The Moon's Nodes: IV

South and North Nodes in Sagittarius:

South Node In Sagittarius (9th house):

We have an instinctive knowledge of philosophy, theology, and abstract truth along with the desire to pursue these studies. We have a tendency to take in so much that we start waffling where our belief system is concerned and we can get too caught up in intellectualizing and cross-examining a myraid of thought systems that we never arrive at a truths that personally resonate. The South Node in the 9th is fill us with optimism and a tendency to to cram our ideas down another's throat. South Node in the 9th also gives a genius for assimilating theology and metaphysics, but can also breed the Jerry Falwell syndrome -- bang the book and condemn the infidels who refuse to do it MY way.

North Node in Sagittarius (9th house):

The North Node in the 9th is a call to develop knowledge of and respect for the religions and belief systems of others with eye towards adopting and developing a sturdy philosophy for ourselves. Without knowledge of the universal laws we may have a tendency to break society's laws if we have not developed a healthy respect for others and a decent code of ethics. Exposure to psychology, religion, philosophy and metaphysics while developing an objective point of view an aid us in expanding mentally and spiritually.

South and North Nodes in Capricorn:

South Node In Capricorn (10th house):

We have a genius for public affairs with the South Node in Capricorn. We have a strong need to be recognized as an authority by the greatest number which may find us sacrificing personal exchanges that would be healing and enriching. We may become disgruntled with our working conditions or our career if we do not feel we are receiving the acclaim we so rightly deserve. We may have unresolved issues with authority figures whereby we compensate by wanting to be the one in charge. A review of our own ambition and self-serving interests is indicated with the South Node in Capricorn.

North Node in Capricorn (10th house):

The North Node in Capricorn pulls us from the safety of home and hearth into the big world to reckon with career and ambition. We may find ourselves appointed to public positions which require a great deal of exertion on our part. It may also be rather thankless as the hours can be long and the people problematic. Being pulled from home is experienced as a big sacrifice and we often feel invisible as if our greatest efforts will always go unnoticed. Balancing the North and South Nodes tempers South Node ambition with North Node reluctance into a more human and humble approach to work and acclaim. Balanced Nodes in this case can lead us to "fame" in our work where we are identified as the expert.

South and North Nodes in Aquarius:

South Node In Aquarius (11th house):

Friendships, groups, and futuristic ideals for innovating personal relationships are matters of pressing concern with the South Node in Aquarius. We are usually friendly, open, outgoing and instinctively know what the group needs. Unusual meetings where friends suddenly become lovers are not uncommon experiences with the South Node here, however intimacy is a challenge because real day-to-day relationships bring problems that don't comport with uranian detachment and Aquarian ideals of blissful equality. The best use of the energy is to promote it in the political and social arena while maintaining a realistic view of where humanity is right now in its evolution. We can work for the future without denying the present by applying warmth and generosity of spirit to those we meet.

North Node in Aquarius (11th house):

We need to cultivate the art of friendships with those bonded together for a common purpose. The 11th house relates to future dreams and goals, and is also the second house from the 10th. This vantage point allows us to receive rewards and recognition for what we have earned by conjoining vocational goals with ethics. Love shared within groups organized for the betterment of humankind takes on a more universal tone and sets the stage for a practice of more detached affections which include the art of "Live and Let Live." Give time to community organizations where the accent is on bettering conditions for those less fortunate. Nourishing Uranian detachment with humanitarian principles is needed in order for us to compassionately grasp and understand the human condition.

South and North Nodes in Pisces:

South Node In Pisces (12th house):

We feel a drive to seek seclusion. To avoid the hustle bustle of crude reality. If taken to the extreme, we might find ourselves unable to open the doors and mingle gently with others. Privacy is not isolation, and the tendency to retreat is strong with the South Node in Pisces. We may have hidden talents which need exploring such as the ability to be a compassionate hospice worker or supportive aide for those who are mentally ill. We need to beware of impulse to sacrifice ourselves for others when giving to that extent would surely cause us harm. A better use of the sacrifical energy would be to thrust it foward by getting training in the healing arts. Clear distinctions need to be made between working as a healer by day with the abiliy to hang up that hat and enjoy replenishment of self by night.

North Node in Pisces (12th house):

The North Node in Pisces calls us to develop a well-spring of compassion and unselfishly use a portion of our time in service of those who are handicapped and/or hurting. Compassionate acceptance without judgment for those who have less than we do not only awakens gratitude but fuels us with the desire to give of our time, money and resources to shed light and love on those who need a hand up the ladder. The medical profession or hospice volunteer work would be good choices for self-development as well as carrying art therapy on a volunteer basis to a childrens' ward. whatever we choose, the accent is on cultivating a appreciation for those who are vulnerable. Getting in touch with our own tenderness results in the desire to support and give.




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