Pluto rules the underworld, and Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, is ruler of the natural 9th house, the house of God's joy. Pluto applies to a conjunction with its Jupiter ruler at 15 Sagittarius in McCain's chart. His "preaching" (Jupiter rules preaching and preachers) against obvious bigotry at a time when transiting saturn applies to an inconjunction with natal Jupiter undermined (Pluto) McCain's chances to hang on to the prize.

Note: John McCain should stay away from Ross Perot's Reform Party.

The Reform Party Constitution chart's Neptune conjoins McCain's Natal Moon at 27 Capricorn. Whereas Neptune in Capricorn works to undermine the hardened establishment principles McCain eschews (Saturn rules Capricorn), The RP's Neptune also opposes McCain's natal Pluto, which sets off his "life and death struggle" issue so vividly demonstrated in McCain's Viet Nam experience. This scenario was renacted in the public arena during his presidential campaign when Bush used nefarious (Neptune) advertising techniques to "imprison" McCain. Bradley's Natal Neptune conjoins McCain's Pluto and by chart comparison it is easy to see how Neptune contributed to the de-energizing of both their power bases. In light of my discussions regarding why McCain and Bradley lost, the Neptune Factor should be taken very seriously.


¹ "Neptune:

Neptune is associated more than any other planet with subversion, perhaps because of its rulership of ideals and links wiht the 'deal society'. Hence it rules socialism, and all new visions and dreams of the perfect society, and the people who promote such dreams. . . . it can also rule delusions and therefore disillusion, glamor, the arts, fashion, a nation's self-image and the image presented to others. . . ."

Mundane Astrology, by Michael Baigent, Nicholas Campion and Charles Harvey, The Aquarian Press, London, England, 1984, p. 224.


Uranus, more than any other planet, has characteristics derived from its association with mundane affairs. . . . Uranus is therefore linked to all revolutions and innovations in society, the need of the collective to permit or deny itself change, and upheaval at all levels in a nation. It rules political revolutions, economic change, strikes, political dissidents, wars . . . reforms, heavy industry, new technology, and all those who promote such ideas and events."

Id. at p. 223.

Starcats, March 9, 2000



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