Nuclear Family Reaction: Bush, Sr. & Clinton Do Dynastic Laundry

by Starcats, August 10, 2000

Revised & Updated, August 11, 2000

It's no surprise that clinton and Bush Sr. would exchange nukes prior to and during the GOP Convention. Pundits criticize Clinton's vitriolic Scuds as "unpresidential." After all, if it's Dubya's and Gore's fight over who will pull Excalibur out of Mt. Rushmore on Election night, what do a former president and a waning president have to do with it?

Turn back the clock to Election 1991 when the Arkansas Bubba (Jupiter on Spica) beat the Grim Reaper(1) (Saturn exalted in Libra). Bush Sr. is a recovering one-term president(2)who hasn't forgiven the pauper for overthrowing the prince.

Pooley has called it: Bush, Sr. is running for president again through Dubya and his VEEP pick, Cheney.(3) -- This is a "divine right of kings" scenario financed by what is now the highest priced campaign ticket in U.S. history(4).


Clinton might have turned out to be a nobody had it not been for his serendipitous meeting of JFK.(5) Clinton's Solar hero's quest has not only been about greateness, but about Saturn. How to become it. Clinton set out to prove the American myth: "any little boy can grow up to be President of the United States." Underhanded dealings and financial malfeasance aside (let us not forget that Republicans are not innocent in this regard), Clinton won the prize. He went from obscurity in youth to become the most powerful man on earth for two consecutive terms. The disheveled pauper -- the Solar Hero -- pulled Excalibur from daddy's (Bush Sr.'s) hands.

Clinton's 4th house cusp (5 Capricorn) is disposited by Saturn at 2 Leo in the 10th house of his natal chart. Houses 4 and 10 are the parental axis and, without integration and acceptance of one's ancestral past, one cannot move from the 4th house (the family) to the 10th house of mastery, self-rule and achievement.

Whatever is unfinished in regards to the 4th/10th axis is that which impedes the maturing function of Saturn and the enduring rewards only Saturn can bring. The Saturnian crucible is forged with fire and iron where personal ego and self-will are beaten into a humility that can become one's greatness.

Saturn's tests run deeper in the psyche than their outward manifestations of delay, denial, loss, penury and separation. For as much as these things hurt (and there is some similarity here with strong Pluto-Chiron transits), the collective creature is called to release (Neptune) his or her hold upon that which once gave support (Saturn) in order to find what truly supports him.(6)

Clinton's loss of his biological father fired the crucible before Clinton's birth. In order to unlock the Father-Saturn theme for Bill, start with his 4th house and count counterclockwise 8 houses forward, for the 8th house from any house at which you commence counting reveals potentials inherent in that house for loss and separation.&sup7 In this example, Clinton's 8th house from his 4th house is the cusp of house 11" 8 Leo. [The degree of July 31, 2000's Solar Eclipse]. Pluto, "the destroyer," is at 11 Leo -- the force that slays the lion: Clinton's father. (And subsequently Clinton's political reputation vis a vis Monica Lewinsky, as the natural 11th house is where we locate politics).

Further, by locating the part of fortune and counting 8 houses forward, we find the house of misfortune, or that which undoes what "fortune" seems to promise. In Clinton's case, his part of fortune (29 Gemini) is in his natal 9th house (quests, journeys, law, higher education, ideologies AND the selling of one's self through propaganda). The 8th house from the 9th is the natal 4th house of Clinton's chart. We are back to the family. Back to his father. Bills' natal Saturn (2 Leo) is in his 10th house of Saturnian mastery/the discipline of self-rule. Saturn, as ruler of Clinton's 4th house cusp is the "great separator" -- the force which removes the lion (father) from his cubs.

