Astrological Law
& Order

LibraLaws of Nature & good form. AttorneysVenus (Saturn-Exalted)
ScorpioProbate Courts & laws of inheritancePluto(& Mars)
SagittariusJurisprudence & philosophy of lawJupiter
CapricornEnforces law as a cohesive principle of societySaturn (Mars exalted)
AquariusRules the laws of scienceUranus (& Saturn) (Mercury exalted)
PiscesRules the laws of compassionNeptune (& Jupiter)

Three Branches of Government:

Executive: (The President) House 10. Associated with the Sun

Legislative: (The House/Senate) House 11. Associated with Aquarius (and secondarily Jupiter)

Judicial: The Supreme Court & the Justices. Jupiter, Libra, Venus (Saturn=exalted)

General Rulerships:

Judges, the judiciary, judicial system and matters: Jupiter, 9th house, Sagittarius, and secondarily, Sun, Venus, Libra, 7th house & Saturn.

Juries, jurypeople: 9th house, Jupiter, Venus (secondarily, the 4th house).

Jurisprudence: Jupiter & Saturn.

Judges: Jupiter, Venus, Libra & Saturn.

"Six clauses in the federal Constitution embody the law: Article I, sections 2 and 3; Article II, section 2. The House indicts [11th house], the Senate tries [Jupiter, Sagittarius, Libra, 9th house] and the Chief Justice of the United States [Jupiter, Libra, Venus & Saturn] presides over the inquiry [house 3/Gemini/"to inquire," which also constitutes the discovery process in law] in case of impeachment of the president [house 10 & the Sun]. A two-thirds vote of the senators present is required to convict [Pluto]. Punishment [Saturn/Mars/Pluto] is limited to removal from office (with the acts of the accused still subject to criminal proceedings in the courts). Impeachable acts are "Treason, [Mars, Pluto, Uranus] Bribery [Neptune, 12th house, Venus], or other high Crimes [12th house] and Misdemeanors [Pluto]." Grolier's Online Encyclopedia.. Rulerships from Rex Bill's "The Rulership Book."

The Planets In Mundane Astrology

The Sun:

It is the principal planet in any horoscope and represents the "heart of the chart." The Sun sign in a mundane chart will indicate the essential character of the state or nation, or an organization. It stands for supreme authority; the sovereign body; the leader, king, queen or prime minister. The Sun represents a political leader of the head of state. [the ascendant for the opening arguments in the Clinton trial is 26 Taurus, conjunct the fixed star, Caput Algol, which is associated with "beheading" or that which we "lose our minds about." In the case of Clinton, who is the "head of state," Caput Algol on the Ascendant needs no further explanation]. The Sun shows the myths and images a nation projects and the way foreigners may view the country.

The United States, with its Sun in Cancer, first rebelled against Capricorn England, and then selected Capricorn Russia as its principal world enemy. Thus we can see how global conflicts can be founded on the inability of a Cancer nation to accept its Capricorn opposite, and vice versa. The United States, with its Sun conjunct Jupiter, is obsessed with an ideology of 'freedom' and has a constitution based on clearly defined rights, wehreas the chart for Communist Russia [no longer valid] has its Sun in Scorpio, a position indicating adherence to a rigid State religion and semi-deified national leaders." Mundane Astrology, Campion, et al., p. 220.

[It is interesting to note that Capricorn/Saturn are strongly focused in the impeachment trial of Clinton. Saturn in Aries opposes Mars in Libra presently, and the Capricorn Sun links up to create a t-square configuration in the key charts for the process.]

The Moon:

The masses, the public, the common people and the population as a whole. It rules women in the nation, both individually and in terms of a nation's view of women. It is popular opinion, polls, and mass ideologies.


Communications of all kinds. Methods of communication including railroads, planes, ships, streets, freeways, mail, speech, writing, the internet, email, public transportation, etc. It relates to the intellectual systems of a nation including education, literature, ideological "movements," schools and trades. Political speeches, such as the President's State of the Union Address, media events, news coverage, etc., are all Mercury's domain.


