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There is more going on with Bill Gates than the fact that the eclipses of August 21, 1998 (28 Leo) and September 6, 1998 (13 Pisces) impacted his natal Pluto and Solar Arc Chiron, respectively. I'll address the eclipse issues in a moment, but first, a look at Bill's progressions and solar arc directions may provide a useful backdrop with which to consider Gates' position re his current lawsuit with the US Justice Department.

First, his progressed Midheaven is 5 degrees Taurus which falls in his 11th house. The 11th house is associated with groups of people united for a common bond. The popular term for this is "networking." What describes Gates' "networking" better than his argument that the Internet Explorer browser, purportedly a seamlessly integrated "networking program" is solely responsible for making the Windows 95/98 platforms operable? I place the Internet, chat rooms, email, net buddies, etc., in the 11th house. Aquarius/Uranus are the natural sign and house ruler for the 11th house, and clearly describe innovative, electronic software which links "those who unite for a common bond" via an ISP and a browser.

Retrograde Saturn at 0 Taurus came close to a conjunction with Gates' progressed MC earlier this year. Saturn contacts with the 10th house or midheaven are best illustrated by another look at Bill Clinton's chart and event chart analyses by Rob Couteau, and Starcats Dikinis. (Link below). Saturn is the ruler of Gates' 7th house (Capricorn), and is the house which corresponds to "open enemies," litigations, attorneys, etc. This, coupled with transiting Saturn in Gates' 10th as well as his progressed Midheaven, carries themes of the downfall of the King of Microsoft. I do not think Gates is going to go out of business, but I believe his public persona will perceived in a more Saturnian/Plutonian light. Neither view is pleasant, and Gates' tantrums and intercorporate coup d'etats have already become public knowledge.

Gates' natal Saturn is conjunct Venus at 21 and 20, respectively. Venus conjunct Saturn in the 5th makes for a cool character not easily given to play, laughter, sexuality¹ and leonine generosity.

With a Scorpio Venus in the 5th under the crushing impact of Saturn, Gates strikes me as a tight ass/tight wad whose need for control, even over his sexual functions, must be oppressive and often times intimidating. Venus squares Gates' natal Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Leo in his second house. This is also a further testament to Gates' Midas touch. It is not unusual to find squares between the benefics (Venus and Jupiter) in the charts of successful gamblers and investors. Unscientific but interesting tests run in Vegas by astrologers who won at tables, revealed that the Moon was squaring one of the benefics during the hour of the "win." However, in light of Gates' current transits and eclipses, his Midas touch may turn some of his gold into bitter stones.

Gates' Venus and Saturn are now opposed by his Solar Arc Moon at 21 Taurus. The 5th house is also associated with gambling and speculation. (Later on I'll mention Gates' massive loss in the stock market early this fall). I also see some paranoia here, and that is not helped by transiting Neptune at 29 Capricorn in his 7th house which squares his natal Neptune at 28 Libra. Gates' "selective memory" during his pre-trial deposition was the butt of jokes on MSNBC. Newscasters compared his memory lapses to those of Clinton when he was deposed in the Paula Jones case.

Gates' progressed Ascendant at 18 Leo and his progressed Sun at 18 Sagittarius are in nodal degree in his natal chart. This activates his 5th/11th house axis. (SN at 18 Gemini in house 11/NN at 18 Sagittarius in house5). His South Node is disposited by a promethean Mercury² in his natal third house of communications. The Ascendant (progressed) in nodal degree and progressed Sun conjunct the North Node in Gates' fifth, necessitate creative change. There may be an overhaul of Microsoft after the course of trials whereby the company will be forced to reinvent itself.

Further, Gates' Mercury is bound between natal Mars and Neptune indicating an aggressive, forward reaching thought process which is not above slanting the truth. The sign Libra is also intercepted in the 3rd house indicating that it is hard for Gates to get in touch with the fairness/cooperation character traits which make Libra strong. Gates is the type that believes that the ends justifies the means. Because Neptune makes an out-of -sign conjunction to Gates' Scorpio Sun (by 7 degrees), I think a part of Gates feels dragged down by Neptune's penchant to depress and dissolve. Part of Gates' insecurity around his masculinity is bolstered by ball busting corporate espionage and back room plots against his competitors.