Clinton's father was a traveling salesman (Gemini on the 9th house cusp-- a travelin' man/ruled by Mercury at 7 Leo - "I am the greatest!") and was killed in a car crash (part of fortune at 29 Gemini -- the degree of finality]. At the time Clinton's biological father was killed, Bill's mother, Virginia Kelly, was pregnant with Bill. [10th house cusp 5 Cancer, disposited by an exalted Taurus Moon [fertility/fruitfulness] in Clinton's natal 8th house of death. Clinton (and Dubya and Gore) were born during the Saturn Pluto conjunction of the late 1940's. Since Saturn and Pluto represent Bill's loss of his father, it is chilling to note that Saturn is applying to a conjunction with Pluto -- an indicator that Clinton lost his father before he was born. Further, Clinton's 8th house from his natal 10th equals his natal 5th house: 8 Aquarius [the opposing point of July 31, 2000's 8 Leo Solar Eclipse]. Uranus rules here testifying to the unexpected (Uranus) car crash (part of fortune at 19 Gemini/natal Uranus at 21 Gemini) that claimed his father's life.

Virginia's second husband, Bill's stepfather, is located by counting 9 houses from Clinton's natal 10th. This is Clinton's 6th natal house with 8 Pisces (eclipse degree again!) on the cusp. Neptune (6 Libra) on Bill's ascendant testifies to an alcoholic stepfather whose unjust abuse (Chiron at 18 Libra in Nodal Degree-Mars conjunct Neptune) which impaired Bill, Virginia, and his brother Roger, who later was arrested several times for his own drug and alcohol abuse. Neptune on Bill's ascendant raised questions as to Bill's parentage, Virginia's drinking and gambling habits and possible work as a prostitute in Hope, Arkansas.

Neptune in the first and fourth houses often indicates confusion as to one's true parentage. A case in point is that of Marilyn Monroe whose first house Neptune testifies to her being born out of wedlock. Her father disappeared when her mother was carrying her. Neptune is associated with the loosening of all bonds, and Monroe, who had identity crises her whole life, loosened her bond WITH life through the suspicious (Neptune) conditions surrounding her so-called suicide. Monroe parlayed her first house Neptune in similar ways to Clinton. She used glamor and movie stardom as a ticket out of hell. Neptune's dissolution of ego bonds allowed her to become her characters on screen and the "character" the public knew as Marilyn Monroe. Her penchant for pills and drink (Neptune) was another manifestation of the desire to loosen the bonds of unbearable be-ing-ness.

Clinton has used his first house Neptune (where he also has Jupiter on lucky Spica and Venus) to loosen his bonds through masterful political spin (he's the consummate politician, spin doctor and fund raiser), and is famous for his obfuscating desposition testimony: "It depends upon what the meaning of the word "is" is." Instead of pills and drink, Clinton loses himself in food. A voracious eater, Clinton bloats up (Jupiter in the first house) on sugar (Venus with Jupiter) and greasy (Neptune) fast food burgers (Mars).

Of course, we must mention the women. Clinton's Aquarian 5th house of love affairs (Uranus in Gemini - variety, fast, hot, no strings) is ruled by Mercury in Kingly Leo conjunct Pluto. "Talk dirty to me and get on your knees [(Saturn rules knees]. Work hard. I can hold it back {Saturn square Mars, Neptune and Venus)." Clinton's Achilles Heel (5th house Aquarius where Uranus rules the ankles and heels) is clearly indicated here where Aquarius, Leo's "shadow," equates to tyranny. But this is self-tyranny for his natal Saturn (ancient ruler of Aquarius) gets him into trouble whenever he experiences a transiting square to natal Saturn.

Clinton often demonstrates a darker element of the Pluto in Leo Generation: IT'S ALL ABOUT ME. (Even when it is really about "you.") [His chart is a wedge with a ME-ME Leo Sun. No natal oppositions create awareness for Clinton of "the Other".] Dubya also has a wedge chart, and his Nomination Speech was a clear example of the Cancer/Leo semi-sextile: "It's Daddy and Me. And Cheney, too."

Whereas much more could be said about Clinton's chart, the foregoing is enough to point out the stark contrasts between his humble Arkansas beginnings and the Bush Family's generations-long spoon handle on fame, money and privilege.

