Gore-Lieberman Plot Strategy

West Palm Beach, Florida
November 3, 1894
12:00 NOON EST +5:00
West Palm Beach, Florida
26N43 080W03
Source: Mark Penfield's "Horoscopes of the USA & Canada, p. 88
Penfield does not indicate if the 12 Noon time is the actual time reported by the Florida Historical Society.

A Bush on the Beach?

West Palm Beach

As indicated above, Penfield does not indicate whether the 12 noon time set for the West Palm Beach ("WPB") chart is the time given by the Florida Historical Society, or whether no time is available for the incorporation of West Palm Beach, Florida. Since the data is unclear, we will examine the chart as best we can bearing in mind that we cannot rely upon the angles nor the degree of the Moon.

WPB's Saturn at 29 Libra

WPB's natal Saturn is conjoined by transiting Mercury Retrograde on Election Day 2000. The combination is a clear indicator of depressing (Saturn) news (Mercury) magnified by the square aspect to Bush's 12th house Saturn (26 Cancer). Bush's 12th house Saturn-Sun conjunction is one of the keys to his psychological orientation. First, Dubya feels weighted down (Saturn) by his famous father's cloak. Second, Dubya has most likely struggled to please his father while hoping to mitigate Bush, Sr.'s giant shadow. Third, Dubya is a man of entrenched habits (Sun-Saturn in conservative, loyal Cancer). When the going gets rough, he retreats either his ranch or to the Bush Family Compound in Kennebunkport, Maine. The WPB cross-overs to Bush's natal chart indicate that Election 2000's debacle is, in its way, a form of imprisonment for the Texas Governor. If he doesn't become president, Dubya doesn't succeed in rebirthing his natal Sun so that it mitigates the darkness of his father's shadow. Conversely, if Dubya doesn't become president, he will have failed to avenge his father.

Mars at 23 Aries

WPB's Mars at 23 Aries also squares Bush's 12th house Sun-Saturn conjunction, opposes WPB's natal Saturn and transiting Mercury, thus forming a T-square configuration in Bush's chart. The apex of the "T" (release point) flows into his 12th house. One thing is imminently clear: Mars-Saturn stress aspects result in stalemate. Further, Mars-Saturn stressors usually result in a "spoiling of the prize." For example, we experienced the Mars-Saturn opposition during the Clinton impeachment hearings. Although Clinton was acquitted (lucky natal Jupiter on "teflon" Spica), neither Democrats nor Republicans emerged victorious. The Republican House Judiciary Committee has retreated into seclusion. (No one saw Henry Hyde at Bush's Convention in Philadelphia). Clinton may have escaped disaster, but his presidency was lamed (spoiled) and his legacy still hangs in the balance.

It is more than likely that we can take a lesson from the Impeachment Saturn-Mars and apply the same to Election 2000. Even if Bush ultimately prevails, his ascendancy to the White House will bear a stained mantle. As the inauguration chart reveals a Mars in square to Uranus, it appears there may be no 100 day honeymoon for the next USA president. More than likely, explosive anger will come to the fore, and it is this toxic mix that makes many astrologers apprehensive.

November 10, 2000: Full Moon at 19 Scorpio

19 Scorpio is defined by ancient astrologers as "the accursed degree of the accursed sign." (I am not bashing our good Scorpios here!) In political astrology, 19 Scorpio describes a certain set of conditions. Conditions which are best described by thinking of a coiled Cobra ready to spring. Venom spewed at the moment of attack is deadly, and oftentimes the intended victim turns out to be the snake itself. As events continue to double back (recoil) and spring up again, mental clarity is lost. The same "isms" and conflicts escalate fomenting deep resentment. By November 26, 2000, transiting Saturn will have retrograded back to 26 Taurus: Caput Algol, the most malefic fixed star in the heavens. Ancient astrologers used this degree to predict beheadings of "heads of state." Caput-Saturn will be partile (perfectly) square Bush's natal Saturn on that day. I suspect it will be at this time that Bush will reveal that he has lost his rational mind ("head") in some capacity, or will discover that becoming a "head of state" (if President-Elect) is more a "headache" than a badge of honor.

Quotation from Starcats' Election 2000, A Most Dangerous Game:

"Jupiter in the first house opposes the arabic part of bondage and further testifies to the possibility that the president's duties may become so overwhelming that he/she becomes more of a prisoner in the White House than a powerful figure."

[This article, written in late 1999, seems eerily accurate when considering WPB's Mars-Saturn impact on Dubya's natal 12th house Saturn]

Gore Fares No Better

Retrograde Saturn will conjoin Gore's natal Venus and Lieberman's natal Uranus. Both men's planets are natally conjoined to Caput Algol. It would appear that no matter who wins Election 2000, the next President's "head will be on the chopping block." Paradoxes abound this November, and perhaps one of them is that the candidate you love should turn out to be the loser now so that he can win the Mandate in 2004.

The Venus Factor

Venus is the planet we associate not only with cash and other monetary instruments, but is also the planet associated with "the law of attraction." Of manifestation. Venus is only second to Jupiter when bestowing blessings. With Venus, ruler of Taurus, thus impacted by delimiting/spoil-sport Saturn, rumors of a recession that surged early in 2000 are actually proving to be fact. The economy is not only slowing down, but is heading toward a "hard stop." (Hard stop in Wall Street lingo means "recession"). The USA as a whole will be tightening its belt, and memory is both short and long. The fact that the heat left the fire earlier this year won't be "remembered" until the next administration takes office. That administration will "long be remembered" as the spoiler (Saturn in Taurus) of the boom economy.

A Grain of Salt

I predicted a Bush win for Election 2000 and had no clue we'd be facing our current debacle. I'm not going to change my prediction for the sake of trying to "spin" Starcats onto the winning team. In point of fact, I don't know who will become our President-Elect. Today's events chasten me and remind me that a dose of humility may be just what the Universe ordered. Perhaps the best we'll get with Saturn's retrograde sojourn back into Taurus is simply another lesson in patience. I just knew you wanted to hear that.




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