The Starcats Vote

I Voted For Al Gore
November 7, 2000
8:20 AM PST +8:00
Santa Monica, CA
34 N 01:10 118 W 29:25
Asc: 9 Sagittarius

As you can see, I timed my vote to coincide closely with the Declaration of Independence chart's Ascendant. (USA=12 Sag. My Vote Asc=9 Sag). Although there is controversy as to which chart is accurate for the USA, I hold firm to the Sag rising chart, as I find it extraordinarily descriptive of the people. We'll have plenty of discussion in that regard as we approach "Inauguration 2001." What can you expect to see at Starcats? Back by popular demand! WELCOME TO THE WHITE HOUSE IS COMING SOON!!

Check the Bi-Wheel below. Retrograde Jupiter is fortified by its conjunction to revolutionary, upsetting Uranus in opposition to (transiting) power-packed Pluto which is well within orb of both charts' Ascendants. This is "power to the people," because it is election day. For the 11 to 12 hours each states' polls remain open, power moves from the spinners, weavers and web builders of deception directly to the collective consciousness of the people. Regardless of how pleased or disgruntled we may be with our two party system and with their candidates, to miss the vote endangers the stability of the democratic process. When voters don't turn out, those who continue to corrupt our government are given another four year "pass" to steal from the people. The only way to change the system is to take responsibility for it.




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