Whereas Clinton has struggled his entire life to avoid Saturn's deflation of his Leo planets, the message keeps coming home: "did you get it yet?" Saturn has operated more skillfully in Bush, Sr.'s chart (exalted in Libra at 25 degrees, trine Aquarian Mars in Nodal Degree in the workaholic 6th house). His Lunar Nodes (North Node in Leo in the 12th/South Node in Aquarius in the 6th) is the Virgo/Pisces "service" axis IN the sectors associated with public servants. Regardless of what one thinks of Bush, Sr. (or Clinton, for that matter), the aforementioned is easier to bear for Bush, Sr. has service-oriented Virgo rising.

However, his Ascendant ruler, Mercury, is at 29 Taurus conjoined to Alcyone (the fixed star of grief and loss) in his 9th house. The loss, by counting 8's, is in his 4th house of endings where we find the part of fortune at 6 Capricorn. His Saturn aspects may be easier for him to handle, but its rulership of his part of fortune (along with Mercury/Alycone) testifies to his destiny as a one-term president. Bush, ex-head of the CIA, declared war on Iraq for its invasion of oil rich (Neptune in Bush's 12th) Kuwait. He alluded to the international rule of law (Saturn in Libra in his second house of resources), but wasn't it really about oil? (Neptune in the 12th: the hidden agenda). Bush, sure that his "victory" over Saddam (and his snobbishness over Arkansas Bubba) would lead to a second term in office, but transiting Pluto (the destroyer at 19 Scorpio on Serpentis, the coiled serpent) on Election night squared his 12th house Neptune!

Bush's wound vis a vis Clinton:

Chiron is in the 8th house of loss (23 Aries) and its ruler Mars (conjoined to the South Node of endings) falls amiss. "Amiss" is a classical astrology term for a planet residing in the 6th house. It is "pre-descendant." Cadent. Since this planet does not conjoin an angle, it cannot do its work well. Further, the 6th house is in aversion (quincunx) to the Ascendant. Lastly, Mercury at 29 Taurus is also in aversion to Bush, Sr.'s natal Saturn in the second house of "future developments," though not in acceptable orb for a quincunx.

These two men are of different generations. One was born into a life of privilege and the other had to carve privileges out of nothing. Of course, their natal Uranuses are in square. Of course, Bush, Sr.'s Aquarian Mars opposes Clinton's Leo Sun. Of course Bush, Sr.'s Old Guard Saturn sextiles Clinton's "Me Generation" Leo Sun. Of course Bush, Sr.'s natal Saturn conjoins Clinton's inflated Jupiter on Spica. Could this collective drama between the Old Guard and the "Me Generation" be demonstrated on the collective stage any other way?

The manner in which Bush acts as the restrainer, separator and deflator of Clinton's robust ego is found in the mythological relationship between Zeus and Kronos. Jupiter (Zeus) is ever young. He grabs handfuls of sand and sprinkles them willy nilly upon mortals. Each grain, sown like Clinton's wild oats, falls where it will. Some gather boons. Others gather nothing. Kronos (Saturn) is the Grim Reaper, and he demands to be paid for the harvest, regardless of where seeds fall.

Bush, Sr.'s shadow is partly caught up in the embitterment of transiting Saturn's conjunction to his natal Mercury on Alcyone (9th house). The 9th house reflects Dubya's "duty to inherit the mantle AND produce an heir" so that the runaway train doesn't stop. The 5th from the 5th is one's grandchildren, but could also serve as a child of the mind:

Dubya becomes president. Cheney plays the role of Bush, Sr. by-proxy so that he, vicariously, can complete his second term of office. He can relieve the Reagan-Bush ticket and his own presidency where he vowed to carry on the Reagan "vision." Where was Bush during Iran-Contra? "Out of the loop." This from an ex-CIA man. As Bill Maher mentioned recently on CNN's Larry King Life (air time 6:00 p.m., PDT), the GOP is obsessed with Reagan. "They want to carve his face into Mt. Rushmore!"

It bears mentioning that Bush, Sr.'s part of fortune in his 4th house finds its 8th house of misfortune in his natal 11th house. Pluto in Cancer, the defining signature of his generation, is minutes shy from a conjunction to the house cusp. The Pluto in Cancer generation survived the depression as children then fought WWII. They witnessed the birth of the Atomic Age when the USA dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Pluto had then moved to 9 Leo, and June's Los Alamos Lab's security scandel, forest fire, and (now) raging fires in all states west of the Rocky Mountains, is "Hiroshima revisited" via July 31, 2000's eclipse at 8 Leo.