Each planet may be seen as representing a function which helps bind the nation into a State . . . The Sun represents allegiance to a common authority and heritage; the Moon represents the unity of mass opinion; Mercury the necessity of communication; and Venus all those things which make it pleasant for people to stay together. Mundane Astrology, Campion, et al., Id. at p. 221.

Venus represents the arts, harmony, plays, theatre, peace and also has strong associations with war. Fashion, glamor, artists, the "feminine archetype" of the nation. Also, a nation's resources, banks, bankers, farmers and farming. (Taurus/earth/Venus).


Mars either drives a nation together or drives it apart from internal/external aggression. Mars also represents a society's need to have enemies as a vehicle for expressing its internal frustrations and violence. Mars plays a part in riots, acts of terrorism, and anti-social behaviors that result in crimes of violence. Mars' energy can also impel a society to grow and achieve greater heights. It is the energetic drive for good or ill which motivates the collective.


Common values, belief systems, and theology, which is the backbone of religious doctrines practiced by the people, stand under Jupiter's umbrella. Jurisprudence and the higher laws of metaphysics are all associated with Jupiter. Social consciousness, political aspirations and/or organized political participation to better conditions for the collective also stand with Jupiter. Ministers, rabbis, priests, including New Age philosphers such as Marianne Williamson all resonate to Jupiter's far reaching and idealistic drive to expand to higher levels. Religion and law throughout history have also functioned as controls upon the masses. One or the other can just as easily imprison as liberate. Karl Marx said, "Religion is the opiate of the people." Billy Graham says that eternal salvation is found through accepting Christ as personal Lord and Savior. Both are talking about freedom, yet both see it through the lens of their cultural mileus. Therefore, Jupiterian contributions to the collective are wired into the grand initiation cycles commencing with Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions. For more on the Grand Conjunction, see below.


Saturn creates the necessary order, structure, form and functions to mitigate the chaotic factors inherent in the negotiations of group enterprises. Saturn is associated with institutions representing the legal system, civil service, and all restraining/restricting forces in society. Saturn is rules, procedures, and guidelines. Saturn is associated with the administration of justice and has its affilations with police (law enforcement) and also the regimentation of military life and discipline. The attitude of a nation toward law, order, taboos, old practices, the old guard in politics, etc., are also associated with Saturn.


Campion says that Uranus, more than any other planet, "has characteristics derived from its association with mundane affairs." [Note: the January 31, 1999 lunar eclipse: Sun 11 Aquarius, conjunct Uranus. Moon 11 Leo, conjunct Bill Clinton's Pluto]. Uranus is linked to all revolutions [add Mars and you have terrorist bombings]; upheavals, strikes, rebellions, and how a society allows itself to entertain change. Uranus, an outer planet, brings change whether the collective wants it or not. Because the outer planets are associated with forces beyond the individual's control, often times the outer planets in aspect to a nation's chart nodes indicate "dates with destiny."

"Allow yourself to consider extreme possiblilites." [Maulder to Scully, The X-Files] Uranus also rules new technology, economic change, political dissidents, wars, terrorists, and radical ideology.


Subversion. Ideals of "the perfect society." Idealistic visions. The New Age. Socialism. Visions. Dreams and people who "sell" or "promote" dreams. Therefore Neptune can also rule what beguiles: glamour, films, dance, fashion crazes and also the attendant disillusionment that arises when none of these things succeeds in "fixing" society or the individual. Neptune rules oil, biochemical agents, scandals, confusion, deception and a society's "blind spot."


Pluto represents everything hidden, covert, secretive and perhaps the "shadow" of the collective. Secret police, organized crime, self-destructive impulses. [the politics of self-destruction, part of what is critical in the Clinton debacle]. It is associated with collective, psychotic outbreaks, such as the phenonmenon of Nazi Germany. Pluto is associated with horrific events: Ruwanda and Uganda in the 1970.'s. Pluto is associated with death and rebirth. Just as Pluto transits tend to "erase" our former life, with strength, a new form of life is reborn. Pluto then becomes associated with self-healing and the force of violent healing phases in a society.

