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Votes Certified?
November 18, 2000
12:00 NOON EST +5:00
Tallahasee, Fl
30N27 084W17
Asc: 4 Aquarius

Certifiably Insane

Tallahassee, Florida

Secretary of State, Kathrine Harris, who is "affectionately" known as Cruella di Vil, was defeated by a Florida State Supreme Court STAY of proceedings which barred Harris against a halt of Florida's vote tallies so that she could certify the Florida's ballots on November 18, 2000.

Beginning Astrologers take note: if you want to ascertain whether or not the thing inquired of will be perfected (in plain English: "Will it come off?") The Moon, which ultimately confirms or denies the action, should be well placed and in good aspect to the planets which signify the action! Now, it's a little tricky here, as the Leo Moon is only 1 minute shy of "perfecting" her square to Saturn at 27 Taurus 33. But Saturn is retrograde. Thus, the Moon moves forward, but Saturn continues "backing off." This sequence is known as "mutual separation." Not only are Moon and Saturn in square to each other (which indicates a "no" answer), but the Moon is also squaring the Sun in the 10th house of the chart where we locate authority. The "T" square configuration is a double "No"

answer. The Sun opposes Caput Algol (26 Taurus), the point Saturn will reach on November 20th, the day the Florida State Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in regards to the rights of the litigants: Al Gore and George W. Bush. Note also that the Moon is 8 minutes shy of perfecting her square to the Sun (26 SC 40). This tight "T's" Apex (release point) is in the 7th house of "litigation" in the chart. The pending litigation affects what? 1. Katherine Harris (Scorpio Sun, 10th house) and the voters (Saturn and Jupiter retrograde in the 4th house of "the electorate.")

Neptune's conjunction to the Ascendant of this chart strongly indicates that issues of "confused" intentions (voter ballots/chads) are at odds with the Secretary of State's political strategy (Neptune square Pallas Athena conjunct the part of fortune at 4 and 5 Scorpio, respectively in the 9th house of law).

At 12:03 PM EST, the Leo Moon went void of course. That means she makes no more aspects from the sign Leo and will not engage herself with other planetary energies and significators until she is firmly placed in the sign Virgo. As the Moon reaches 29 degrees Leo, she will conjoin the "late" Ascendant of the "First USA Poll Opens" chart. Again, we find ourselves connected to the defining moment of Election 2000 -- the chart that describes the process. As the Sun conjoins Caput Algol for Monday's State Supreme Court hearing, it will also conjoin Al Gore's natal Venus and Joe Lieberman's natal Uranus. Frankly, this doesn't augur well for a Gore win. At last count (2:30 PM PST) Bush led Gore by 920 votes. Unless Miami-Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach Counties come up with totals that push Gore over the top, George W. Bush is sure to be the President-Elect.


Absentee Ballot Deadline
November 18, 2000
12:00 MIDNIGHT EST +5:00
Tallahasee, Fl
30N27 084W17
Asc: 24 Leo

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