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"B-b-b-b-but, I wanna be pwezadunt!" moaned Dubya at hearing the news of Cheney's loss of heart.

Veep pick Dick Cheney entered the hospital in Washington, D.C. today [November 22, 2000] complaining of chest pains. While Dubya and Campaign Manager Karen Hughes supped from the chalice of Neptunian spin, neither Dubya nor Hughes really did damage control vis a vis Cheney's "mild" heart attack that necessitated surgery to clear a clogged artery. This is Cheney's fourth heart attack since the age of 37. At age 59, Cheney experienced his second Saturn Return (8 Taurus) in early May, 1999. Although Cheney quit smoking years ago, since he left public office (he was Daddy Bush's Secretary of Defense/Gulf War), he rues the fact that he's put on weight. A "no-no" for heart patients. There's no birth time for Cheney, but

[Updated July 1, 2001: Richard Bruce Cheney, Jan 30, 1941, 7:30 PM, CST +6:00, Lincoln, Nebraska, 40N 48 096W40, Asc: 2 Virgo, Per Lois Rodden. See also, Cheney's Heart & Sun Square Pluto in White House for more Cheney-Heart.]

progressing his chart to November 22, 1978 (year of first heart attack), reveals that progressed Mercury was at 29 Aquarius. Revisiting the year of his first attack via progression, puts that Mercury in square to today's Sun at 29 Scorpio. Although the degree of Cheney's Moon can't be ascertained without a birth time, it's interesting that the flat chart's Moon progresses to 26 Cancer which joins it to Dubya's natal 12th house Saturn. Cheney's Solar Arc Venus for the same year equates to 29 Aquarius. Here's another square to today's Scorpio Sun. (Check out Veepstakes for the Cheney Veep Pick chart.) Cheney's Solar Arc Mars for 1978 was 25 Capricorn, the sign and degree of JFK's 1961 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.

It goes without saying that we ought to check out Inauguration 2001: A Most Dangerous Game. I used Abraham Lincoln in that example, but an overview of links between Cheney's "event" today and JFK's assassination is chilling. In case Election 2000 has overshadowed other news in your area, today, November 22, 2000, is the 37th anniversary of JFK's murder in Dallas, Texas. (See, Today's Charts & Data).

Astounding Links Aren't Coincidence

As you gaze at Chief Tecumseh's face (and view the charts linked above), note the following:

The cross-overs between the JFK Murder Chart ("JFK") and the Inauguration 2001 chart ("IN") are too close for comfort.

  1. JFK Saturn conjoins IN Ascendant at 19 Aquarius
  2. Transiting Uranus is 17 Aquarius today and will reach 19 Aquarius for IN 2001
  3. IN Moon 19 Sagittarius (just over Pluto at 14 Sagittarius in the 8th house of death
  4. IN Pluto at 14 Sag square JFK Pluto at 14 Virgo

  1. The Sun for Cheney's "event" is at 29 Scorpio. Obviously, the same degree as in the JFK chart.
  2. Neptune at 15 Scorpio in the JFK chart is the degree at which Mercury retrograded before Election 2000.
  3. JFK's NATAL Moon at 17 Virgo opposes the 17 Pisces Moon of the Dixville Notch, NH "Polls Open" chart
  4. JFK's natal Saturn at 27 Cancer conjoins Dubya's natal Saturn in his 12th house

JFK, May 29, 1917, Brookline, Massachusetts, EST +5:00, 42N20, 071W07, Asc: 20 Libra [Note: Transiting Mars makes 20 Libra 12/07/00]

  1. JFK's natal Neptune at 2 Leo conjoins Bush's relocated Ascendant for Washington, D.C.
  2. JFK's natal Uranus at 23 Aquarius retrograde squares May 28, 2000's Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (22 Taurus); conjoins Cheney's natal Mercury; and squares Cheney's natal Uranus at 22 Taurus. (See Starcats' article, Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction

On November 14, 2000, 7 days after Election 2000, the transiting Sun (23 Scorpio) formed a T-Square in Cheney's natal chart by opposing his natal Uranus thus creating a double square to Cheney's natal mercury. It most likely is the moment when Cheney's heart condition reached critical mass. Heart attacks don't "just happen," and it's clear that Cheney had suffered a clogged artery for quite some time.

JFK had natal Uranus (23 Aquarius) square Jupiter (23 Taurus, conjoined to Cheney's natal Uranus). By progression, Cheney's Jupiter is now at 17 Taurus and is taking the square from transiting Uranus at 17 Aquarius. His progressed Mars is now at 28 Capricorn semi-sextiling Gore's natal Jupiter at 28 Sagittarius. It could be that Gore's dignified Jupiter "irritates" Cheney's exalted Mars when it comes to Cheney's interpretation of "the rule of law." (See, Mundane Astrology & Astrological Law.

No. It just isn't going to go away.




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