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The Secretary of State certified Florida's vote tallies yesterday which aligns Florida's 25 electoral votes for George W. Bush.

Of course, this means nothing until pending lawsuits are resolved, including those to be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court this Friday (December 1, 2000).

Even so, the Bush team roars ahead setting its transition phase in motion:

  1. Gen. Colin Powell as secretary of state;
  2. Condoleezza Rice as national security adviser;
  3. economist Lawrence Lindsey, perhaps a top economic job;
  4. Montana Gov. Marc Racicot for Interior secretary or attorney general;
  5. Indianapolis Mayor Steve Goldsmith for housing secretary

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This is simply politics. And P.R. If the tables were turned, Al Gore would be doing the same thing. Depending on who you voted for and your perceptions of Election 2000, the Bush Push is either prudent or irksome.

Al Gore

"A vote is not just a piece of paper, a vote is a human voice, a statement of human principle, and we must not let those voices be silenced."

"In the end, in one of God's unforeseen paths, this election may point us all to a new common ground, for its very closeness can serve to remind us that we are one people, with a shared history and a shared destiny. [Pic courtesy of CNN]

Al Gore's address (8:55 PM, EST, MSNBC Cable News Live), was, perhaps, his last chance to prevail upon the patience of the people in order to win support in the "court of public opinion." With transiting Saturn on Caput Algol conjoining his natal Venus (10th house of power/status), his empassioned plea may not pan out, as 60% of voters polled by The Washington Post believe Big Al ought to concede. I suspect that the majority of those polled were Republican. As you may have noticed over the last week, Republicans have a penchant for memorized tracts which they repeat willy-nilly across the air-waves. It reminds me of the Borg: RESISTENCE IS FUTILE. YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED.

You may have noticed Senator Arlen Spector manifesting on the tube rather frequently the last 3 days. In case you don't recall Spector, he was the Republican Senator that cruelly grilled Anita Hill during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings.

One of the more vitrolic Republicans (as is Senator Trent Lott of Mississippi) he was instrumental in Thomas's appointment to the Supreme Court. If you care to check it out, Justice Thomas only opines when it rhymes with what Justice Souter writes.

We'll be treated to conservative Justices Renquist, Scalia, Souter, Thomas and O'Conner once transcripts of Friday's supreme court hearing are released to the Internet.

There you have it. Check out the Chart for Florida's vote certification. More to come. . . this story is developing.




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