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September 9, 2003

Peter Ueberroth (Rep) [See his chart & photo below] ( Dropped Out of Recall Race 9/9/03 MSNBC) His supporters would most likely trickle over to Arnold.

Republican arch conservative McClintock shows no desire to vacate the race. But that may only be because Karl Rove hasn't put a horse head in his bed yet.

[Theme to "The Godfather" playing in the background.....]

August 23, 2003

The Contest: Schwarzenegger v. Bustamante

What we've been waiting for -- the field to narrow. For the real contenders to emerge.

No need to analyze all 135 California Gubenatorial Hopeful's charts. All we needed was a little patience.

Now we know which two charts to study.

It's evident that Davis will not succeed in holding off the Recall. Terrified Democrats scramble to align behind Lt. Gov. Bustamante in hopes of saving California from the talons of Karl Rove's anti-American assault on democracy.

Chiron's transit through Capricorn and Saturn's two and a half year sojourn through Cancer meet in a long-term opposition that signals a wounding to both Democrats and Republicans. Chiron and Saturn symbolize the wound that arises from the abuse of power.

California's recall will effect one out of 7 Americans.

California is the world's 5th largest economy. That means there are only 4 sovereign nations (the USA being one) that are wealthier or more powerful than the Golden State. To get some perspective on how vastly rich and important California is to the USA, the state has a higher GDP than the country of France.

California is the size of country of Iraq, another sovereign nation the Bush administration overthrew. With the help of GOP Pollster Frank Luntz (often a guest on Chris Matthews' Hardball) Karl Rove devised a scheme to set the California Recall in motion. You've seen the Rove machine at work with Tom "The Hammer" Delay in connection with the Texas redistricting (gerrymandering) scandal. Fasten your seat belts. Nation states and states of the union mean nothing to Right Wing fascists.

Don't take your eyes off California.

What happens here tells you a lot about the outcome of Election 2004.

Chiron is in the 10th house of the 2005 Inauguration chart. This is one of the worst charts I've seen for the United States.

Whoever sits in the White House in 2005 will be a wounded creature at the head of a wounded country. If the Bush-mafioso machine steals the election via voter machine malfeasance, Bush will be crippled and reviled for however long he manages to retain his flimsy hold on power. Impeachment in a second term of office is what I foresee. You will recall that Nixon was re-elected by a landslide to a second term (post Watergate burglery) and did not resign office until August, 1974.

If a Democrat prevails, then the weight of the burdens he (not a "she" just yet) inherits because of a crippled economy, a crumbling infrastructure (bridges, highways, power grids, schools) and endless war in the Middle East will be something very close to the crushing burdens Roosevelt faced at his 1932 election. This was the height of the Great Depression.

I offer you two election scenarios because I dare to challenge the "Dell Horoscope" mentality that seems to permeate today's mundane astrology. Or what passes for it.

We are too much in competition to "be right" (Pluto in Sagittarius) but lack the courage to risk being wrong. And to admit that we just don't know. We lack the humility that acknowledges we are all given a portion of the truth. No single one of us is "the voice." We cannot do this alone.

Chiron in Capricorn and Pluto in Sagittarius reveal huge claw marks in America's soul. I am more interested in what the Chiron bridge between Saturn's fear and Uranus's recklessness may have to tell us about what to do with the Light that's left after this American psychosis has spent itself.

We need to go beyond astrological "ambulance chasing."

The 2005 Inauguration Moon at 9 Gemini in the chart's first house conjoins the fixed star Aldebaran. Aldebaran is the star of truth and integrity. A breach of these inseparable ideals brings scandal and downfall. The Moon-Aldebaran connection in 2005 conjoins May 31, 2003's Solar Eclipse! What happened in May 2003 is still a core issue on Inauguration Day 2005.

The North Node (sowing seeds of future fate) was at 29 Taurus on that eclipse, or conjunct the fixed Star ALCYONE, the star of great grief. The aforementioned points relate to the Iraq War and the U.S. military in particular, and to economic and social policy in general.

A short take: Bustamante's Venus at 29 Aquarius conjoins the USA's progressed Mercury in the same degree. This is a people's "populist" progressed Mercury because it is so close to the USA's Aquarian Moon and her Progressed Sun.