The Houses In Mundane Astrology

The First House:

The first house of a nation's chart (in the USA's case, the chart for the Declaration of Independence¹) is the most important. The collective is stronger than the individual and is therefore considered to be fated. National myths, a nation's self-image, characteristics of the populace, and the evolution of a nation combine to form the archetypes of the national collective unconscious. From this point of view, groups are swept along cyclic tides often foreshadowed by eclipses, lunations and ingresses. The group, bonded to the whole, lacks the self-criticism of the individual. When a nation undergoes psychic infection, then war, dictatorships, and dissolution of the "state" in favor of a new identity may occur. Map boundaries shift and change. History is most often written by the conqueror. Not the conquered.

The Second House:

House 2 represents society's survival. Substance must be generated. Food and materials representative of a growing economy are vital to a nation's endurance. Banks, all monetary instruments, wealth, the gross national product and distribution of wealth among the populace are associated with the second house. Further, what society values, what it holds most dear is found in the second house. Also, the kind of people a society holds in high esteem are associated with the 2nd house. The collective's sense of security and of insecurity are often projected upon cultural icons. Generations' and subgenerations' values clash in house 2. Hence, we find the national "generation gap."

The Third House:

Communication and trade bind society together fostering cooperation towards the end goal of a healthy economy. Roads, trains, phones, schools, the US Post Office, newspapers, magazines, TV, books, the First Amendment right to Free Speech, the internet, computers, a national language, as well as daily rules of social pleasantries "Have a nice day," all come under the purview of the third house. In natal astrology, the third house is associated with neighbors, siblings and early schooling. In Mundane astrology the third house is associated with neighboring countries and perhaps ethnic identification for those who have emigrated from Canada or Mexico. For the USA, Canada and Mexico are our "next door neighbors."

The Fourth House:

The 4th house is the land, settlements, the building of stable communities, agriculture, identification with ethnicity, one's "clan" or "tribe," and is associated with the base of society and its most cherished traditions. This is the house of the common folk and is also representative of rebellion against the government (the 4th house is opposite the 10th). It is the house of "nationalism," mass ideologies -- a love of the land -- and is associated with socialism/the socialist party. The 4th house rules the harvest of the land -- her crops.

The Fifth House:

This is the house of creativity, of recreation, speculation, the Stock Market, gambling casinos, love affairs (the social "rules"), as well as theatre, movies, the NFL, the Olympics, parties, and fun. The 5th house shows how a nation's people interact according to culture. For example, every country in the world has its favorite dance steps, music, and idiosyncracies. The cultural "flavor" of a nation is reflected in stage productions of new/original works by playwrights. The 5th house is also associated with children and the birth rate. Also to "chic society."

The Sixth House:

The house of service. Workers, the employed classes, also political affilations such as trade unions (i.e., United Auto Workers), and political parties. The military is associated with the 6th house as is national defense. Civil servants (Linda Tripp!), public health works such as the CDC and National Institutes on Alcoholism, health workers such as nurse practitioners, and volunteers.

The Seventh House:

International relations with other countries: treaties and alliances, wars, truces, the United Nations and her members, and designated "enemies" are associated with the 7th house. This is also the house of "projection." What does a nation project upon its enemies? Often times, as in natal astrology, what a nation projects is its disowned neurosis or psychosis.

The Eighth House:

International finance, corporations and transnationl corporations are associated with the 8th house. Foreign investments, death, public mortality, assassinations, death duties of officials, death arrangements and national mourning reside in the 8th house. It is possible that the 8th house can bring renewal, regeneration and new resolve to the populace after a time of grieving. The 8th house is opposite the 2nd, and therefore speaks of the "death of things a nation holds dear."

