An Astrologer's Diagnostic Tools


Sue Miller has been a yoga instructor for 30 years. She has taught in both hospital and university settings. Dr. Swami Gitananda in Pondicherry, India has listed her by name and number in the World Computer of Certified Yoga Instructors under his tutelage. Sue uses astrology as an aid in healing herself and others, and has applied the use of cell salts in her healing work. She is currently completing a Horary Astrology course with Carol Wiggers and a Masters course with Noel Tyl. Both programs will culminate in certification. Sue is currently assisting in Carol Wiggers' practice with Corporate, Personal and Animal clients. Sue's article orginally appeared in Aspects magazine, in the Summer of 1998. Aspects is published by Aquarius Workshops, Inc. You can write to Sue at: Sue Miller.


What an advantage to be an astrologer! Complimentary Medicine, Alternative Medicine, these are playful terms wanting to be put into use with wisdom, knowledge, and guidance.

One medical study quoted on the evening news tells us we must consume more calcium, consider your bones and aging. The next day this same source tells us must eat less calcium-consider your cholesterol, folks. Yes, both are valid, and this is only one instance of conflict between those studies underway in the universities we support.

Astrologers know by study that each SunSign reflects a symbiology unique to each of us. Cursory investigation discloses the up-front possibilities for health determinations and we feel rather informed by this material.

Upon further research we come upon older manuscripts and more silent sources which offer us a body of work formerly invisible to most. Naturopathy and Homeopathy are several such sources. Each of these studies goes beyond the scope of this magazine but share with me the documents synthesized by them:

Homeopathy was used by Dr W. H. Schussler, a German physician, who reduced the 2,000 plus homeopathic remedies into a common factor of 12. These were, and are, the biochemical remedies called cell salts. These are the minerals responsible for maintaining our state of well being. The body is quite aware of how best to be rich with health but we, in our haste for health, take short cuts with allopathic quick cures.

Twelve! This physician was not an astrologer but certainly there is a coincidence here.

The ancients who studied the stars for survival noted the need for individualization when healing the sick. They observed that each Sun Sign had a predisposition to illness through a weakness in the system. Sun Signs, Twelve once again.

Another physician, in India, Dr. William Boericke MD, used the codified homeopathic remedies in his handbook for the healers “Materia Medica with Repertory “. Both these men knew from their own practices and laboratories the salutary effect of these so-called “remedies”. They are inexpensive and easy to use. The trick is to know which one to use. I have drawn from both.

The astrologer has the edge here. Not only through the Sun Sign but knowing the Ascendant, rising sign, the Moon Sign and any other planetary position which can be applied by a knowledgeable practitioner, can appropriate therapy be brought into play to compliment the body’s own efforts to resume a healthy status.

Drawing on an old manuscript “The Realization Course” by Jay Nichols, given me by a working physician who used it to teach the subject material for many years, I realized the importance of putting this together and presenting it to those who searched for such information. The following material is what was compiled by this effort:. He was most enthused by this effort and has since retired from practice, but the work goes on in my hands.

Let us begin with each Sun Sign with the reminder that the information is pertinent to those positions mentioned above in relation to diseases of the body given in the astro-medical books.

ARIES CELL SALT: Kali phosphoricum (Phosphate of Potassium). The optic thalamus is in the center of the head and connects the pineal gland to the pituitary body. These are thought to correspond to the reason and intuition. Potassium phosphate produces the highest rate of vibration. It is thought to be the invisible fire of Nature and is the greatest healing agent known. This yellow-green salt accelerates the cerebrospinal system and effects the use of heat in the body.


Headache which is relieved when arising or looking upward
Drooping eyelids
Humming or buzzing in the ears
Right-sided facial neuralgia, which is relieved by cold
Gums receding, bleed easily, and are spongy
Incontinence. Bleeding from the urethra
Asthma aggravated by food. Shortness of breath on going upstairs
Subnormal temperatures
Female, scanty menses, ineffective labor
Male, nocturnal emissions, diminished sexual power, exhaustion after coitus

TAURUS CELL SALT: Natrum Sulphuricum (Sulphate of sodium). This lemon-colored salt aids in transmitting impulses from the cerebellum, the idea area of the brain to the action area of the body, the vocal chords. Thus, ideas become spoken and moved into action.


Boring feeling in right temple, preceded by burning in stomach
Piercing pain at back of neck, at base of brain
After injury to the head
Earache or lightning-like stitches in ears during damp weather
Mucous dripping into the back of the throat
Gas in ascending colon, worse before breakfast
Loose morning stools, worse in wet weather
Female, nosebleed during menses; burning in the pharynx during menstruation
Pain in hip joints, worse on left
Stiffness in knees during damp, cold weather

GEMINI CELL SALT: Kali Mur (Chloride of Potassium). It is believed that this chemical joins the positive and negative elements in the body. The perfect balance between the brain and nerves. The top of the nerves connected with the Pineal Gland and is the male electric current of the spinal system. The top of the nerve connects with the Pituitary gland and is the female electric current of the spinal system. These are the male and female electric current joined together at the cerebellum. This chemical signifies the personality and individuality on the mental planes of the individual.