Transiting Uranus is retrograde and will smack into Bustamante's "popularity" Venus signaling a "high five" surprise windfall. Uranus on Venus is like shoving one last quarter in a Las Vegas slot machine and winning $100,000. Also, Bustamante's natal Saturn at 26 Libra squares George Bush's Saturn at 26 Cancer.

This is a contest of will and authority. Since the USA's Saturn is in Libra and in it's 10th house, it outweighs the power of Bush's 12th house (hidden, cadent house) Saturn in Cancer. How much you want to wager that Bustamente has a damned good chance of overthrowing Rove's Juggernaut? Rove's chart indicates that he is growing more restive and irrational. The rest of his "life" hangs in the balance, and how his re-election plans succeed or fail in 2004 spell out his future. The Bush Family eats "losers" for breakfast. Rove understands the "Don Corleone" mentality.

Chiron/Saturn are ripping Rove and Gray Davis apart. Although this White House is careful not to show Rove or Bush in any bad light, Chiron and Saturn have this administration more terrified than anyone will admit. (See Karl Rove's Chart.)

Recall forces told how to 'trash' governor Consultant's memo advises Issa's troops to 'kill Davis softly'

"Washington -- A private memo from a prominent Republican strategist offers a rare glimpse at the bare-knuckle approaches being considered to oust Gov. Gray Davis, outlining numerous ways to "kill Davis softly" in the recall effort without turning the unpopular governor into a sympathetic figure. "'While it is important to trash the governor," reads the blunt, 17-page memo from Virginia-based communications expert Frank Luntz, "it should be done in the context of regret, sadness and balance.'" San Francisco Chronicle Exposes Frank Luntz's anti-democratic agitation for Karl Rove.

August 23, 2003 -- Starcats

Bill Simon (Rep) Dropped Out 8/23/03

Associated Press "LOS ANGELES - Republican Bill Simon dropped out of California's gubernatorial recall race Saturday, boosting the position of GOP front-runner Arnold Schwarzenegger amid calls from party leaders to consolidate behind fewer candidates. . . . Simon, the son of former U.S. Treasury secretary William E. Simon Sr., is a social conservative who was a political unknown before his surprise win in the Republican primary last year. He ran a stumbling campaign and lost to Davis by five percentage points in November."

Simon-Led Firm Convicted Of Fraud

Democratic National Committee "Simon's Firm Convicted of Defrauding Former Partner; Ordered to Pay $78 Million. In August 2002, California GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill Simon, Jr.'s company was found guilty of defrauding an estranged business partner in a civil lawsuit and was ordered to pay $78 million in damages. A jury ruled that Simon's company, William E. Simon & Sons, defrauded Paul Hindelang, Jr., a convicted drug trafficker, in a deal to take over Hindelang's pay phone company, Pacific Coin. The jury found that Simon's company hid its plans to expand and take Hindelang's company public against his wishes. Pacific Coin collapsed under the weight of the debt that Simon's company piled on it in its attempts to expand the pay phone service. Simon, co-chair of Simon & Sons, was not named as a defendant in the case and has said that he was not involved in the daily management of the firm. [Los Angeles Times, 8/22/02, 8/21/02; Modesto Bee, 8/18/02; Bloomberg News, 8/20/02]

August 9, 2003 California Gov. Recall Filing Deadline

CNN -- "LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- California's wild and crazy gubernatorial recall race took another surprising twist Thursday with the decision by the man who largely bankrolled the effort to drop out of the race.

"A tearful U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa, a Republican from San Diego County, told supporters he would not place his name on the October 7 ballot."

Darrell Issa (Rep) (Dropped Out)

How much do you want to bet the little weasel backed out because Arnold Schwartzenegger backed in and that this was Karl Rove's plan all along?

This story develops faster than I can blog it, but let's get on the same page about one sure thing.

I reported in June 9's Newsmakers that Karl Rove's master plan for Campaign 2004 and beyond included a plot to shatter the Democratic Party's cohesion. I also mentioned in the current Newsmakers that the California Recall (as California goes, so goes the rest of the nation and the world) and the Texas gerrymandering scandal bore the fingerprints of Karl Rove.

What we're looking at now (while Bush is reading his picture books in Crawford, Texas and cutting out paper dolls) is a state of anarchy in California, Texas Democrats holed up in a New Mexico motel, $475 billion dollar deficit, soldiers dying daily in Iraq, and over 2.4 million jobs lost since 2001.

