Florida Election Officials

First USA Poll Opens
November 7, 2000
0:00:01 AM EST +5:00
Dixville Hotch, New Hampshire
44N52:15, 071W18:23
Asc: 29 Leo

What Happened To Election 2000?

The MC for this chart is 22 Taurus: the same degree as the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of May 28, 2000. In the 10th house, we have retrograde Jupiter (8 Gemini) and retrograde Saturn (28 Taurus). The 10th house describes the conditions surrounding the two candidates, or, the President Elect. Retrograde Saturn Squares the Ascendant on the Royal Fixed Star, Regulus. Regulus is symbolic of the King, or the President/Ruler of the nation. Saturn and the Ascendant are our first clues: Bush, who feels he's "royally" entitled to be president of the United States would be denied, delayed and frustrated at assuming the presidential mantle. (Both candidates have Leo rising) The Scorpio Sun squares Uranus, which seems to "promise" a surprising, out-of-control upset.

Uranus's position in the 6th house of daily/routine activity assures us that there would be nothing routine about the USA election! Next, retrograde Jupiter in Gemini reneges on its bountiful promise. Both Candidates have progressed Midheavens at 12 Gemini (Bush) and 13 Gemini (Gore). Gore's progressed Jupiter is also retrograde. A double indicator that he'd feel "deflated" once votes in the State of Florida were given to Bush.

Venus in Sag in the 4th, ruler of the Midheaven, is quincunx the Midheaven! She makes no aspect to the Sun (the Sun is also symbolic of the President), and the Moon in Pisces just squared Pluto (ruled by retrograde Jupiter which is opposite it!!), and is applying to a SQUARE with Venus. The situation is "at odds" and grinds (the square) the election clock to a halt. (The Moon is the powerful timer in charts of this kind). The Moon is also in Nodal degree (North Node 17 Cancer in the 11th house of hopes and dreams/future)! Bush's progressed North Node is 17 Gemini, which takes the square from the Moon -- so we have two nodal indicators alerting us to a situation out of control for both candidates. The South Node is in the 5th house at 17 Capricorn. With Saturn retrograde as the ruler of the 5th: risk/gamble (which running for president is), you can see that a Saturn/South Node situation in Leo's (the King's) natural house would indicate a grinding delay.

Mercury at 0 Scorpio (and retrograde) moved back to 29 Libra (sextiling the Leo-Regulus Ascendant), then went direct and reached 0 Scorpio again. The retrograde movement back to Leo-Regulus, then forward again could well have indicated that we'd have two presidents: First we got Gore, then we got Bush -- the media (associated with Gemini, which is Mercury ruled) changed the call twice!

When the media claimed Bush the winner (see Chart), The Moon had moved from Pisces to Aries. She opposed Mars in the justice sign, Libra. Moon opposite a Libra Mars? Knee-jerk, angry reactions (Moon), cries of injustice (Libra), and the swift filing of lawsuits (Mars).




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