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Bush Doctoring

Check out the GOP's Sun and note its conjunction to Bush and the USA's Sun. It is square the USA's Saturn in Libra. [Back in 1974 when Nixon resigned the presidency over the Watergate scandal, Transiting Saturn was at 13 Cancer conjoined to the GOP's Sun.] I mentioned in my latest Newsmakers (see George Bush v. George Tenet) that the Mars cycle in 2003 is set for a 6 month sojourn in the sign of Pisces. I outlined how Mars and its retrograde cycle will impact George and George, but check out the impact on the GOP's chart. Mars is now in square to the GOP's Venus-Saturn conjunction. That Venus-Saturn is the clue to why "compassionate conservatism" is an oxymoron. There isn't much love and compassion from Venus when having truck with Saturn. It goes like this: Venus shows up at a party dressed like Scarlett O'Hara at the 12 Oaks BBQ. She flirts with everyone and eventually meets up with Saturn. Startled she asks, "Don't you like my dress, you big old overgrown sour puss?" and Saturn replies, "You look like a slut." Oh, baby! Where did our love go?

Intelligence Is MIA

T-Mars is going to set off the GOP's Sun trine Neptune before it retrogrades and reignites the transiting square to GOP Saturn. There may be a short sequel to the Bush-Blair love affair, but the aforementioned could mean more shock and awe by suicide (David Kelly of the U.K. was cited as the source for BBC's "story on doctoring intelligence files that led to a highly publicized running battle between the broadcaster and the government of Prime Minister Tony Blair ") and the hatcheting or resignation of government officials. These token sacrifices to the gods of absolute power won't mitigate the ominous drop in polls for the GOP and Blair's Labour Party. Mars' sojourn through assassination and suicide-prone Pisces ends with an opposition to the GOP's Mars at 28 Virgo. The end of the road for Bush's popularity and Tenet's job (and perhaps Blair's) comes the week of December 14, 2003. Somebody gets a huge lump of coal in his stocking this Christmas.

Blair's Blare in Congress
Didn't Help

Tony Blair's progressed Moon (11 Sag) is conjoined to the USA's Ascendant; conjoins Bush's 8th house Inauguration Pluto (14 Sagittarius) by October 2, 2003; Inauguration Moon (19 Sag) February 4, 2004; and Inauguration Chiron (24 Sag) by July 4, 2004, the day of the USA's 228th birthday. These planets are in square to Inauguration Venus (17 Pisces) which will receive transiting Mars by conjunction on November 23, 2003, the date of the year's last Eclipse (Solar at 1 Sagittarius).

Mars sets off Blair's progressed Moon T-square in Bush's Inauguration chart from the 8th house of death to the 11th house representing the USA's Congress and the U.K.'s parliament. There is a growing lack of trust in Bush-Blair's inflated faith-based (Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius) "reasoning" for Middle East war. To date, more U.S. soldiers have died in Gulf War II than did in the whole of Gulf War I. The majority of these tragedies occurred outside of conventional combat and are the result of guerilla sniper attacks.

Tony Blair's progressed Jupiter is conjoined to the GOP's Saturn. The T-square set-up completed by transiting Mars to Blair's progressed Moon in opposition to progressed Jupiter, Juno and Pallas indicate that the marriage (Juno) of intelligence and strategy (Pallas) to Bush's Inauguration Pluto, Moon, Chiron in square to diplomatic Venus in Pisces is shattering on the GOP's natal good old boy's club Saturn!

Blair's progressed Moon-Jupiter balloon in T-square to pin-prick Saturn is accentuated by the fact that transiting Jupiter, now at 21 Leo, has moved far off Blair's natal Moon (11 Aquarius, conjunct Tenet's North Node!) and far off from transiting Neptune. The aforementioned falls across Bush's 1st house/7th house axis. The Neptunian delusions shared by Bush and Blair, clouding their vision and inflating their ideologies, drew in George Tenet, who under the misguided desire to please his corrupt boss (Bush), "co-signed the bullshit" leading the USA and the U.K. into an unjustified war.

Blair's progressed Sun is at 3 Cancer and Progressed Mars is at 7 Cancer. He has a Progressed Uranus conjunction to his Progressed Ascendant at 17 Cancer. (Natal Uranus is at 15 Cancer). Blair's progressed Chart is taking a massive Saturn transit hit. His progressed chart links him with Bush's 12th house Sun-Saturn conjunction and its square to the USA's Saturn.

Blair's natal and progressed Uranus bring upsets to Bush's Sun (one's will and purpose) and conjoin Tenet's natal Uranus (political savvy), and set off the revolutionary, reformist, "history revisionist" Uranus square to the USA's Saturn. This is an Orwellian planetary aspect fraught with contradictions such as "perpetual war for peace." "Chaos creates order." "Destruction is really creation." This nonsensical reasoning is more like Dr. Seuss on crack. This is what Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central calls "Gaslighting." "We're being gaslighted by the Bush Administration." [Stewart interview with Bill Moyers on PBS's "NOW."]

(You may recall the Ingrid Bergman/Charles Boyer film where Bergman's character is systematically driven mad by her sociopath husband. This is the plight of the American people. We are being systematically driven mad by Karl Rove's message machine.)

I'll close this section by drawing attention to the fact that Blair's progressed Midheaven is 17 Pisces -- conjunct Bush Inauguration Venus and is in T-Square to Bush Inauguration Pluto, Moon and Chiron. This Piscean/Sagittarian square demonstrates a sacrifice of common sense on the alter of faith-based foreign policy that are the hallmarks of Bush and Blair's administrations. Both men are committed to a Neptunian and Uranian utopian world view backlit by fundamentalist Christian ideology. It's fine if a few nuts want to handle snakes or walk on hot coals, but such individuals should not be trusted to run the western world.

