The Moon's Nodes: II

South and North Nodes in Aries::

South Node In Aries (1st house):

The focus is on "self," and without North Node balance, a lack of cooperation combined with the inability to see another's point of view can find us alone. Forcing our agenda leads to rejection, not affection. Awareness of "the other" is needed here. Correcting ego fantasies of having to be "special" rather than equal is necessary to soften combative Mars energy. On a positive note, the ability to pioneer new concepts in relationships with winsome vitality is strong.

North Node in Aries (1st house):

The need to cultivate independence and initiative is the lesson. Life circumstances will find us in situations where we are forced to fall back on our own strengths in order to develop self-confidence and wean ourselves from dependence upon people, places and things. North Node in Aries calls us to stand on our own two feet and put our personal power into action. Self-sufficiency is attractive! The more developed we are, the more attractive we become to others. True independence leads to comfortable cooperation. Relationships have a better chance of surviving when there are two whole people uniting.

South and North Nodes in Taurus:

South Node In Taurus (2nd house):

Money problems, dissatisfaction with our income, and/or working conditions may be hiding issues of addiction or an inordinate desire to acquire more as if it would help us be more. Balance and control through using Venus's aesthetic talents to either create or patronize the arts, to be satisfied with less by choosing wisely, and cultivating perservence when restless will allow us to build something lasting. Satisfaction comes from loyalty to the self and from living from the guts of honest self-appraisal. Once we see where we are, we have a chance to grow into what we want to be.

North Node in Taurus (2nd house):

Here we need to learn to depend upon our own resources, define our values, and separate from the need to rely upon others for financial security. South Node in Taurus stresses our learning to earn our own living and value our own resources. Building a secure foundation and forging our own destiny is a must. He we need to concentrate on practicality, physical strength, and the ability to perservere. Also, setting values for our sex lives is important. A well-defined code of ethics is key to our ability to trust and be trusted by others.

South and North Nodes in Gemini:

South Node In Gemini (3rd house):

We have a tendency to fall back on the intellect with the South Node in Gemini, and perhaps spend inordinate time involved with siblings or others in the immediate neighborhood. This can be draining and divert us from accomplishing our goals. Community involvement is indicated, sometimes at the sacrifice of our well-being. We may have have experienced difficulties in finishing our education. We do have independence of thought which can support independent study programs, but running helter skelter in order to collect information for its own sake doesn't help us reach permanence. Mutable Gemini has an on again off again quality that leads us to taking circuitous paths. The start-this-stop-that syndrome may be so pronounced that nothing gets finished. Trouble with nosy neighbors and gossip could also be a problem

North Node in Gemini (3rd house):

Brain work can override emotional expression with the North Node in Gemini. Airy, mutable Gemini flits from one idea to another bypassing what is deep and essential if out of balance. Conversing deeply with others with an eye toward concentrating on empathy and identification helps develop our interactive skills and assists in our maintaining a deeper connection to our feelings. We need to develop an awareness of our 5 senses on a more subjective level and share our diverse impressions with others. Contact with people becomes more nourishing, which helps us feel connected to the whole.

South and North Nodes in Cancer:

South Node In Cancer (4th house):

We have a great gift of soul with the South Node in Cancer. Inner nourishment and security is what we want, and with South Node in the 4th we may be jolted out of our cocoon. Unexpected moves and/or career changes may threaten our security. We may be forced to give up protecting our shyness by learning how to cope with others on harsher turf. Pressing toward the North Node can feel threatening, especially since it lies in Saturn ruled Capricorn. But the reward for striving toward the 10th house may be a new found confidence and the financial security of a lucrative career.

North Node in Cancer (4th house):

Development of domestic life is necessary with North Node in house 4. The South Node in the 10th house of public life can bind us to workaholism. We may feel guilty about our need for replenishment believing we have to "earn" the right to nourish ourselves. The truth is we need time away from the hustle to reconnect with our being. Establishing a home environment where we create serenity is one of the chief antidotes for stress and its resultant life-threatening illnesses. Houses 4 and 10 are the parental axis, and if our needs for nurturing weren't met, we may have to teach ourselves lessons in self-care. Experiementation in order to identify what feels good may take some time, but we are worth it.


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