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Presidential Hopefuls: Al Gore | George Bush

Election 2000 is still up! Get that last minute data you've been promising yourself!

Who is going to win this thing?

If you've been a regular at Starcats and a news junkie like I am, forecasting with mutable Jupiter (Gemini) and Pluto (Sagittarius) and electric, eclectic (fixed) Uranus in Aquarius is more like trying to nail jello to a tree. That's if you can get through the daily "Jihad," whether it be fomented by Osama bin Laden, Yasir Arafat, or bin Laden's Yemen Cell. Fair is fair, so let's not leave out this year's three Mars-Pluto squares where U.S. politics engaged in its own blood baths. The painful ousters by ugly stealth of Bradley and McCain still don't sit well with millions who championed them. The Christian Coalition keeps revving its multi-denominational God Machine. Lieberman's VEEP pick roiled with deadly scuds shot from some of the most likely and unlikely quarters such as the NAACP.

Why are there so many "undecideds"?

Why so many Frank Lunz Focus Groups? Because these individuals (Peasants Under Glass, according to Chris Matthews of MSNBC) want to find an IDEOLOGY -- the clear-cut principles that once separated and defined the Democratic and Republican parties. The eight year span of the Clinton era has brought Centrist politics to the fore. "Centrist," a pol word, may really be the political form of enatiadromia. That's where one side of an equation (or one side of a person) consciously claims to loathe the other. The result is that he, she, it, becomes the very thing it professes to loathe.

How so in politics?

The Republicans, the party of X-clusion (don't let 'em fool ya') "borrows" heavily from the Democratic party by dubbing itself "The party of compassion." The Democratic party, traditionally the party that roots for the under dog, recently passed welfare reform; wants smaller government; wants to CONSERVE our financial base by protecting Social Security. Doesn't that sound more Republican?

What Ideologies do these guys really hold?

It's anybody's guess. Election 2000 has been a round of celebrity appearances on Leno, Oprah & Comedy Central. Stump speeches and riverboat cruises notwithstanding, which candidate resonates strongest with the collective myth? A myth that is dying and rebirthing simultaneously. There is no clear road ahead regardless of what the candidates say. (See, Inauguration 2001, A Most Dangerous Game).

I could be wrong

and if I am, I'll freely admit it here at Starcats, but I think Dubya is going to win. I've set aside my own ideologies, my own agenda, and my own political wishes. In other words, I'm not forecasting a Bush victory because I necessarily want it. In fact, I'll come right out of the Democratic closet and tell you I've been a Democrat all my life. A loyal one, too. I'd like to see Al in the White House. But my take on the charts doesn't lead me to believe he'll win.

Before you start e-mailing me furiously,

I said I might be wrong. There are a couple of goodies that might work in Al's favor. First, when the polls open in DC, Mercury is retrograde. It won't go direct until 9:28 P.M. EST/6:28 P.M. PST. If Bush is in the lead earlier in the day, Mercury's flip flop might work in Al's favor. The Moon goes Void of Course at 9:04 P.M. EST/6:04 PST and enters Aries (Al's Sun is 10 Aries) at 12:02 A.M. EST November 8, 2000/9:02 P.M. PST, November 7, 2000. The 0 Aries Moon applying to Al's natal Sun is a New Moon Moment. It represents a birth, a rebirth, and the beginning of a dynamic, Mars-ruled chapter. With the Moon back in the saddle, and Mercury direct, the polls in Hawaii will still be open -- and with transiting Uranus at 16 Aquarius (August 11, 1999's BIG Eclipse degree), The Faithful may see Al pull out the BIG ONE. Transiting Uranus is in opposition to Al's natal (presidential) Saturn and (fiesty) Mars. Either Gore will pull this off by the time of the changing Moon, or we're going to see one very pissed off Gore delivering a concession speech.

I have a few reasons why I think Dubya has the edge.

Check out the charts for November 7, 2000.

The charts are annotated so you'll be able to see a couple of the chief factors working either for or against both candidates. One of the chief factors in Bush's favor is that his progressed Ceres is 0 Aquarius -- Ralph Nadar's Ascendant. Bush's progressed Ceres (the grain goddess and protector of the environment) on Nadar's Ascendant may mean that Nadar's "gift" for not bailing out of Campaign 2000 will be the "default" votes that would have gone to Al Gore.

Bush's Natal North Node is 17 Cancer,

which takes the trine from the "Polls Open" Ascendant of 17 Scorpio on Election morning. Yes, we're talking "Nodal Degree," or "a fated event." His progressed North Node (17 Gemini) is in orb of a trine with the USA's 10th house Saturn at 14 Libra -- the 10th house is the highest point of manifestation in a chart, and Saturn for the USA is "the president." Bush has no less than 7 progressed planets in Libra, including a progressed Mars and Moon conjoined to the USA's Saturn. In his natal chart, his progressed part of fortune is at 23 Libra, conjoined to the lucky fixed star SPICA. His progressed Jupiter at 24 Libra conjoins his 4th house cusp which is on the star ANTARES. Jupiter on the 4th cusp? A move to a BIG new house. (The White House?)

Bush's Spica/Antares hook

does square the USA's part of fortune (26 Cancer, which takes a conjunction from Bush's natal Saturn!), and it might be that lucky Spica turns out to be unlucky after all. But I wonder. His natal Sun conjoins the USA's Sun in the wealthy 8th house (also the house of loss!) but conjoins the fixed star SIRIUS -- and that is nearly as "royal" as one can get unless, of course, the star is Regulus (28-29 Leo).

I don't like the T-square formation

in Al's chart vis a vis the Polls Opening chart. The focal point of the "T" is his natal 4th house where we find his South Node. The Sun will have crossed his South Node the day before the election, and as the 4th house is "where it ends," I am apprehensive about this configuration.

Al has the rougher chart vis a vis the USA's chart.

His Sun squares (is in battle with) the USA's Sun. The conflicts surrounding Gore's reputation (his Sun OPPOSES the USA's Saturn and Neptune of scandals conjoins it!) in light of Clinton's dalliance with Monica and financial malfeasance has been a backlash throughout Campaign 2000. With natal Neptune opposed to natal Sun, we have a visionary crusader who has fought to nail down a consistent identity (Sun opposition Neptune) and a coherent political platform. The worst criticism of Gore from the Bush Camp has been "Who is Al Gore today?" Saturn in the 10th of the USA's chart (exalted in Libra) may like earth tones, but it also means that the electorate wants a president who IS consistent. Gore is a good man. And he's hungry for the job. He does have the requisite experience.

Suffice to say that there are so many variables,

regardless of how Bush's or Gore's charts look on election day that it is safe to say that most anything can happen.

That's why I'm more than willing to admit that I might be wrong. This Astrologer hopes she is.




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