Florida Supreme Court: "Recount!"

"WASHINGTON (CNN) -- With continued uncertainty in the presidential election, the scenario that Democrats and Republicans most dread has become more likely: Congress may eventually be forced to choose the next president." -- December 9, 2000, CNN

Florida Supreme Court Rules Recount, December 8, 2000, 4:00 pm EST +5:00, Tallahassee, Florida, 30N27, 084W17, Ascendant, 22 Taurus

The Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction at 22 Taurus of May 28, 2000 visits Election 2000 via the Ascendant for this chart. Aquarius-Venus, now ruled by "Let's Play Hardball" Uranus in the 10th, still rules the exalted Taurus Moon, but had only moved from 12° Taurus to 13° Taurus. The Moon, in quincunx to Pluto (12 Sagittarius), signaled that conditions were not only complicated, but also "out of joint." Eventually that quincunx would result in yet another reversal of fortune. "Confusion" Neptune is only 2° shy of the Midheaven and 4° shy of her conjunction with Uranus. Venus hits Neptune on December 12, 2000, the cut-off date for Florida's "Safe Harbor" for its 25 certified Bush Electors. Get ready for the Spin. Uranus in the 10th house is the "surprize" Ruling itself, but as the Taurus Moon is applying to a square with Uranus, it seemed clear from the chart that another Court would intervene thus forestalling the ballot counts.

I think Gore got this short-lived break because Venus in Aquarius is no longer ruler of Saturn-Caput Algol, the chief mitigating factor in his natal chart, as Saturn-Caput is now conjoined to his natal Venus. Saturn is retrograding off that point, but still maintains enough of an orb so that his natal Venus is crushed under its weight. The transiting Moon conjoined Saturn-Caput at 1:00 pm December 9th. At 2:45 pm, the U.S. Supreme Court granted Bush's "Stay of Execution Pending Appeal." The Court's ruling included the immediate cessation of all ballot counting. Gore's "Time Lords" (chief chart timers for 1999-2001) are both Moon and Saturn. The Moon's transits, especially when they contact Saturn by hard aspect, generally signal losses for Al Gore. Today was no exception. Add to the mix that Joe Lieberman's natal Uranus is conjoined to Caput-Algol. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of May 28, 2000 doesn't seem to have offered either man a window of opportunity on the presidency and vice presidency within this 20 year cycle.

"However, transiting Venus had already changed signs at 3:39 AM EST on December 8 (moving from Capricorn to Aquarius) and is in the 10th house of the Judges in this chart. Transiting Venus, no longer the chart ruler of retrograde Saturn, foreshadowed the Uranian upset to Bush when, hours later, the Florida State Supreme Court ruled in favor of hand recounts for Gore in counties such as Miami-Dade where no recount had occurred. Until the U.S. Supreme Court granted Bush's "Stay of Execution [counting the votes] Pending Appeal" on December 9, 2000 at 2:45 pm EST, Al Gore had a 12 hour window in which to celebrate his short rewards." -- Starcats, December 9, 2000, Seminole/Martin County Rulings.




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