Santa Monica,

I live two blocks from the scene of July 16th's tragedy, so from Wednesday afternoon until Friday morning, news helicopters flew overhead at all hours of the day and night rattling homes and nerves. The unprecedented heat wave we're having combined with the noise made it like spending a week in Baghdad.

Elderly Man Involved in Market Crash May Have Been Fleeing Accident -- Saturday, July 19, 2003

LOS ANGELES - Investigators believe an elderly driver who crashed through a crowded farmers market, killing 10 people, may have been speeding away from the scene of a collision at the time. Russell Weller 86, might have hit a Mercedes after leaving a post office, then fled less than a block west toward the street market, said Tom Marshall, a spokesman for the California Highway Patrol. Details about the Mercedes crash were not immediately available. ...

The post office is the one located at 5th and Arizona. I walked the crash path Saturday morning on the way to the Farmer's Market. Walking the path was chilling because it made me realize how short the distance from the parked Mercedes on 5th Street Weller allegedly hit to the acceleration path down Arizona Avenue. He achieved speeds in excess of 70 miles an hour, the speed at which he careened into unsuspecting market shoppers.

Santa Monica's Mercury-Sun conjunction was supercharged by July 13th's Full Moon at 20 Cancer/Capricorn. Issues in the news highlighted homeland security (Cancer), agriculture (Moon) and the elderly (Capricorn). Recent Congressional arguments (and votes) over a prescription drug plan for seniors; fearful speculation on Social Security and Medicare funds for baby boomers; and the upwardly spiraling deficts still dominate the airwaves.

Russell Weller's unintentional but mass murder on the streets of Santa Monica force us to face some difficult truths. Many of us have aging parents who should not be behind the wheel and may no longer be able to live safely without in-house full time care. We ourselves (baby boomers) are getting older and as hard as we may try to deny it, some of us have arthritis kicking in on those worn out knees (Capricorn) or we may have legitimate concerns about the consequences to our future as the result of Bush's reckless tax give-aways to the upper 3.4% of the population.

The City of Santa Monica has its share of difficulties with the aforementioned issues because so many elderly, retired folks and baby boomers have settled here. Santa Monica is its own municipality, but it is part of Los Angeles County and, therefore, feels the state deficit woes ($38 billion and counting) keenly. Santa Monica's Cancerian Sun shows how directly the city is linked to the USA's chart, and its Sun-Mercury square to its own Moon and Jupiter reiterate it's own self-consciousnessness and desire to be liked vis a vis the USA's Saturn in Libra.

Santa Monica is a little paradise tucked quietly away from the big uglies of metropolitan Los Angeles and the brutally hot and smoggy San Fernando Valley. Santa Monica's Mars at 22 Sagittarius puts it ever at the forefront of religious and political freedoms and sports a number of bookstores and gathering places where philosophies of all ilks are openly discussed and roundly applauded.

Transiting Pluto is coming to meet Santa Monica's Mars and the sextile made to its justice-conscious South Node, Moon and Jupiter may signal that new laws will be enacted in the city which place demands upon seniors to show competency behind the wheel before driving licenses are renewed.

Aspects for the crash itself (July 16, 2003, 2:00 PM, PDT, Santa Monica, California) show a Moon conjunct Uranus at 12:15 pm, signaling that lots of people (Moon) would suddenly (Uranus) gain national prominence. (The Moon oftentimes signals a time of notoriety). Moon trine Saturn (6:16 pm) was a series of televised reports showing people (Moon) impacted an elderly (Saturn) man.

Santa Monica's progressed Mars (Aquarius) is opposite its progressed Uranus (chart not shown) -- an explosive combination. Mars is associated with cars, engines and acceleration. Uranus is associated with chaos and the sudden accidents. Santa Monica's natal and progressed Pluto are in t-square to P-Mars and Uranus. The flowing out is through Pluto in Taurus, where Taurus is symbolic of the fruits of the earth (The Farmer's Market).

To date, the D.A. has not yet decided whether or not to charge Mr. Weller with manslaughter. Since Weller has been implicated in various accidents over the last 10 years, a case can be made that someone somewhere was negligent. We live in a litigious society, and although Mr. Weller is not a criminal and meant no harm, he did cause harm. There will be hell (Pluto) to pay for what happened here on July 16, 2003.

"The letters "Spiro Agnew" may be rearranged to spell grow a penis. This is surely no coincidence..." (

Okay, I'll leave you all to contemplate this:

Tricky Dick, The Sequel?

"The implications that could be drawn from these newly released documents are rather ominous. The fact that members of the Cheney Energy Task Force were actually exploring the potential utilization of the oil of another nation (and the documents also include maps of wells and refineries in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates) suggests that the plan for regime change in Iraq was being considered by Cheney and his cronies as early as March 2001 - and, hence, well before the events of 9/11.

"We here at Human Potential Left have typically discounted the "blood for oil" argument put forward by opponents of the recent Iraq war as being too simplistic, and too easily discredited by Bush Administration defenders. Maybe we were wrong? Moreover, this discovery adds further ammunition to the argument that Cheney was a key voice within the Administration effort to hype CIA intelligence data, overstate the case for a preemptive action against Saddam Hussein, and manipulate a nation into war.

"I believe that Dick Cheney's tenure as Vice-President is likely coming to an end - either by the late October-early November 2003 period cited in my "It Always Darkest Before the Dawn" article, or by the Saturn station conjunct the United States Jupiter in March of 2004. The last time transiting Saturn stationed conjunct the United States Jupiter, in October 1973, Spiro T. Agnew resigned in disgrace."

Matthew Carnicelli 2003. All rights reserved. Human Potential Left Human Potential Left

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"The arc of the universe is long, but it always bends toward justice." - Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.