Meanwhile, most of the nation is made comatose from fumes off the BBQ grill and Cable TV updates on the Kobe Bryant case.

[In the summer of 2001 it was Gary Condit Chandra Levy) that preceded 9-11-01; in 2002 it was Elizabeth Smarth and Martha Stewart that preceded the the run up to the Iraq war. Now Kobe Bryant and the California Recall distract the media from what the Bush administration will unleash on the people next.]

E Tu Brute?

Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante (Dem)

Thursday morning. With the Democratic Center clearly backing away from Gray Davis, even Lt. Gov. Bustamante threw his hat into the ring.

Note that Bustamante is having his Chiron return (He's 50 years old and it takes Chiron that long to make its full circle around the zodiac).

Bustamante, like so many of those now running in the California recall, have strong Cancer/Capricorn signatures in the their chart connecting them, regardless of party affiliation, to the USA's chart, George Bush's chart, The GOP's natal chart and to transiting Saturn and chiron.

Chiron in Capricorn is drawing out long term failures in the executive/administrative branches of government whether of the U.S. presidency or state governorships.

These administrative failures are also those of CEO's of large corporations such as Enron and those of charity organizations such as the Red Cross where Saturn's maturity, wisdom, discipline and restraint have been sacrificed in favor of its dark side: ambition, hubris and the will to power.

Chiron will sit at the Midheaven of the 2005 Inauguration chart. If George Bush and Karl Rove manage to black bag the election in 2004, Bush will already have been greatly crippled by his own stupidity, arrogance and ignorance. The results will be quickly and easily witnessed as Saturn is soon set to ride over his Sun (two hits, due to Saturn's retrograde cycle) and also because transiting Saturn will be retrograde but very close to Bush's natal Saturn (his second Saturn Return) at the time of the 2004 election on Nov. 2, 2004.

If a Democrat manages to prevail over the GOP K-Street special interest machine and wins the presidency in 2004, he or she will be the bearer and the scapegoat of the massive, criminal burden left the American people by the Right Wing of the Republican Party.

Democratic Party

The North Lunar Node is presently transiting 26 Taurus, Caput Algol, or conjunct the Democratic Party's Mercury. The Democratic Party's Mercury conjoins Al Gore's natal Venus and Joe Lieberman's natal Uranus. The Caput Algol connection to Gore and Lieberman's charts is one of the reasons I believed Gore would not win the presidency (you see, the contest is resolved by who actually moves into the White House, not who won the popular vote.) It is also part of why I do not believe Joe Lieberman will be president of the United States. May 16, 2003's Lunar Eclipse at 24 Taurus/Scorpio ignited the current recall fury against a Democratic Party Governor here in California.

August 9, 2003

John Garamendi (Dem), [Bio]
California Insurance Commissioner

OUT OF RACE as of Afternoon of 8/9/03

Arianna Huffington (Ind)

"Arianna Huffington, July 7, 1950; 3:00 p.m. EET; Athens, Greece (37°N58', 23°E43'); A: Marian March quotes Linda Clark from Huffington, 3/2000." per The Mountain Astrologer.

Arianna announced her candidacy on August 6, 2003, 10:51 AM, PDT +7:00, Los Angeles, California, 34N03 118W14, 12 Libra Ascendant. Midheaven degree is 13 Cancer: conjunct USA Sun, Bush's Sun, and square the USA's Saturn in Libra (which the Asc of Arianna's declaration chart conjoins). The 4th house cusp of her declaration chart is conjoined to Chiron Retrograde at 13 Capricorn.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (Rep)

Arnold S. announced his candidacy on August 6, 2003, 5:52 PM, PDT +7:00, Burbank, California, 34N10 118W18, 12 Capricorn Ascendant. The official announcement was made just after he'd finished taping the Jay Leno "Tonight" show. Chiron at 13 Capricorn conjoins the Ascendant of Arnold's declaration chart.

Neptune retrograde at 11 Aquarius is also inside the first house, although less than a degree shy of the second house cusp (using Koch houses). This, at the very least, points out to me that there may have been some back room dealing in relation to Arnold's running for governor that involved a promise from Issa that he'd back out.