The Ninth House:

Long distance travel and national and international law are associated with the 9th house. Shipping, international water routes, maritime law, space travel, religion, belief systems and philosophy also fall under the purview of the 9th house. Societal taboos, values, mores, the legal system and transmission of the higher laws of society are reflected through the 3rd house of communication and education. The highest values of the nation are transmitted (9th/3rd) to the populace through institutions dedicated to preservation of its cherished beliefs and moral philosopy.

The Tenth House:

The government. The President of the United States. The "ruling class." A nation's prestige. Its "aristocracy," and the opinon other countries hold of the nation. This is where the national identity becomes wholly conscious and strives to achieve the most ample portions of the collective dream.

The Eleventh House:

Governmental Institutions: the House and Senate. Also, local governments and those who directly assist elected officials. This is the house of long-terms dreams and ideals. It represents ambassadors sent to other nations and the hopes carried to foreign shores. (The 5th house is ambassadors received from other nations). Aquarian in nature, the 11th house is inclusive, universal and idealistic.

The Twelth House:

Hospitals, monesteries, boarding schools, prisons, jails, mental hospitals, and places where people are either incarcerated or elect to stay in order to be alone. This is the house of conspiracy, subversion, and of underground societies and secret organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan. The 12th house is also associated with how the people memorialize their dead in cemetaries and monuments. Occult societies and ashrams also fall under the purview of the 12th house.

¹ USA Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776, 2:13:32 AM LMT +5:00:40, Philadelphia, PA, 39N57, 075W10. Ascendant 7 Gemini. And: July 4, 1776l, 5:10 PM LMT+5:13:55, Philadelphia, PA, 39N57, 075W10. Ascendant: 13 Sagittarius.

There is an ongoing dispute as to which chart one should use for the Declaration of Independence. Some favor the Gemini rising chart (Researched by Frederic Van Norstrand and H.V. Herndon). Others favor the Sagittarius rising chart. (Rectified through research by Dane Rudyhar, "The Astrology of America's Destiny," New York, Random House, 1974). Experiment with the charts and perhaps you'll find one you like best. I have worked with both, and have come to the conclusion that the Gemini Ascendant chart works best.

Ingress Charts

The Sun's movement into the four Cardinal signs each year (Solstices: 0° Cancer and 0° Capricorn/Equinoxes: 0° Aries and 0° Libra), mark important transitions in regards to seasonal changes and represent the four angles of the natural zodiac. The Sun's entrance into these signs sends a "message." A new moment of experience commences. This phenomenon is known as the Solar Ingresses. Ingresses, in comparison with a nation's natal chart, are often potent in their ability to foreshadow what a nation can expect to develop over the next three months. That is not to say that world events start at one Ingress and end three months later. There is overlapping, and events presaged at one ingress can take years to play out upon the world stage. Ingress chart data and eclipse data for 2000 are located at Eclipses & Ingresses 2000


For detailed information on eclipses, see Starcats' Eclipses, Starcats' Astrologer's 2000 Resource Kit, and Eclipses 2000.


  1. Conjunction, square, or opposition by transiting major planet(s) (starting from Mars and working through Pluto) to the eclipse point is usually what triggers the meaning/synthesis of the eclipse within a national or individual horoscope. Note: the Sun can trigger eclipse synthesis three months after the date of the eclipse when it squares the eclipse point. The same is true for planets commencing from Mars and moving through Pluto.

  2. Weighting the Strengths: 1. Total eclipse; 2. partial eclipses; 3. annular eclipses.

  3. The geographic path of the eclipse seems to define the areas where the most challenge or hardship will be encountered. Note the path of the eclipses yearly and mark a map or make notes to remind you of the eclipse paths.

  4. If an eclipse occurs in Cardinal signs: the effects manifest quickly and are over just as quickly. Fixed signs: these eclipses seem to manifest suddenly, violently, and appear to have a correlation with geophysical upheaval. Mutable signs: vague, hard to discern and changeable.

