USS COLE & Yemen

Aden, Yemen --

" Yemen has been described by intelligence officials as a guerrilla’s dream. It is remote, extremely mountainous and unruly, with 17 million people living a hardscrabble life amid the oil bounty of its neighbors."

Robert Windrem is an NBC News investigative producer. Michael Moran is a senior producer for special reports at MSNBC

Starcats, October 5, 2000 Yugoslavia: "What we're witnessing now in Yugoslavia, the Middle East, China and Russia is the formation of huge collective conflicts that will beseige the next USA president. The oil crisis (Neptune 3 AQ retrograde) is just in its incipience. I suspect it will not be long before we are back at war with Iraq. Watch and see what happens in Iran, as well, over the next six months." See also "Inauguration 2001, A Most Dangerous Game."

And. . . the coming recession. Checked the Dow Jones Averages lately? Did you hear the rumors on MSNBC tonight (October 13, 2000)? "Hard downturns." Limitations on profits, employment and the buying/selling of goods.

(retrograde) Saturn returns to the abundance sign, Taurus, tomorrow, October 14. This conjunction with the fixed star, ALCYONE (great grief), marks the second of a total of three passes Saturn will make to the weeping sisters. (As well as Caput Algol at 26 Taurus). We are not likely to see much hope of a peaceful resolution between the Israelis and Palestinians. Nor are we likely to see an end to terrorist activities against the U.S.

Most of the Mid-East nations' charts took heavy hits from the major line-up of the 7 traditional planets in Taurus during April-May, 2000, which culminated in the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of May 28. By late June to early July, we heard about the so-called "fuel crisis." July 16th's Lunar Eclipse in security-minded Cancer (Sun 24 Cancer/Moon 24 Capricorn), resonated with Yemen's natal chart: its Neptune (oil, scandals, subterfuge) is at 24 Scorpio.

Osama bin Laden has been variously linked to Saddam Hussein as well as to the World Trade Center bombing in New York City. Check the World Map Below. You'll see that the Venus MC line and the ASC Neptune lines CROSS in AFGHANISTAN! The Venus DESC line runs right through Aden, Yemen on the day of the USS Cole bombing! The map CLEARLY shows a planetary link from Afghanistan (the country where bin Laden hides out) and Yemen!

Subversion. Ideals of "the perfect society." Idealistic visions. The New Age. Socialism. Visions. Dreams and people who "sell" or "promote" dreams. Therefore Neptune can also rule what beguiles: glamour, films, dance, fashion crazes and also the attendant disillusionment that arises when none of these things succeeds in "fixing" society or the individual. Neptune rules oil, biochemical agents, scandals, confusion, deception and a society's "blind spot."Campion, Baigent, Harvey: "Mundane Astrology."

The remains of the USS Cole Sailors will return to U.S. soil just as Saturn reaches ALCYONE. This weekend, as the transiting Moon conjoins Saturn, we will witness the memorials for our lost kinsmen.

At the same time, President Clinton is scheduled to depart for Egypt, home of the Egyptian-Islamic Jihad. Do you still believe the Egypt Air Airline crash was "an accident?"

Photos of Mid East Players courtesy of MSNBC.

The charts for the USS Cole Event (No. 1) and Yemen (No. 2) are below. Take note of transiting Jupiter, Pluto Mars, and Yemen's natal MC -- 9° Gemini -- and its IC -- 9° Sagittarius. On November 6, 2000, just seven days before the USA presidential election, transiting Mars will conjoin Yemen's natal Uranus and trine its natal Mars. This is the classic explosion aspect. Transiting Mars will have conjoined Yemen's natal Pluto on October 22. The translation of Pluto's light by Mars to Uranus may well be drastic.

Aldebaran conjunct Yemen's MC: "Aldebaran has been in the sign Gemini since 1286 AD, just around the height of the Christian Crusades against Islam, an interesting indicator of conflict between two world schools of thought. Antares, for the other side in the conflict, went into religious Sagittarius in 1272 AD and showed its superiority, perhaps, since the Crusaders never did dislodge the Saracens. (Dr Eric Morse)."

Antares conjunct Yemen's IC: "General influence of the star: It causes malevolence, destructiveness, liberality, broad-mindedness, evil presages and danger of fatality and makes its natives rash, ravenous, headstrong and destructive to themselves by their own obstinacy. (Robson)." -- Anne Wright's Fixed Stars.

Campion says that Uranus, more than any other planet, "has characteristics derived from its association with mundane affairs." [Note: the January 31, 1999 lunar eclipse: Sun 11 Aquarius, conjunct Uranus. Moon 11 Leo, conjunct Bill Clinton's Pluto]. Uranus is linked to all revolutions [add Mars and you have terrorist bombings]; upheavals, strikes, rebellions, and how a society allows itself to entertain change. Uranus, an outer planet, brings change whether the collective wants it or not. Because the outer planets are associated with forces beyond the individual's control, often times the outer planets in aspect to a nation's chart nodes indicate "dates with destiny." See Starcats' Astrological Law & Order Source: "Mundane Astrology," by Campion, Baigent & Harvey.

"Allow yourself to consider extreme possiblilites." [Maulder to Scully, The X-Files] Uranus also rules new technology, economic change, political dissidents, wars, terrorists, and radical ideology.

Starcats, October 13, 2000.


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