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Electional Rules for Marriage, Moving In, and Changing Property Owners

This article provides the basic material for Marion March's August 21st lecture at Online College of Astrology.
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When calculating the time, remember the marriage starts with the first "I do!"

1. There should be no squares from the Moon and it should not be void of course. A waxing Moon (between the New and Full Moon) is better than a waningone (between the Full and New Moon).

2. Fixed signs rising are best when you want a long lasting relationship. Next are the Cardinal signs, especially Libra (relationship oriented),Capricorn (the need for any venture to be successful) and Cancer (nurturing). Aries and Mutable signs can indicate very short lived situations.

3. A relationship usually works well when the ruler of the Ascendant (1st) and Descendant (7th) are in good aspect to each other, since they representthe two parties in question.

4. Try to have the Sun and Moon (portraying the groom and bride) in goodaspect to each other.

5. Because Saturn can bring on limits or delays, it should not be placed inan angular house. It fares best in cadent (3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th) houses or, if that is not possible, put it in one of the succedent (2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th)houses. If possible, avoid all harsh applying aspects to Saturn, including the conjunctions. When the aspect becomes exact, there could be misunderstandings, feelings of neglect or sadness of some kind.

6. If you want the relationship to proceed in a pleasant fashion, keep Uranus out of the angular houses, especially the 1st and 7th.

7. The luminaries (Sun and Moon), as well as Venus and Jupiter (the benefics), should be above the horizon, if possible. Elevated planets are morevisible and seem to bring a certain ease to the elected venture.

8. Try to have Venus (woman) and Mars (man) in harmonious aspect to each other, also Venus (love and partnership) to the Ascendant/Descendant (thecouple); Jupiter (luck and growth) to the Ascendant/Descendant, the Moon (feelings) to Venus (harmony). In other words, a strong, well aspected Venus is very beneficial.

9. Avoid the Moon in Scorpio where it is in its fall and where it canbe secretive and possessive, not exactly conducive to a happy relationship. A Libra Moon, on the other hand, works quite well in a marriage Electional chart since it seeks harmony and balance. Strong and well matched couplesseem to do well with the Moon in Leo.

10. The Sun or Moon approaching a square or opposition to Uranus may indicatea separation or divorce when the aspect becomes exact.

11. A retrograde Venus is not advised for any marriage chart. Since Venus only retrogrades for about 40 days every two years, it is fairly easy to avoid.


This is another frequent request for an Electional chart, which is not surprising in the United States where people seem to constantly be on the move. It does not really matter if the place you move into is rented, owned or loaned, if it is a house, an apartment or just a room...as long as it is going to be your abode, where you hang your proverbial hat for a certain amount of time, it is considered home.

When calculating the time, Moving in starts with the first personal objectmoved into the home.

1. Most of the general rules given before apply, with the Moon again beingthe primary consideration. Therefore, avoid squares, be careful with oppositions and quincunxes and, of course, shun a void of course Moon.

2. Your astrological knowledge and good common sense will help you determine all most other factors. Since you want your new home to be pleasant and free from trouble, you would like the ruler of the Ascendant (you) in positive aspect (trine, sextile, conjunction) to the 4th house ruler (the home).

3. Unless this is a temporary residence, or for some reason you don't wish to stay in the home for a long time, try for a fixed Ascendant. (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius).

4. Avoid Saturn or Mars in angular houses, and unless you thrive on excitement, keep Uranus away as well.

5. Elevated luminaries (Sun and Moon) and so-called benefics Venus and Jupiter are helpful.

6. Though you should not buy a house while Mercury or Venus are retrograde, it does not seem to affect the actual time you move into the place.


The Election chart to purchase property starts the moment you make the official offer to buy, whether to the seller directly or through a real estate agent.

To sell property, the Election chart starts the moment you put the house up for sale, either when you sign a contract with a realtor or when you hammer the sign onto your front lawn; some people who sell without an agent feel the chart should be set for when they put a "For Sale" ad in the newspaper.

1. Follow all the usual rules for the Moon: positive aspects, not void of course and, if possible, waxing. Cancer and Taurus Moons are particularly welcome.

2. In any purchase, the Ascendant and its ruler describe the buyer, whereas the Descendant (7th) and its ruler denote the seller. Flowing aspects between these two houses are very important for either a purchase or a sale, but remember for whom you are calculating the chart, the seller or the buyer, and fortify that house (the 1st) as well as the 4th house which represent the property. Smooth, positive aspects between these three houses (1st, 4th, 7th) are a must. In any sale, the Ascendant and its ruler describe the person who wishes to sell, the Descendant explains where the buyer is coming from. Easy aspects between these two houses help to make the deal flow smoothly.

3. Look to the 4th to describe the house or land itself. Try to strengthen this astrological house and its ruler. This applies to purchases as well as to sales. I've seen some sales fall through if the ruler of the 4th has only troublesome aspects or the Moon is void of course.

4. To buy, a fixed Ascendant is desirable, unless this acquisition is to before a quick turnover or a short term investment. To sell property quickly, it is wise to choose a cardinal Ascendant, if possible; mutable is next best.

5. In any Election chart, it is helpful to have the luminaries and benefic above the horizon and the challenging planets (Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto) away from the angles.

6. Do not sign papers or contracts concerning any property if Mercury or Venus are retrograde.

7. Avoid having the rulers of the angles in retrograde motion.



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