DIANADiana Spencer:
The Death of the Princess of Wales

Diana Spencer:
July 1, 1961
7:35 pm -1 BST
Sandringham, England
52N50 000E30 Asc: 18 Sagittarius

Updated September 4, 2000

Conspiracy to kill Di and Dodi?

Read Mohamed Al-Fayed, et al. v. Central Intelligence Agency, et al.


Solar Eclipse:
September 7, 1997
0:52 AM BST -1:00 London, England
51N30 000W10
Asc: 10 Cancer

Mohamed Al-Fayed's Official Site

Di & Dodi



Diana's Solar Return, July 1, 1997/Starcats' Notebook:

[July 1, 1997, (+-20 secs), 11:31:31 AM +0:00, London, England 51N30 000W10]

Diana's Solar Return Moon: 29° Taurus (8th house - Placidus) is conjunct the fixed star, Alcyone:

General influence of the star:

"Ambition and endeavor, which gives preferment, honor and glory."

(Diana's continued work with her favorite charities endeared her to us as "The Princess of Hearts." Her "royal" status and popularity continued to skyrocket).

"Not a good omen with regard to relationships to the opposite sex."

(Diana's Arabic Part of Marriage [Solar Return] is conjunct this fixed star).

"Moon: Sickness. Injuries to the face. Wounds, stabs (can be operations nowadays). Blindness, defective eyesight especially if in the Ascendant or one of the angles, may be cross-eyed, color-blind or the eyes affected by some growth. If in the 7th house, total blindness especially if Saturn or Mars be with Regulus (29 Leo) and the Moon be combust. Misfortune. Disgrace. Imprisonment. (Robson).¹"
The midpoint between the Moon at 29 Taurus and 29 Leo (Regulus) is 29° Cancer (10th house of public image -- the Papparazzi). That midpoint is opposed by Neptune at 29° Capricorn in the 4th house of Diana's Solar Return. Neptune trines the Moon, and is perhaps the aspect that foretold Diana's untimely end (4th house) at the hands of an inebriated, drug addicted driver.

Further, the partile trine from retrograde Pluto at 3° Sagittarius in Diana's third house to Venus at 3° Leo in her 10th house hints at what may be covert agendas surrounding Diana's relationship with Dodi. What was discussed behind the scenes (3rd house Pluto) between Dodi and Diana or Dodi and his father regarding his father's lifelong dream to become a British citizen? Was part of the "plan" in the Al-Fayed family to marry into royalty (Diana's Solar Return Venus at 3 Leo, house 10) in order to "seal the deal?"

Mars at 5° Libra (Ascendant 1 degree) is within two degrees of the midpoint between Pluto and Venus which may point to Diana's fighting with herself (and Dodi?) regarding what Diana knew constituted part of her relationship (Libra) with Dodi. Further, Mars opposes her 7th house cusp (Aries) and squares her Midheaven (2° Cancer). This is a strong indicator that her relationship with Dodi was not as tranquil as Diana led her friends to believe.

Pluto in trine to Venus certainly indicates deep attraction and sexual "heat," but Mars' square to Diana's Solar Return Sun may indicate more than an attraction to a virile man. Arguments and power issues may have been a dominant theme in Diana's and Dodi's relationship.

The Fatal Crash: Starcats' Notebook:

Neptune at 27Capricorn (Rx), significant in Diana's Solar Return chart, is on the cusp of the 8th house of death in the Crash Chart. What lends Neptune such significance is that it is conjunct the Arabic Part of Imprisonment in the Crash Chart and conjuncts Diana's natal Saturn in her second house. Her body (house 2) is imprisoned (Saturn) in a car driven by an inebriated (Neptune opposite natal Saturn) driver. Further, Uranus at 5° Aquarius (disruption/shock) is securely in the 8th house with Jupiter (14° Aquarius). The Moon has just past her opposition with Uranus and Jupiter, thus setting off the "timer" for Diana's 8th house demise.

The third house (cars/drivers) finds the Moon at 15° Leo now past the square to Mars at 10° Scorpio in the 5th house of love affairs. The Moon is applying to her conjunction with the Sun, and by September 2, the impact of Diana's death begins to reach the hearts of millions.

The third house (cars and drivers) in the crash chart finds the Sun at 7 Virgo, which is only 2 degrees and 2 days shy of the Solar Eclipse (September 2, 1997). Mercury at 8 Virgo, the Sun's dispositor, is combust the Sun. Mercury, associated with hand-eye coordination and reflexes, is inconjunct Uranus in the 8th house, and may indicate the driver's sudden loss of control of the car as it careened through the tunnel.

Chiron at 29° Libra in the 5th house has reached the same degree as Diana's Solar Return Moon (29° Taurus) and Solar Return Neptune (29° Capricorn). The inconjunction and square created by Chiron in relation to Diana's Solar Return may speak of the fatal wounds (Chiron) that both Dodi and Diana sustained at crash impact. Also, Mars at 10° Scorpio square Uranus (5° Aquarius) in the 8th house is a classic aspect associated with accidents, deaths, explosions, and crashes.

The Solar Eclipse & Diana's Natal Chart: Starcats' Notebook:

Eclipse Sun/Moon 9° Virgo. The Eclipse Sun/Moon are in the same degree as Diana's Sun (9° Cancer), the heart of life. The Eclipse Sun/Moon are just three degrees away from Diana's natal Pluto (6° Virgo) in her 9th house. Neptune and Chiron in the accident chart had recently contacted Diana's natal North/South node by degrees. (North Node 28° Leo, which is the midpoint between Neptune and the fixed Star, Alcyone [conjunct S.R. Moon] in Diana's Solar Return chart). Sensitive degrees in eclipse charts to natal or Mundane charts through a "degree" relationship indicate something "fated." See, Starcats' Eclipse Article.



¹ Anne Wright's Fixed Stars

Diana's Final Resting Place: The Spencer Estate (c. 1508), Sandringham, England

Chart data for Diana's Funeral:

September 6, 1997
9:08 am BST -1:00
London, England
51N30 000W10
Asc: 12 Libra

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