Pluto conjoined to Venus (and Venus is in mutual reception with his Moon) are the planets which testify to Bush's WWII brush with death. As an airforce pilot, he was shot down, a fate most flyers didn't survive. Bush, Sr. survived BECAUSE of his Venus/Moon mutual reception (the natal square notwithstanding). His driving Pluto in Cancer continues its struggle to hold together a Leonine/Cancerian dynasty (Neptune in Leo in the 12th). Neptune here speaks volumes about bonds that have been loosened in the Bush Family behind the scenes, AND by virtue of the fact that Pluto in Cancer devoured a generation's dream of the Perfect American Family. Shiva dances with the Moon, but does not teach us the steps, and we humans have barely begun to walk. Venus is in wide square to Bush, Sr.'s Saturn and is in partile square to the Moon. It is interesting to speculate upon Bush, Sr.'s relationship with his mother (Medusa) and his wife, Barbara (the balls behind the throne).

There should be no surprise in coming days as transiting Jupiter perfects its opposition to transiting Pluto.The Jupiter Pluto opposition is nothing less than a Jihad. A holy war fixed upon Bush, Sr.'s parental axis. Jupiter's penchant for believing it has a direct line to God in opposition to Satan (Pluto -- the underworld) is Election 2000's marriage of heaven and hell. (Think the Ayotollah). The self-righteousness of the GOP (and we have yet to see how Gore will use this opposition), coupled with the nouveau spin of "Compassionate Conservative," is even more nauseating when considering the electorate. Most of us can never hope to grab a piece of the mythological pie.

Pluto has been hovering around Clinton's arabic part called "The Lot of Accusation and Downfall" at 9 Sagittarius (Formula: Asc+Mars-Saturn) via retrograde motion for some time now. With Bush, Sr.'s natal Neptune falling in Clinton's natal nodal degree AND in sextile to Bill's Chiron, Bush knows how to get Clinton's [scape] goat. The sextile provides the "opportunity" to wound, and BOTH sides will use it to full advantage. Bush reviles Clinton for beating him. Dubya reviles Clinton because he hurt Daddy. Clinton reviles Bush, Sr. because he is a fatherless father and a child of a different generation -- a generation whose ideals were crushed by the wholesale sellout of JFK's murder, Nixon's Watergate and Reaganomics.

Let He Who Is Without Sin

One wonders how Clinton will handle the transitional move out of the White House next January. The fatherless father must complete his Solar Hero's journey. How will Clinton handle the curtain call on his life long dream? Regardless of his weaknesses (and there are many), Clinton has been a conduit for the collective and has opened the door to a most uncertain future. Clinton has played the clown, the scholar, the libertine, the lawless, the God, the scapegoat, the liar, healer, sage and priest. He has been Uncle Sam, the bad boy, the prodigal son, the wayward husband, the born again Christian, and a merciless adversary. Clinton has started a war and ended a war. Clinton has cheated, stolen, and faced down his impeachment adversaries. He has overeaten, dodged the military, and bailed a drug addicted brother out of jail.

But he didn't inhale.

I will miss Bill Clinton. Not because he is a perfect human, but because he IS human.


  1. Skull and Bones is the Yale University secret club of which Bush Sr. is a member.

  2. Perhaps Bush and Reagan should form a new 12-step program: Presidents Anonymous.

  3. According to Newtie Gingrich [MSBNC TV] , "Cheney voted to the "right" of me."[ In light of that fact, I suggest that we buy super glue by the gallon instead of bloating ourselves at the gas pump on fossil fuels (Jupiter trine Neptune). If the Bush-Cheney duo makes it into the White House, our asses will fall off. We'll need a remedy. --Starcats]

  4. CNN and MSNBC report that both parties, by election time, will have spent $1 billion dollars. [It is my opinion that at least a 30% tithe of dollars gleaned from big tobacco, oil, funds pumped into the Jihad against Microsoft, Ken Starr's bogus investigation of Clinton, and U.S. tax dollars funneled into the IMF should go to the people of the United States from whom this gross amount of capital was stolen. --Starcats]

  5. Clinton recalls that when he shook hands with JFK, he was electrified; that his destiny was revealed to him. (Leo Sun sextile Jupiter -- Zeus: the ruler of the Gods on Mt. Olympus).

