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In Defense of Mundane Astrology

[a response to my critics]

Indeed, the scenario involving my Newsmakers Karl Rove-George Bush article sounds ominous, but to judge it as ". . . no half full or half empty here. The glass is grace, no heoric [sic] salvation," is to miss the point.

What I am talking about is a fanatic and oftentimes cynical administration who has framed up the world and the American people in precisely those terms.

Salvation is not the province of politics and neither is mundane astrology. I would place the salvation issue under the umbrella of esoteric astrology or your church. I repeat, mundane/political astrology does not concern itself with esoteric visions.

Astrology is a tool, not a religion or a system of government. And Mundane astrology is the key that unlocks the door to the grand mystery of how to survive in Saturn's realm: the realm of earth.

To borrow a phrase from the Salvation avatar himself: "This world is made for the children of darkness, and how great is that darkness." Apparently even Christ Avatar knew the difference between Caesar's realm and that of spirit realm. He understood the laws of Saturn and that of the earth plane. He stated that the Kingdom of Heaven is within and to render unto Caesar what is Caesar's but render unto God what is God's. That, to my knowledge, is the first known argument for a separation of church and state.

I have not, in my spiritual studies, ever encountered a master or priestess saying that salvation or "great humane vision" would be found at the center of temporal governments.

I say this because I am chagrined at the great misunderstandings surrounding the the practice of political/mundane astrology: the confusion of one's personal theology versus the Saturnian reality of political and economic life (Saturn-Jupiter) on the earth plane. It is as if an astrology that gives us "tomorrow's headlines today" is so egregious, so insulting, so threatening in its truth that it cannot be tolerated unless sugar-coated. It is this brand of shallowness and the inability to grapple with Saturn and the mystery of the outer planets that has become the hallmark of American society.

The fact that less than 30% of the electorate voted in the 2002 mid-term elections giving George Bush control over all three branches of government is why I state categorically that the majority of the American public doesn't care. They will do as they are told.

All dictators and usurpers have known this truth -- that manipulation of the masses is the easiest of things to do. Those who oppose the will of the leader in question are the minority factions. They have never been, and most likely never will be, the majority. This is political science 101. Not to understand this is to pay homage to ignorance.

The human brain has not evolved in over 40,000 years. There are untapped resources at the heart of human development that have not yet been tapped. As to when this new potential arises out of our DNA is not known by me. Even so, I do have the gift of insight into our current troubles and I am committed to pointing out what we must protest with all our might. That's what my Newsmakers Karl Rove piece is about. It is about a kind of "reincarnation" of Josef Goebbels Nazi propaganda (and fanatic manipulations by Ashcroft's Justice Department) that is breaking America's back.

What we are witnessing in the USA is a rebirth or resurgence of war god archetypes that sickened the psyche of Mussolini's Italy and Hitler's Nazi Germany.

Other such Plutonian-Saturnian manifestations can be found in Mugabe's Zimbabwe, for example, and in the Congo, where over the last 5 years 2.5 million people have been herded into mass genocide. That is fully 1/3rd of all those Hitler killed in Nazi Germany. Yet the world doesn't lift a finger.

If we want a humane vision employed on earth, we all need to do more towards realizing that goal than spending our time on astrology blogs complaining about someone's lack of heroic vision predictions. Changing this means leaving the comfort zone of our cushy homes in the suburbs and flying to these countries. It means giving up what we have, including our lives, in service of that future vision.

So, who is ready to go to Africa with me? To give up all they have and bury holocaust victims?

I thought so.

The grand planetary cycles in play now are similar to ones in operation from 1920-1945. They are coupled with the USA's very first Pluto tranisit through it's first house in the nation's history. It is a sort of "Kali Yuga" (purification) for the USA right now. It is a destroying of the American people's old sense of identity and the subsequent attachment to America's underlying myths. [I think we go wrong when underestimating how devastasting America's "identity crisis" is right now. Her institutions whether they be church or state are rife with corruption. This is why I repeat that Salvation comes from within. Don't expect "vision" from any world leader.]

As noted in the world of holistic healing, oftentimes major crisis precedes the moment of total healing. This painful process is a leaking out of all the toxins and the whole system becomes disabled for a time. Conditions are then made ripe for absolute rehabilitation (Pluto) and restructuration (Saturn).

And this is precisely what Saturn and Pluto intend to do, and have been doing, in the United States. Critical mass was reached with the 3 oppositions of the two from August 2001 to May of 2002. The huge boil of corruption has now been lanced and is draining outward onto the psychic/collective landscape of humanity.

When Pluto moves to Capricorn in 2008, we'll begin creating order and systems for a wholly new structure in America. I only hope that the new order will not err on the side of a heavy-handedness that turns into another form of tyranny.

Yes, the time does look bleak, but the wide arc of history shows that it is usually darkest before the dawn -- that "fulfillment of the time" (if one cares to contemplate Ecclesiastes "to everything there is a season.. .") does not come when we choose nor does it arrive in the form we want. Yes, God does lurk in the interstices; in the dark matter of the universe. But the last time I looked, God did not have a suggestion box. And just this is the message of the outer planets. And Saturn. It doesn't go our way in our time. But mundane/political astrology can show us the context and show us how to choose a way to live with unresolved problems with a measure of grace.