  5. The duration of an eclipse's influence seems to correspond to the number of hours and minutes an eclipse lasts. A Solar eclipse equates to years. A Lunar eclipse equates to months.

Astrology: Mundane, Astral, Occult, Volume XI, Noel Tyl, 1977, Llewellyn Publications.

The Jupiter Saturn Cycle: The Grand Conjunction

Jupiter-Saturn: "This symbolic fusion of Saturn and Jupiter appears extremely important in the ways of the world. The two planets are symbols of time and discipline (Saturn) and philosophy and expansion (Jupiter). They stand for law and order, precepts of generational leadership, and overall maturity. Barbara Watters points out that the two principles represented by these planets are direct opposites (the saturnine conservatism and jupiterian expansiveness, for example), and together achieve a system of checks and balances whose goal is a golden mean of correct proportion, a middle ground of normality." Astrology: Mundane, Astral, Occult, Volume XI, Noel Tyl, 1977, Llewellyn Publications.

  1. The conjunction of Saturn-Jupiter occurs every 20 years.

  2. Since 1842, the conjunctions have occurred in earth signs.

  3. Every US president who assumed office with this conjunction has died in office: William Henry Harrison, Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William Mc Kinley, Warren Harding, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy.

  4. When the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction switches to air signs, this is called a Grand Mutation. "The Grand Mutation symbolically corresponds to enormous changes in the law and order of man on earth, his administration of the globe, that last for about 240 years until the next mutation; the internal Great Conjunctions project a symbolism for about twenty years in time until the next conjunction." (Astrology: Mundane, Astral, Occult, Volume XI, Noel Tyl, 1977, Llewellyn Publications).

    Here is an example of the GRAND MUTATION EXCEPTION: When Reagan was elected in 1980, you may recall that he was shot by Hinkley in 1981. Reagan survived the wound most likely because the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction of January 1 through July 24, 1981 (Libra), was a GRAND MUTATION. The box below gives you the data on the presidents and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction which led to either a presidential assassination or death in office.

  5. The Saturn-Jupiter conjunction of May 22, 2000 occurs at 21 degrees Taurus. What do you think the next US president's fate will be?

Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions:

William Henry Harrison, 9th President of the United States. Died April 4, 1881 one month after assuming office from pneumonia contracted on the campaign trail:

Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction, 1842, January 25, 1842, 9:43 pm, LMT +5:08:08, Washington, DC, 38N54 077W02, Asc: 0° Libra. All house cusps are in Solsticial and equinoctical degrees. Jupiter-Saturn conjunction: 8 Capricorn.

Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States. Assassinated April 14, 1865 by John Wilkes Booth.

Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction: October 29, 1861, 3:34 pm, LMT +5:08:08, Washington, DC, 38N54 077W02, Asc: 0° 2 Aries. Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction 19 Virgo.

James Garfield, 20th President of the United States. Assassinated in 1881.

Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction: April 18, 1881, 6:12 am, LMT +5:08:08, Washington, DC, 38N54 077W02, Asc: 0° 1 Taurus.

William McKinnley, 25th President of the United States. Assassinated September 6, 1901.

Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction: November 28, 1901, 6:20 am EST +5:00, Washington, DC, 38N54 077W02, Asc: 25 Scorpio. Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction 13 Capricorn.

Warren G. Harding, 29th President of the United States. Died of a heart attack August, 1923 in San Francisco, California.

Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction: September 9, 1921, 9:12 pm, LMT +5:08:08, Washington, DC, 38N54 077W02, Asc: 25 Taurus, conjunct the fixed star, Caput Algol. Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction: 26 Virgo.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States. Died of stroke on April 12, 1945 at his retreat home in Warm Springs, Georgia, shortly after the Yalta Conference.

Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction, August 7, 1940, 8:00 pm, EST +5:00, Washington, DC, 38N54, 077W02, Asc: 4 Pisces. Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction 14 Taurus.

