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Anima Mundi


6/17/02: The Saturn Return of Watergate
Richard M. Nixon

Watergate by Claudia Dikinis

The Royal Family

Princess Diana by Claudia Dikinis
Prince William by Claudia Dikinis
Princess Diana by Rob Couteau

The Kennedys

JFK, Jr. by Claudia Dikinis

Chandra Levy

Levy-Condit by Claudia Dikinis

Guest Authors

Applied Psychological Astrology by Douglas Boyd

Electional Astrology by Marion March

Malcolm X by Amir Bey

The Mars Return by Linda Reid

Astrology & Health by Sue Miller

USA Horoscopes by Amir Bey

Beyond The Trigger Effect by Rob Couteau

Mars by Rob Couteau

Bill Gates by Claudia D. Dikinis

Astrology & History: "Rounding Up The Usual Suspects" by Dr. Garth Chivalle Carpenter