The Goddess Nemesis will eventually intervene. The when is up to her, and it is in the Goddess that I trust.

The USA's ambassador to Greece, who resigned his post shortly before Bush invaded Iraq (because he could not stomach Bush's policies), performed a ritual to Nemesis before he left Greece.¹

He took several friends to Nemesis' temple and there poured out a libation upon the ground. He and his friends prayed to Nemesis for justice in America and also asked that their prayers and libations be "acceptable" in her sight so that she would, in the end, be merciful to America.

The price for George W. Bush and Karl Rove's connection to the American Collective will have to be paid, and like the ambassador, I am waiting for Nemesis, and praying she will be merciful.

At the time of this writing, the asteroid Nemesis is retrograde at 28 degrees Sagittarius testifying strongly the the USA's crisis of identity and faith.

¹ U.S. diplomat resigns over Iraq policy

Associated Press

"ATHENS, Greece -- A veteran U.S. diplomat based in Greece has resigned to protest President Bush's "fervent pursuit of war with Iraq."

J. Brady Kiesling, who served as political officer at the Athens embassy, reportedly said in a resignation letter to Secretary of State Colin Powell that he left the diplomatic service because of his disagreement over the Bush administration's Iraq policy.

"Our fervent pursuit of war with Iraq is driving us to squander the international legitimacy that has been America's most potent weapon of both offense and defense since the days of Woodrow Wilson," Kiesling wrote, according to the New York Times.

The U.S. Embassy in Athens confirmed Thursday that the career diplomat had recently resigned "for personal reasons," and embassy officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed the contents of the letter but could not provide a copy.

Kiesling has been a diplomat for about 20 years and had postings in the Middle East, Armenia and Greece.

Kiesling could not be reached for comment. Embassy officials said Kiesling was still in Greece but no longer at his former office.

In 1994, Kiesling received the William R. Rivkin Award "for constructive dissent" from the American Foreign Service Association, the professional organization of the U.S. Foreign Service.

The award recognizes mid-level officers "who have demonstrated the courage to challenge the system from within, no matter the issue or the consequences of their actions." Rivkin, who died in 1967, was a U.S. ambassador in Luxembourg and Senegal. Houston Chronicle

[Mr. Kiesling told of his ceremonial visit to the Temple of Nemesis on Bill Moyers' PBS televsion show "Now"].

Bill Moyers on Karl Rove

"This is what's hard to believe – hardly a century had passed since 1776 before the still-young revolution was being strangled in the hard grip of a merciless ruling class. The large corporations that were called into being by modern industrialism after 1865 – the end of the Civil War – had combined into trusts capable of making minions of both politics and government. What Henry George called "an immense wedge" was being forced through American society by "the maldistribution of wealth, status, and opportunity."

"We should pause here to consider that this is Karl Rove's cherished period of American history; it was, as I read him, the seminal influence on the man who is said to be George W.'s brain. From his own public comments and my reading of the record, it is apparent that Karl Rove has modeled the Bush presidency on that of William McKinley, who was in the White House from 1897 to 1901, and modeled himself on Mark Hanna, the man who virtually manufactured McKinley. Hanna had one consummate passion – to serve corporate and imperial power. It was said that he believed "without compunction, that the state of Ohio existed for property. It had no other function...Great wealth was to be gained through monopoly, through using the State for private ends; it was axiomatic therefore that businessmen should run the government and run it for personal profit."

"Mark Hanna – Karl Rove's hero – made William McKinley governor of Ohio by shaking down the corporate interests of the day. Fortunately, McKinley had the invaluable gift of emitting sonorous platitudes as though they were recently discovered truth. Behind his benign gaze the wily intrigues of Mark Hanna saw to it that first Ohio and then Washington were "ruled by bankers, railroads and public utility corporations." Any who opposed the oligarchy were smeared as disturbers of the peace, socialists, anarchists, "or worse." Back then they didn't bother with hollow euphemisms like "compassionate conservatism" to disguise the raw reactionary politics that produced government "of, by, and for" the ruling corporate class. They just saw the loot and went for it."

"The historian Clinton Rossiter describes this as the period of "the great train robbery of American intellectual history." Conservatives – or better, pro-corporate apologists – hijacked the vocabulary of Jeffersonian liberalism and turned words like "progress", "opportunity", and "individualism" into tools for making the plunder of America sound like divine right. Charles Darwin's theory of evolution was hijacked, too, so that conservative politicians, judges, and publicists promoted, as if it were, the natural order of things, the notion that progress resulted from the elimination of the weak and the "survival of the fittest."

"This "degenerate and unlovely age," as one historian calls it, exists in the mind of Karl Rove – the reputed brain of George W. Bush – as the seminal age of inspiration for the politics and governance of America today. "

This is Your Story - The Progressive Story of America. Pass It On. By Bill Moyers

Text of speech to the Take Back America conference sponsored by the Campaign for America’s Future, June 4, 2003, Washington, DC

Email Starcats -- June 10, 2003

"The arc of the universe is long, but it always bends toward justice." - Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.