Headache with vomiting
Chronic middle ear catarrh
Snapping noises in the ear
Tonsils inflamed and enlarged
Fatty or rich food causes indigestion
Flatulence, itching at anus
Diarrhea after fatty food

CANCER CELL SALT: Calcaria Fluorica (Fluoride of Lime). The quality of this chemical is to draw distant places together. It draws and establishes communication in terms of the subjective mind. The human personalities unite within it. It is the feminine or receptive aspect of the Life Power.


Depression and groundless fear of financial ruin
Tumors in newborns
Cataracts, conjunctivitis, spots before eyes
Ringing or roaring in middle ear
Nasal catarrh, stuffy head colds, atrophic rhinitis
Unnatural looseness of teeth without pain
Itching or fissure of anus
Pain in sacrum and internal piles
Bleeding hemorrhoids
Male: Indurations of the testicles
Spasmodic cough, with tickling, specially lying down
Varicose or enlarged veins
Pain and burning in lower back - better with movement
Chronic synovitis of knee joint
Scar tissue
Chapped hands with cracks on palms
Hardened, glands in the female breast

LEO CELL SALT: Magnesia Phosphorica (Phosphate of Magnesia). This chemical is the fluid that is the remedy for all spasmodic and impulsive deficiencies. It is the pot that forever filters and scatters the Elixir of life. All the blood in the body passes through the heart. It becomes the Alchemical Vase. As in the Tarot card, the energy that rising up in the sympathetic system, as the strong lion, becomes tamed in the heart and therefore closes and controls the mouth of that energy.


Eye pain on right side relieved by warmth
Blurred vision, colored lights before eyes
Pain behind right ear, worse in cold air or cold water
Thirst for very cold drinks
Flatulent colic relieved by rubbing and warmth
Angina pectoris, nervous spasmodic palpitation
Chilliness after eating in the evening
Leg cramps, writer's cramp,
Any malady that is worse on the right and relieved by warmth and pressure
Female: Menstrual colic, vaginitis

VIRGO CELL SALT: Kali Sulphuricum (Potassium Sulphate). The abdominal cavity and its contents. Emotional and intellectual conciliation is the working order of complete assimilation. It is the psychic realm, perfectly neutral until effected by exterior conditions. This chemical helps select that material which is useful to the body and separate it from the waste which is to be rejected. Kali Sulph creates the proper activity for the oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon which depend on its predominant green color.


Evening headaches
Eustachian deafness
Aches in heated room
Dread of hot drinks
Abdomen cold to the touch
Menses, late and scanty
Bronchial asthma, worse in evening and in warm room
Wandering pains in nape, back, and limbs in warm room
Psoriasis, eczema

LIBRA CELL SALT: Natrum Phosphoricum (Phosphate of Soda) - The purpose of this chemical is to balance the difference between alkaline and acid. This alkaline tissue-builder is made from bone-ash by neutralizing phosphoric acid with carbonate of sodium. Natrum phos holds the balance between the acids and the normal fluids of the human body. A certain amount of acid is necessary and is always present in the stomach and liver fluids, but an excess of acid is due to a deficiency in alkaline chemicals. An absence of Sodium Phosphate allows the acids to run riot in the body.


Head feels full and throbbing in the morning
One ear hot, red, and itchy while having gastric upset
Blisters on tip of tongue
Rheumatic knees
Aching wrists and fingers, sore hamstrings; back feels weak
Male: Emission without dreams, desire without erection
Female: Sterility; no acid secretion from vagina
Itching skin, particularly ankles
Feet ice cold in daytime, burn at night
Swelling of lymph glands

SCORPIO CELL SALT: Calcarea Sulphurica (Sulphate of Lime--Plaster of Paris) These elements - lime and sulphur, are in no way beneficial to the human body in their crude forms. It is only when nature steps up their vibration through plant life, that they can be utilized in body chemistry. The aggressive urges here are entirely capable of resurrecting every dead cell in the body and revitalizing all conditions. It is the crucible for relaxing, fluxing and transmuting the great vibratory forces that we need.


Deafness with discharge from middle ear
Edges of nostrils sore, secretions tinged with blood
Pimples on face; Herpes
Pain in abdomen near liver on right side
Female, menses late and long lasting; with headache
Burning, itching soles of the feet
Cough with burning in soles of feet
Slow-healing wounds with discharging pus

SAGITTARIUS CELL SALT: Silicea (Silica, pure flint). The sciatic nerve carries the steel-like temper of long-range endurance. It is purity in this form; in others, it is quartz or crystal. (It is made by fusing silica with carbonate of soda; dissolve the residue, filter, and precipitate by hydrochloric acid.) The bio-chemic process which occurs when run through plant life makes it accessible to the blood stream. Silica is called the surgeon of the body. It supplies materials for nails, hair and, what we know as periosteum membrane covering and protecting bone. Also the nerve sheath called neurilemma, and a trace is found in the bone tissue. In the last analysis it supplies the polish, or gloss, for the nails and hair. In its powdered form, under the microscope, it takes the shape of arrowheads. This point is pertinent to "the archer" Sagittarius. Decaying organic matter must be discharged from the body to clear the hips, thighs, and the sciatic nerve.