This little bit of insight into the present strengthens the impact of the two eclipses upon Gates' natal chart. On August 28, 1998, a solar eclipse at 28 Leo fell upon his natal Pluto at 28 Leo (conjunct the fixed royal star, Regulus), and also upon his natal Jupiter at 27 Leo in his second house. His Neptune at 28 Libra in his third house is in eclipse degree, and is therefore the planet in the most "sensitive" degree for this eclipse. The eclipse impacted houses 2 and 8 for Gates, thus creating anxiety around financial issues and personal values, including truth vs. lies (Neptune).

The second eclipse at 13 Pisces on September 6, 1998 struck his solar arc Chiron which falls in his 9th house of belief systems and faith. His faith must have been shattered to some extent, because it wasn't long after that eclipse that the stock market reeled. Gates' lost 4 billion dollars in the recent stock market downswing. For someone with Jupiter conjunct Pluto on Regulus (in the 2nd house of finances), this must have again felt like a Neptunian dissolution of masculine powers.

Saturn will retrograde back to 26 Aries which will square Gates' progressed Saturn at 26 Scorpio thus doubling the potential for more speculative losses in the market and perhaps on future releases of software. Each release is a "gamble," as any product developer will tell you. Houses 2, 8, 3 and 9 are the most sensitive ones in Gates' chart and will remain so until the eclipse cycle of 1999 begins to unfold. The next eclipse, on January 31, 1999 at 11 Leo finds Bill's solar arc Jupiter and Pluto at 11 Libra once again in sensitive eclipse degree. Both Jupiter and Pluto fall on his natal Mars at 10 Libra in his third house of "communication" and "testimony."

Whether or not the initial round of the Microsoft trial is finished or not does not mitigate the fact that Sun Microsystems, the creators of the benchmarks for Java code, will also be suing Microsoft for alleged improprieties. The eclipse patterns and Gates' progressions and solar arc directions show the possiblities of protracted litigations through 1999 and the possibility of more financial losses in the stock market. Due to the global instability of the market (Russia, Asia), those who are invested heavily need to fasten their seat belts.


¹ Gates' 8th house cusp is Aquarius and is ruled by Uranus (modern ruler and Saturn (ancient ruler). The 8th house is the psycho-emotional seat of sexuality, the depth of which goes far beyond mere considerations of the sexual act itself. The 8th house speaks of the ability to achieve the ultimate "release," which is an act of profound regeneration. The orgasm itself is but a mirror or byproduct of the psycho-sexual ability to give oneself. The French call orgasm le petit mort, or "the little death." Uranus/Saturn, as rulers of Gates' 8th house indicate a disdain for the body and its functions (Uranus) while feeling trapped in it (Saturn).

² A promethean Mercury is one that rises before the Sun. Gates' Mercury at 16 Libra is 29 degrees ahead of his 5 Scorpio Sun. A Promethean Mercury is one that "is ahead of its time" in terms of the ability to conceptualize and innovate. This Mercury suits Gates well, but is also can be his undoing. He may tend to act before he thinks.

Birthdata Source:

Bill Gates
October 28, 1955
9:15 PM PST +8:00
Seattle, WA, USA
47N36 122W20
Asc: 18 Cancer

From the biography Hard Drive by Wallace & Erickson, 1992, p. 10 (B) William Henry Gates III Entrepreneur Gates was a computer whiz from childhood, and being too bright, was an under-achiever in math. He built a homemade computer whilst at Harvard in 1974, and when he dropped out of college, formed the Microsoft Corporation. The company was went public in 1986, and within five years, Gates was a billionaire. He married on 1 January 1994, and began building a $40 million home in Seattle.

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