The Moon's Nodes: III

South and North Nodes in Leo:

South Node In Leo (5th house):

This is our love, romance and pleasure haven par excellence! Unfortunately, the North Node calls, and because life seems to unfold counter to what we think is best for us on the ego level, romantic obsessions may be delayed or may not come to pass as dramatially as we want. There may be setbacks in circumstances necessary to support pregnancy and childbirth. Sometimes romances just fizzle, or the passionate lover becomes just another buddy. This position brings many love affairs, but our tendency to over idealize may mean that we don't really see our partner for who he or she is. No matter how wonderful, no on seems "enough." The South Node lesson in Leo is that we must first give what we'd like to receive and work at embodying the attributes we want in another.
North Node in Leo (5th house):

Here is where we learn to use our heart and become attached soulfully to another. We learn to love passionately, to enjoy courtship rituals, and to enjoy the limelight of romance. North Node in Leo is about opening the heart and letting Leo's Sun ruler cast its light on the creative manifestations of love. It could be the creation of a child or a symbolic birthing of a painting, poem, or sculpture. Dropping self-consciousness and cultivating spontaneity takes some work. If we come from a restrictive family where play was not encouraged, results may be slow in coming. Pressing at the North Node requires diligence and can mean working up to the courage needed to experiment with bolder demonstrations of affection. If there is insecurity around creation in any of its forms (especially if Saturn is in Leo)we may be called to explore any number of different outlets for creativity until we find one that feels the most natural.

South and North Nodes in Virgo:

South Node In Virgo (6th house):

We have an instinctive relationship with our body and a drive to learn more about it for healthy functioning. The desire to serve is strong. It can indicate many job changes or changes in working conditions. The drive for efficient functioning and perfect work can lead to stress disorders centered in the stomach or intestines. Neptune with the South Node in Virgo can indicate the hypochondriac who feels under a malaise not easy to diagnose. Perhaps immune difficiency disorders such as Epstein Barr are eventually diagnosed if stress is not counteracted with sufficient time in restful activities such as meditation, nature walks, and extra sleep. Drive to serve and accomplish, we can overdo our committment to excellence by ignoring the soul's call for compassionate release.
North Node in Virgo (6th house):
We need to learn how to work when the North Node in the 6th, and to get straight with the necessity of being of service in a practical way so that our visions are made manifest in the real world. Service to others also means combining discrimination with compassion. Discrimination is not to be confused with judgment. Mother Theresa served with discrimination. She taught others self-sufficiency rather than depowering them more by denying them knowledge. Also, true service to humanity is not to be confused with casting our pearls before the swine. No matter how noble our ideals, we waste valuable time trying to force the unwilling to pick up their beds and walk. However, lack of results is not an excuse to give up the day. With North Node in Virgo we learn how to work and to cultivate the mental orderliness that detailed labor provides us. Microscopic attention to nuts and bolts allows the Space Shuttle to leave the earth's atmosphere and traverse outer space. It takes a lot of little things to make one momentous thing manifest. Attention to the small also creates freedom.

South and North Nodes in Libra:

South Node In Libra (7th house):

We might become so embroiled in the drama of "the other" that we are continuously in and out of relationships with barely any breathing time in between. It is easy to lose one's individuality with the South Node in Libra. We are able to attract others with our good looks and charming smile, but unless we get to the North Node and learn some boundaries and who we really are, a lasting relationship could elude us. The South Node in Libra gives an instinctive knowledge of how to attract, but fantasies of perfection impede the real work of developing the guts needed for long term commitment. We might experience several marriages before it dawns on us that we need to cultivate a consistent identity.
North Node in Libra (7th house):

North Node in Libra calls us to learn how to partner with another human being. It calls for learning the balance between too much self-sufficiency and too much dependence. The ideal mid-point is interdependence where both people can be who they are while striving in tandem towards common goals. Each individual is realistically aware of innate strengths and weaknesses and hands the reins over to the other when appropriate. Conversely, we are also capable of taking the reins when its our turn. Libra's tendency to sell the farm for peace at any price evolves into healthy negotiating skills in a true partnership.

South and North Nodes in Scorpio:

South Node In Scorpio (8th house):

Intensity and secrecy, a pull towards sex and pride in our prowess are part of the South Node's placement in house 8. We may also be overly concerned with our partner's finances with the underlying agenda of wanting to be supported by them. There is a hunger for knowledge of life after death; deep psychology; and a desire for connection to cosmic wisdom. Interest in near death experiences, tantric yoga, and occult studies can either be used or abused. The sexual experience takes on transformative and rejuvenative energies and obsession with a particular sex partner can lead to excesses. The need for intensity is great when the 8th house is strongly impacted by either the nodes or natal planets. Tranists can open up desire for these experiences and can be somewhat frightening if we haven't already had a backlog of experiences with Scorpionic themes.
North Node in Scorpio (8th house):

We learn to accept help from others, particularly financial help with the North Node in Scorpio. With the lesson comes a meeting with humility, what it means, and how it makes us feel particularly if we are used to being the one who usually holds the power. Also, we need to connect with and own our deep desire for regenerative, transformative sexual experiences. The willingness to probe more deeply into subjects such as life after death, near death experiences, and psychotherapy can enrich one's soul experience by creating a needed balance between power and surrender.





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