Nervous and excitable, sensitive to all impressions
Obstinate, headstrong children
Vertigo from looking up or lying on left side
Eyes averse to daylight, tender to touch. Worse when cold - sties, cataract.
Sneezing in morning; loss of smell, itching at point of nose
Facial neuralgia, worse when cold and damp
Abscess at root of teeth; pyorrhea, sensitive to cold water
Hemorrhoids, and fissures at rectum; difficult stool descent
Male - sore genitals, nocturnal emissions
Female - itching vulva, discharge of blood between periods, hard lumps in breast, nipples sore and drawn in
Very susceptible to drafts on back; pain in coccyx
Restless sleep, head hot, excessive gaping
Sciatic, pains in hips, legs and feet; cramping calves and soles; tremulous hands when using them
Soreness under toes, offensive foot odor, ingrown toe nails
Chilliness, very sensitive to cold air
Any problem which worsens from lying on the left side, cold, damp conditions. Gets better if head is wrapped.

CAPRICORN CELL SALT: Calcarea Phosphorica (Phosphate of Lime). Without the proper amount of calcarea phos, no bone could be constructed. It is a worker in albumen and carries it to the bone and uses it as cement. Bright's disease is simply an overflow of albumen by the way of the kidneys due to a deficiency of Phosphate of Lime. The deficiency of this chemical in the gastric juices results in undigested foods from which acids form and this deprives the joints of the arms and legs of the cartilage necessary to oil; yet the term used to denote this deficiency is known to us as rheumatism.


Headache during change of weather
Headache in children during puberty
Swollen tonsils, rapidly decaying teeth, teeth develop slowly
Craving for ham, bacon and salted meats; great thirst with hunger
Soreness and burning around navel
Female, menses too early, excessive and bright; violent backache
Involuntary sighing, pain in lower left lung
Pain from sitting in a draft; dullness in head
Stiffness with pain, cold, numb with weather change
Difficulties which worsen during cold, damp weather and get better in warm, sunny weather

AQUARIUS CELL SALT: Natrum Muriaticum (Chloride of Sodium). Although this is table salt, it is used in the body as the basis of the blood, which is salty without the other ingredients. It is the basic chemical value of the circulatory system and it could be called the Great Sea in the body. It is "Living water" and carries true spiritual knowledge in the highest vibration when perfectly balanced.


Illness from grief, anger, or fright
Headaches of a throbbing, blinding nature relieved by sleep
Eyes burn and pain when looking down, lids swollen
Roaring and ringing in ears
Fever blisters, eruptions around mouth; deep crack in center of lower lip
Unquenchable thirst, hungry though overweight
Distended abdomen
Pain after urinating
Male: Impotence with retarded emission
Female: Menses irregular, usually profuse; vagina dry
Cough with bursting pain in head
Heart palpitates; feeling of coldness of heart
Nervous jerking during sleep; sleepy before noon
Fever blisters, warts on palms. Eczema; raw, red, inflamed - worse from eating salt, and at seashore.
Better when lying on right side, pressure against back. Better from cold baths, and open air.

PISCES CELL SALT: Ferrum phosphoricum (Phosphate of Iron). This chemical has an affinity for oxygen which is carried into the circulation and diffused throughout the organism by the chemical force of this phosphate of iron. Just as the feet are the foundation of the body, so iron is the foundation of the blood. Through this foundation of the blood is ignited cells of both red and white. Iron is known as a magnetic mineral and magnetism is made possible by the body's knowledge. In the blood stream we find both red and white corpuscles and due to the chemical value of iron, they carry on the process of wheels within wheels or the interlocking cycles and rotations of metabolic activity. Lack of iron in the blood results in an over lymphatic condition. When the red corpuscles are short the result is a severe acid condition and generally results in anemia. This cell salt builds both the magnetism and the body's ability to utilize both nature and art. When iron is tempered to a high potency, it provides that stamina needed.


Eyes feel as if sand under the lids
Blood rushes to head, roaring noises
Predisposition to colds
Facial neuralgia, worse when stooping
Female, menses every three weeks, with pain on top of head; vagina hot and dry
Lung congestion with inflammation; short, painful, croupy cough
Pulse rapid with palpitation (see doctor)
Rheumatic pain in neck, shoulder, and back


Many, and now most, health food stores carry these remedies. They are small, inexpensive bottles filled with small pellets. (Further personal research will indicate the origin of same.)

The usual dosage is three or four pellets placed under the tongue, taken at three to four hour intervals. Guidance may be obtained from any book on homeopathy. Even the book of the Month Club carries this, now popular, art in a book called The Complete Guide to Homeopathy by the doctors Lockie and Geddes. Also available in the popular market is the Readers’ Digest’s own book titled Reader’s Digest Family Guide to Natural Medicine.

Obviously this is a matter of public interest at this time but neither of these publications tells the full story that we astrologers are able to access by putting our resources together.

Stay well!