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Presidential Hopefuls' Chart Data

Hot! Ventura Dumps Reform Party! See Charts Below.

Hot! Hillary Announces Senate Run! See Chart at Page Bottom.

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Democratic National Convention, August 14-August 17, 2000, Los Angeles, California


Republican National Convention, July 29-August 4, 2000, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Al Gore, Jr.
March 31, 1948
12:53 PM EST +5:00
38N54 077W02
Asc: 4 Leo
Source: Lois Rodden/BC

Winner of Super Tuesday 3/7/00 Demo Primary. Will get the party's nomination

Bill Bradley
July 28, 1943
11:20 AM CWT +5:00
Crystal City, MO
38N13 090W22
Asc: 8 Libra
Source: Gauquelin

Bradley to announce withdrawal from race on 3/9/00, 11:00 AM From West Orange, NJ

X-Too Lame

Warren Beatty
March 30, 1937
5:30 PM EST +5:00
Richmond, VA
Asc: 28 Virgo
Source: Lois Rodden, "American Book of Charts," (D=AA)

Democrats Gephardt, Kerry & Wellstone have dropped out.

Republicans Quayle and Alexander have dropped out.


George W. Bush, Jr.
July 6, 1946
7:26 AM EDT +4:00
New Haven, CT
41N18 072W55
Asc: 7 Leo
Source: Kim Castilla. "I called around and actually found a PR person in the hospital where he was born willing to look up his birthtime for me. So, this info is from his birth certificate, from the hospital records." [ACT astrology mailing list/email no. 11063]

Winner of Super Tuesday 3/7/00 GOP Primary. Will get the party's nomination
X-Too Lame

Lamar Alexander
July 3, 1940
10:50 AM CST
Knoxville, TN
35N58 083W55
Asc: 0 Libra
Source: Lois Rodden
Alexander has dropped out of the race.

X-Too Lame

Elizabeth Dole
July 29, 1936
4:12 PM EST
Salisbury, NC
Source: A&E's "Biography." Not yet confirmed by Lois Rodden

X-Too Lame

Steve Forbes
July 18, 1947
1:35 AM EDT +4:00
Morristown, NJ
40N48 074W29
Asc: 23 Taurus
Source: Lois Rodden

Totally Lame

Dan Quayle
February 4, 1947
11:48 AM CST +6:00
Indianapolis, IN
Asc: 5 Gemini
Source: His baby book. Lois Rodden confirms
9/27/99: Quayle drops out of the race after determining that "he cant compete with George W. Bushs fund-raising juggernaut." The Associated Press, 9/26/99.

John McCain
August 29, 1936
Panama Canel Zone
9N10 79W48
Per Lois Rodden's Data News #81, 2/2000
No time available.

McCain is probably fighting a losing battle, but what a good fight. Kudos!

Not Yet His Time

Alan Keyes
August 7, 1950
New York, NY
From MSNBC archives.
No time available.

The Reform Party: In-Fighting Makes for Savage Losers

Henry Ross Perot, Founder
June 7, 1930
5:34 AM CST +6:00
Texarkana, AR
33N26 094W06
Asc: 9 Cancer
Source: Confirmed by Lois Rodden, The Mountain Astrologer, Aspects Magazine, & Mary Louise Bateman

Pat Buchanan
November 2, 1938
0:20 AM EST +5:00
Mt. Vernon, NY
42N45 078W51
Asc: 22 Leo
April 1996 issue "The Mountain Astrologer." Source quoted:
"somewhat after midnight."
From Lois Rodden's Data News,
issues #53 and #57.
Pat Buchanan broke with GOP -- switched loyalties to Ross Perot's Reform Party. 9/23/99.

"The Donald" Trump
June 14, 1946
9:51 AM EDT +4:00
Jamaica Queens, New York
40N41 073W48

Source: Lois Rodden: A rating. Trump's mother reported his birth time to a mutual friend. Special thanks to Cynthia Withers, President, Aquarius Workshops for the data.

"The Body & The Mind," Minnesota Governor, Jesse Ventura
July 15, 1951
3:00 AM CST +6:00
Minneapolis, MN
44N59 093W16
Asc: 29 Gemini
Reported BC, Alignments Online

The Reform party founder and it's candidates all have prominent Uranus:

  1. Ross Perot, Uranus at 15 Aries, 10th house.
  2. Jesse Ventura, Uranus at 10 Cancer, 1st house.
  3. Donald Trump, Uranus at 17 Gemini, 10th house.
  4. Pat Buchanan, Uranus at 16 Taurus, 10th house.
  5. The Reform Party Constitution Chart: Uranus at 4 Aquarius, 1st house.

    According to Baigent, Campion and Harvey, "Uranus, more than any other planet, has characteristics derived from its association with mundane affairs. . . . Uranus is therefore linked to all revolutions and innovations in society, the need of the collective to permit or deny itself change, and upheaval at all levels in a nation. It rules political revolutions, economic change, strikes, political dissidents, wars . . . reforms, heavy industry, new technology, and all those who promote such ideas and events."

    Mundane Astrology, Baigent, Campion and Harvey, The Aquarian Press, 1984, London, England, pgs. 223, 227-229.

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Ventura Dumps Reform Party At Eclipse Time

Text of Declaration of Independence

New York State Senate Race!

Hilary Rodham Clinton & Rudolph Guiliani

No official birth time has yet been discovered for HRC. Most astrologers use the 8:00 p.m. birth time HRC allegedly gave some years ago before she and Bill ascended to the White House. An 8:00 a.m. birth time has been rumored to actually be HRC's true birth time. I prefer the 8:00 a.m. chart, as I believe it describes her more clearly. However, absent HRC's birth certificate, both birth times should be considered speculative and used with caution.

Special thanks go to Mary Louise Bateman for providing me with birth data for Rudolph Guiliani. CAUTION: The time above is speculative. Peter Doughty of Alignments Online uses a solar time of 12:52:52 PM EWT, which gives a 10 Virgo Rising.

Hillary Announces Senate Run!




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