John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States. Assassinated November 22, 1963.

Saturn/Jupiter Conjunction: February 13, 1961, 6:31 pm, EST +5:00, Washington, DC, 38N54 077W02. Asc: 5 Virgo. Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction 24 Capricorn.

Rules For Judgement

Who Will Win the Lawsuit?¹

  1. If the rulers of the first and seventh are afflicted by the malefic planets, neither party will win.

  2. The one whose ruler is more powerful or better aspected will be the victor.

  3. If the ruler of the first applies to the ruler of the seventh or if the ruler of the first is retrograde, the querent will be compelled to accept the verdict and agree to it.

  4. If both the rulers are in angles and equally dignified, neither will submit and both will suffer.

  5. If the ruler of the first is badly afflicted, retrograde, via combust or in its detriment or fall, especially if the ruler of the seventh disposes of the ruler of the first, the adversary will win.

  6. If the Moon applies to a benefic aspect of the ruler of the seventh or the eighth, and to a malefic aspect of the ruler of the first or the eighth; the adversary will overcome through scheming and evasion.

  7. The querent will overcome if:

    a. The ruler of the seventh is retrograde, via combust or afflicted in the first;

    b. If the Sun or Moon is in the first or aspects the ruler of the first;

    c. If the Moon applies to a parallel or good aspect of the ruler of the first and to a bad aspect of the ruler of the seventh; and

    d. If the ruler of the fourth is in bad aspect to the ruler of the seventh or the eighth.

Wars, Fights, and Lawsuits²

  1. . . . There is no essential difference between a lawsuit and a battle, and the same rules apply equally to either, but of course it will be obvious that whereas Mars is of prime importance in a fight, Mercury and Jupiter will be almost as much so in a lawsuit...

  2. The ascendant, its lord and the planets in that house in conjunction or aspect with the lord denote the challenger, or the person who begins the controversy; and the seventh, its lord, and planets in the seventh or in conjunction or aspect with the lord denote the other side.

  3. If the person signified by the ascendant is to be victorious let one of the signs of Saturn, Jupiter or Mars be rising. A martial sign is to be preferred, and in this matter Scorpio is better than Aries. Take care to make the lord of the ascendant dispose of the lord of the seventh, or be more dignified, fortified, and elevated than that planet. If, however, the side signified by the seventh is to be favoured reverse the above rules. These are the general rules for all controversies of any kind, but a number of other considerations were laid down by the ancients. The following rules are arranged so as to make the ascendant the side to be victorious, but if the other side is to be favored the rules must be reversed.

  4. Let the lord of the ascendant be in the ascendant or in good aspect with its cusp and also with Mars. If the lord of the ascendant is not in the ascendant he should be in the tenth, or, failing that, in the eleventh, and dignified. Take care that he is not in the fourth or seventh, for there he is in the power of the other side, nor in the eighth (which in a fight causes danger of health), nor retrograde, cadent, afflicted, or in reception with any afflicted or weak planet. Also place the lord of the seventh (the side to be vanquished) in the ascendant or second, and applying, preferably by good aspect, to the lord of the ascendant, for that denotes a desire to come to terms.

  5. Take care to fortify Mars and let him be well placed, dignified, and either lord of the house ruling the victorious side or in good aspect to the significators of that side. Never begin a lawsuit or other controversy when the Moon is afflicted or weak. Fortify the second house and its lord, and lit it be strong and dignified. For in duels, this house indicates the second of that person denoted by the ascendant; in wars it denotes the militia, money, and all helpers; and in lawsuits, the helpers or the help itself. Conversely the eighth denotes these things for the side signified by the seventh. It is also necessary to fortify the Moon, its dispositor and Mercury, and let them apply to the significators of the side to be victorious.