Arnold's wife, Maria Shriver, November 6, 1955, 5:12 PM, Chicago, Illinois, 41N51 87W39. Asc: 26 Taurus -- CAPUT ALGOL! Maria's Sun is at 13 Scorpio and trines the USA's and Bush's Sun and semi-sextiles the USA's Saturn in Libra. Her natal Saturn at 22 Scorpio is opposed to the fated Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of May 28, 2000 (22 Taurus) and squares her Leo Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Leo in her 4th house. All of Maria's planets, except for Uranus at 2 Leo, are placed in the western hemisphere of her chart showing that her life and destiny are wholly caught up with others. Where they go is where she goes.

Jay Leno, April 28, 1950, 2:03 am EST +5:00, New Rochelle, New York 40N55 73W47, Asc. 22 Aquarius.

Leno's Mercury is at 26 Taurus, conjunct Caput Algol. It is in the 3rd house of his chart, associated with automobiles. Taurus is associated with acquisition. What is it that Leno "looses his head over?" His vast automobile collection!

Buzzflash August 8, 2003:

Was the White House Behind the California Recall Effort and the Candidacy of Arnold "The Groper" Schwarzenegger? You Bet.

". . . if more than 50% of the voters recall Davis, the next governor of California is the candidate on the second part of the ballot who receives the highest percentage of votes. If Democrats run and split the Democratic votes (as well as Arianna Huffington drawing independent and progressive Democratic votes), Arnie wins because the Republicans in California will listen to the White House and vote as their tin horn leader, Bush, tells them to. Already, Rove is hinting that Bush might campaign for California’s most famous groper (and hugger of former Nazis).

Here is further proof of White House involvement in positioning Arnie (a virtual candidate whose sole qualification is his movie image of being a tough guy) to win the recall. Just remember, first Rove had to have Issa (a Republican with the usual GOP checkered past) appear to independently get the recall ball rolling.

Don’t cry for Issa, though. Rove’s probably promised him a position as Secretary of the Army or some other appointment of little concern to the Bush Cartel. Or given Issa’s past run ins with the law for carrying concealed guns, maybe Bush will appoint him head of the FBI.

August 9, 2003

Peter Ueberroth (Rep) ( Dropped Out 9/9/03 MSNBC)

Date of Birth, 9/2/37

[The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001.]

1937–, American business and sports executive, b. Evanston, Ill. As president of the organizing committee for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, Ueberroth created a financially successful competition that reversed a trend of heavy deficit spending by host cities and resulted in a surplus that financed youth sports in Los Angeles for many years. From 1984 to 1989 he served as commissioner of major-league baseball; in 1988 he took steps to increase the small number of African Americans holding administrative positions in baseball. From 1992 to 1993, Ueberroth headed municipal recovery efforts after the 1992 Los Angeles riots. He later joined the Contrarian Group, a business management company. 1 See his Made in America (1985).

Larry Flynt (Ind)

You didn't really think I'd leave him out, did you?

The California energy crisis began under Republican Gov. Pete Wilson's watch when he succumbed to the Republican obsession with deregulation and a belief in Adam Smith's invisible hand in the market place. Adam Smith has been dead for awhile now. So have hula hoops, Bazooka Bubble Gum and the U.S.S.R.

Pete Wilson, August 23, 1933, 4:10 PM CDT +5:00, Lake Forest, Illinois, 42N12 87W53, Asc: 28 Sagittarius. Wilson's Neptune of oil and energy at 9 Virgo is conjunct Bush's natal Mars and both are in square to transiting Mars (now retrograde in Pisces) and square to the USA's incendiary Uranus at 8 Gemini, conjunct the fixed star of "issues of integrity" Aldebaran. Wilson's Mars is the most elevated planet in his chart at 28 Libra (MC 23 Libra, conjunct lucky SPICA) and is in the degree of his Lunar Nodes: 28 Aquarius (North) and 28 Leo (South). As the heat up to the California recall got underway in the last 30 days, the transiting Lunar Node at 29 Taurus/Scorpio was in fixed grand square mode to his natal Lunar Nodes and quincunx (150 degrees apart) from his natal Mars.

Republican Party

Email Starcats -- August 7, 2003

"The arc of the universe is long, but it always bends toward justice." - Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.