The Moon's Nodes

As a science of cycles, astrology uses abstract cyclic relationships. As a science of cycles, astrology uses celestial bodies as focal centers of living relationships NOT because they exert physical or metaphysical "influences," but because they constitute a very complete series of points of reference....Thus, modern astrology can be, in the words of Marc Edmund Jones, a science of the relationship of all things to other things in the space-time continuum. Alexander Ruperti, Cycles of Becoming.

IMAGE The north and south nodes of the moon are not "planets." They are points in space which define the intersection of two orbits. "The elements to be considered in an analysis of the Moon's nodes are 1) the Ecliptic, which is the apparent path of the Sun around the Earth...; and 2) the orbit of the Moon...revolves around the Earth. The planes of these two orbits intersect each other at 5 degrees, 8 minutes and 40 seconds. The line of intersection is the axis formed by the Moon's Nodes."*


Although the nodes are not "real" points in space, Hindu astrologers have been using the nodes for centuries. The basic idea behind the lunar nodes is this: when the moon travels northward and conjoins the north node, we arrive at the positive, creative, and evolutionary spiritual plane. We are pushed to let go of the past. At this time the Moon is oriented towards the Sun and drinks in the (en)light(enment) of our Solar Will and purpose.

IMAGE When the Moon moves southward and conjoins the south node, the moon "turns her back on the sun" and falls under control of energy and matter. The Moon's journey to the North Node is a time of striving and achieving under the guidance of one's inner spirit. The Moon's journey towards the South Node is a time for assimilating and releasing what has been gathered from soul work done at the North Node.

IMAGE Balancing the nodes is the main thing. It is easier to remain in the comfort and safety of the South Node then it is to struggle at the North Node. When the going gets rough, we are likely to run back to the South Node and "cocoon" so we can build strength in order to return to North Node lessons. The Nodal axis reveals the direction of our destiny. By balancing the nodal axis we will have come a long way toward emotional maturity.

IMAGE Balancing the nodes and keeping them in alignment is like riding a seesaw. You find that magic place in the middle where two forces achieve balance. The slightest movement throws the seesaw back in motion calling for an act of readjustment. The process is the same with the nodes. Nodal balance is an act of cultivated attention. You notice, observe, then move gently in order to realign at the balance point.

IMAGEThe South Node is the karmic flow of giving out; of teaching and helping others. Karma in Sanskrit is loosely translated as "act" or "deed" or "work." We understand it as "What goes around comes around." We balance the South Node not by hiding, but by reaching out unselfishly to give our talents in service of humanity. The North Node is the new lesson plan. Work at the North Node requires letting go of old ideas, negative personality traits, and acts of self-destruction.

IMAGE For example, "taking our comfort" at the South Node might involve overeating, chain smoking, and overspending if houses 2 and 8 are occupied by the Nodes. We shouldn't view ourselves badly if we still engage in some of these activities. God isn't done with us yet. Fortunately our lessons are not based upon competition and political correctness. They are predicated upon soul growth.

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