Revolution in Yugoslavia!

Belgrade, Yugoslavia --

"Mislosevic can no longer fight against the people's will. Today in Serbia history happened." -- Opposition leader Vojislav Kostunica.

October 5th's 3:00 pm ultimatum against Milosevic passed with Slobodan showing no sign of relinquishing the reins of government. As Slobodan dug in, Belgrade exploded into the flames of revolution.

Transiting Mars (11 Scorpio) just conjoined the 1999 Mars point of the USA's First Strike against Yugoslavia on March 24, 1999 (12 Scorpio Retrograde). The Mars Station (24 Libra) of 1999 opposed Yugoslavia's 8th house Venus (24 Aries). It would appear that today's explosive events will reach another critical juncture when transiting Mars revisits that point on December 14, 2000. Curiously, When Mars reaches 24 Libra, it will also revisit the degree in which it was for the Clinton Impeachment opening arguments on January 14, 1999. Today's Libra Sun (12 Libra) just sextiled Clinton's natal Venus (11 Leo). October 5th's Yugo Revolution's Part of Fortune is at 26 Aries. Saturn was 27 Aries for the Impeachment opening arguments. It is logical that today's revolution in Yugoslavia would occur during planetary returns to critical events of the last couple of years. Both the USA and Yugoslavia are linked by critical Mars, Venus and Uranus transits.

What we're witnessing now in Yugoslavia, the Middle East, China and Russia is the formation of huge collective conflicts that will beseige the next USA president. The oil crisis (Neptune 3 AQ retrograde) is just in its incipience. I suspect it will not be long before we are back at war with Iraq. Watch and see what happens in Iran, as well, over the next six months. See Starcats' Inauguration 2000

Campion says that Uranus, more than any other planet, "has characteristics derived from its association with mundane affairs." [Note: the January 31, 1999 lunar eclipse: Sun 11 Aquarius, conjunct Uranus. Moon 11 Leo, conjunct Bill Clinton's Pluto]. Uranus is linked to all revolutions [add Mars and you have terrorist bombings]; upheavals, strikes, rebellions, and how a society allows itself to entertain change. Uranus, an outer planet, brings change whether the collective wants it or not. Because the outer planets are associated with forces beyond the individual's control, often times the outer planets in aspect to a nation's chart nodes indicate "dates with destiny." See Starcats' Astrological Law & Order Source: "Mundane Astrology," by Campion, Baigent & Harvey.

"Allow yourself to consider extreme possiblilites." [Maulder to Scully, The X-Files] Uranus also rules new technology, economic change, political dissidents, wars, terrorists, and radical ideology.


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