  6. There is no one answer as to how one survives the existential void. It certainly doesn't lie in swallowing more Prosaic or memorizing New Age psycho-babble. America has trivialized and secularized her soul's journey. Today's quests are undertaken in SUV's. Relationships are conducted by cellphone. The illusion that we control our collective destiny is propped up with bread and circuses. American worships. She falls at the feet of celebrities, most of whom are dumber than a bag of hammers. And we are so busy, busy, busy, that we are missing it -- quiet intimacy with one another. Time spent in delicious no-thing-ness.

  7. Do NOT get out your natal chart and start counting your 8's. I'm unlocking themes demonstrated in the charts of those who carry the weight of the collective, whether they be famous or infamous. Not all of us are Madonna, Clinton, JFK, Jr. or Marilyn Monroe. And blessed be for that.




Chart Data

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By ERIC POOLEY/Philadelphia
Posted August 6, 2000 4:45 p.m. ET
From TIME magazine

"As if to make sure no one missed what was really going on, the warriors of 1992 began sniping at each other. Clinton flashed his naughty, can't-help-myself smile at a Rhode Island fund-raiser and told the audience that W.'s message is "'How bad could I be? I've been governor of Texas, my daddy was President... Their fraternity had it for eight years {so} give it to ours for eight years.'"


President Bush shot back on the "Today" show with a threat to "tell the nation what I think about him as a human being and a person." (With those words, he did.) Then Dick Cheney, who was President Bush's defense secretary and is candidate Bush's running mate, sidled up to the lectern in Philadelphia and said, "Mr. Gore will try to separate himself from his leader's shadow, but somehow we will never see one without thinking of the other."


"After losing twice to Clinton-Gore, the Republicans are confident that this year they can beat Gore-Clinton. By making the election a referendum on the President, Bush has seen to it that this campaign will be about 1992 as much as 2000 - a chance for the son to avenge the father and for people to decide whether they got it right eight years ago."

Michael Wolfstar, , "Newscope" for July 24, 2000

"Meanwhile, Jupiter and Pluto create a summer-long environment of religious debate and confrontation as they move toward opposition." [September 2, 2000, two days before the U.S.'s Labor Day where whoever is ahead in the polls at that time generally wins the November election. Note: if the poll figures are close, it will still be too close to call. -- Starcats] Because of the dogmatic holiness of this Jupiter-Pluto vibration, any agreement will likely bring tremendous regional anxiety and conflict. [Note: there is conflict over Joe Lieberman's Orthodox Judaism in relation to the Middle East and among hate groups. -- Starcats] Terrorists, especially those motivated by religious self-righteousness, become fully operational under Jupiter-Pluto aspects."

Gore's Link Inactive

"All week long, the Man from Hope was hovering over the Republican convention. He was not merely its target but also its inspiration. When Bush said Thursday night that he is "not running in borrowed clothes," it was a deft dig at Gore but not altogether true, because Bush is fighting his father's fight with weapons borrowed from the enemy camp. His convention stole the script to Clinton's 1996 multicultural lovefest in Chicago,. . ."


Clinton Live, Thursday, August 10, 2000

"I finally realized that it'd never be all right unless I stood up there and said what I did and said it was wrong, and apologized for it," a subdued Clinton said.

He said the entire experience was cathartic and that he learned a great deal from it.

"I feel much more at peace than I used to," Clinton said. "As humiliating as it was ... this sort of purging process, if it doesn't destroy you, can bring you to a different place."

Clinton's lengthy confessional came during a nearly 90-minute question-and-answer session with Bill Hybels, his spiritual adviser and pastor of the Willow Creek Community Church.

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