  6. . . . Moon in Taurus in any aspect to Saturn or Mars is evil for the beginner of any war, quarrel, lawsuit or fight, and it is also adverse in Virgo or Capricorn. If in Gemini or Cancer, the Moon should be in trine to Mars or aspected by t e benefics, for otherwise she is not favourable to the beginner. It is best to start when the Moon is in good aspect to the benefics, and free from affliction by the malefics.

  7. See that Fortuna is placed in one of the houses relating to the side to be favoured, namely, the ascendant, tenth, second, or eleventh for one party, or the plaintiff in the lawsuit; and the seventh, tenth, second, or eleventh if the other side, or the defendant in a lawsuit is to win. Place Fortuna free form affliction, especially by the lords of the opponents' houses, and if possible in good aspect to the benefics.

  8. Avoid cardinal sings on the ascendant (or seventh) at the beginning of any controversy, but if one must rise, let it be Capricorn.

How the Judge [or JURY--CDD]
Will Decide the Case³

  1. If the ruler of the tenth is Uranus or Saturn, he will either not decide or the case will be moved to another court.

  2. If the ruler of the tenth is retrograde, he will not act fairly.

  3. If Uranus or Saturn rules the tenth, and Venus, the Sun, Mercury or the Moon are in any aspect except an opposition, the judge will probably set the case for another calendar date.

    If Mars opposes Uranus or Saturn, the judge will have a bad character, and if the Sun is in square of opposition to Uranus or Saturn, he may be disgraced.

  4. If any planet is in the tenth and not the ruler of the tenth, undignified, and unaspected to the ruler of the tenth, the parties will not be satisfied.

  5. If Gemini, Virgo or Pisces is on the ascendant or seventh house cusp, the case will be moved to another court.

  6. If the ruler of the tenth makes a bad aspect to the ruler of the first, the judge will decide against the querent; to the seventh, he will rule against the adversary.

  7. Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn on the cusp of the seventh house, the parties may become reconciled by their own prudence.

  8. The Moon translating light form the ruler of the seventh to the ruler of the first shows that a third person will bring about a reconciliation. If the rulers of the first and seventh make no aspect to each other but both aspect a heavier planet, the parties will become reconciled by a third person described by that planet and the sign in which it is placed. Many times the judge is the means of reconciliation. Apply the rules given in the hindrance of marriage to see who hinders or reconciles the parties in lawsuits.

When Not To Pass Judgment 4.

  1. When the Ascendant is in the first three degrees of a sign. It is too soon to give an answer.

  2. When the Ascendant is in the last three degrees of a sign. It is too late. The outcome has already been decided. All one can do is watch what happens.

  3. When the Moon is void of course. "It will come to nothing."

  4. When the Moon or planet representing the querent [the person who asks, or those represented by the Ascendant] or the quesited [the matter under question] is in the via combusta: 15 degrees Libra to 15 degrees Scorpio, except for 23-24 Libra, which conjuncts the lucky fixed stars, Spica and Arcturus. Barbara Watters found the effect to be similar to a Moon conjunct Uranus aspect. This is where events take a sudden, unpredictable turn that is not welcomed by the querent. The Ascendant falling in the via combusta can indicate that the querent was quite upset at the time he/she asked the question.

  5. "Rules 1 and 2 are not thought to apply when the Ascendant of the . . . chart is within one degree of the inquirer's progressed Ascendant, or when the Ascendant of the . . . chart is within one degree of a conjunction with a radical planet or point of the querent. Some astrolgoers have extended the latter exception to mean that if the . . . chart's Ascendant is within one degree of a major aspect wiht a radical planet or point, the . . . chart is safe to judge."


¹ Horary Astrology, by Geraldine Davis, 1970, First Temple of Astrology.

² Electional Astrology by Vivian Robson, Samuel Weiser, Inc., 1972.

³ Electional Astrology by Vivian Robson, id. at p. 166.

4.Handbook of Horary Astrology, Karen Hamaker-Zondag, Samuel Weiser, Inc., 1993, p. 15.





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