Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Updated May 22, 2001

From CNN Jerusalem Bureau Chief Mike Hanna:

"Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon called Tuesday for a cease-fire in the Middle East: "If the Palestinians accept the proposal for an immediate cease-fire, we shall immediately stop the fire." The chief Palestinian negotiator, meanwhile, called on the U.S. to convene a summit to end the violence. "

"United Nations envoy Terje Larsen, who also talked with Arafat, said he saw a "convergence" forming around the Mitchell report that might lead to a cease-fire.

"But Larsen warned there is still a disconnect between the diplomatic initiatives now going on and what is happening on the ground.

"Palestinian security sources said Israeli tanks had made five incursions Tuesday into Palestinian-controlled territory in Gaza. The Israel Defense Forces said it had conducted only one so-called "pinpoint" incursion near Karni crossing to clear undergrowth where bombs could be hidden. "

Starcats Astro Report -- May 22, 2001:

It still gets down to the land. The freeze on jewish settlement construction, which Palestinians believe encroaches too widely upon their own settlements, will not be curtailed according to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. The Israeli PM maintains that building operations must keep apace with needs arising from a burgeoning Israeli population. At the time of this writing, "Palestinian security sources said Israeli tanks had made five incursions Tuesday into Palestinian-controlled territory in Gaza. The Israel Defense Forces said it had conducted only one so-called "pinpoint" incursion near Karni crossing to clear undergrowth where bombs could be hidden." CNN.

Transits for Israel as of today's New Moon (2 Gemini 02) bring into sharp focus a middle east spinning out of control. It appears that violence will continue to escalate leading either Sharon or PLO Leader Yasser Arafat to make official declarations of war.

The Bush administration's "hands-off" policy vis a vis the Middle East has clearly backfired. While Dubya continues to focus on looting the U.S. Treasury via his tax plan, it has fallen to Democrat Senator George Mitchell to clean up the wreckage. Unfortunately, it appears that even Mitchell is too late. Israel's progressed Sun (14 Cancer 25) has now traveled 1 degree and 6 minutes past its conjunction with the USA's natal Sun (13 Cancer 19). This alone illustrates that the opportunity to combine "solar will and purpose" has past. The next opportunity for meaningful negotiations occurs when Israel's progressed Moon conjoins the USA's natal Sun on July 20, 2001. However, this New Moon moment is damaged by July 19th's Venus (15 Gemini) in opposition to retrograde Mars (15 Sagittarius). Mars, on that date, turns Stationary Direct -- a position of maximum strength. It will also be one degree of shy of nodal degree in Israel's natal chart.¹. The Taurus/Scorpio nodal axis has everything to do with acquiring and maintaining resources. In this case, it is land.

At present, retrograde Chiron (27 Sagittarius) is conjoined to Israel's natal Jupiter (retrograde) and opposes Israel's natal Uranus in its 8th house of death and loss. Thus far, a total of 500 Israeli and Palestinians citizens have been killed since the "new infitada" erupted in late August, 2000. Further, ten-thousand individuals have been injured. Upcoming transits to Israel's chart do bode well for Israelis and Palestinians. Saturday, May 26th, Mercury opposes Mars. Words of rage combined with violent action are foreshadowed. The Mercury-Mars opposition sets off the current Mars-Chiron conjunction which opposes Israel's explosive Uranus. We should hold our breath and pray for the best possible outcome, although I am not optimistic. Chiron rails against unfairnesses perceived by both sides. Wounds to ethnic pride and feelings of psychological rape vis a vis religious/historical connections to the land cannot easily be resolved at the summit table. For good or ill, the modern struggle between Islam and Judaism (since the emergence of the Zionist movement in the late 1800's) will meet two horrific cross-roads: Saturn (the rule of law undergirding both religions) will oppose Pluto on July 30 and October 30, 2001.² When Pluto reaches 14 degrees Sagittarius by direct motion on November 7, 2001, it will be in the degree of Israel's lunar nodes. Nodal contacts usher in fated events that result from lack of prudent judgment.


The USA's chart is similarly impacted by the transits mentioned above. The accent is on the first and seventh houses. A further eroding of national/international identity (first house) as viewed by our growing number of adversaries (seventh house) -- a result of the Bush administration -- makes for an upsetting summer. Not only will the USA be forced to take a hard line via the Middle East, it will take nasty volleys nationally and internationally for what is perceived as America's egregious disregard for the world community. This year's eclipse cycle (to be explored in "Welcome To The White House") as well as the foregoing transits paint a rather dire portrait of this first year of the Third Millennium.


¹ South Node: 14 Scorpio/North Node 14 Taurus.

² Israel declared its independence at 4:32 PM on May 14, 1948 and was subsequently recognized as a nation by the United Nations. Palestine declared its nationhood on May 15, 1948 at about midnight. Hence, Palestine was 7 hours and 28 minutes "late" in claiming the territory for itself. Israel and Palestine have virtually the same birth chart except for their Moons and their Ascendants. Palestine's Moon is 9 Leo and its Ascendant at midnight was 14 Aquarius.

My 12/29/00 article on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict points squarely to today's developments. You can read that article below.


The Israeli-Palestinian conflict runs parallel with Election 2000's debacle and worsened while Americans sat mesmerized before T.V. screens watching Judge Burton and crew count ballots in West Palm Beach County, Florida. While the eyes of the nation focused on the Nine Supremes and an ailing stock market, Saddam Hussein prepared his Christmas Eclipse Message¹. Naturally, he didn't deliver his message until he was sure that his arch-enemy's son snagged the U.S. Presidency. With the South Node in Capricorn showing up in either the 9th or 11th houses everytime we hit a critical juncture, it became clear that the next USA Administration is "Back to the Future."

The chart for the Israel-Eclipse has Mars at 01° Scorpio opposing Israel-Eclipse MC in its 7th house of open enemies. Both square Israel's natal MC (3° Leo) and it's "chosen people" Moon (4° Leo) in the 10th.

Israel, like the USA, is strongly impacted by Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions, particularly the one of May 28, 2000 (22° Taurus). This year's conjunction hit Israel's Sun (23° Taurus) in its 7th house. While there are differences between the USA's and Israel's political systems, questions surrounding Dubya's legitimacy and challenges to Prime Minister Ehud Barak's "efficiency" also run parallel.

The 3 hits of Uranus in square to Saturn (another configuration the USA and Israel resonate to) during 2000 (and continuing into 2001), ushered in the Jupiter Return of 1988's Israeli-Palestinian conflagration.² Daddy Bush was president then, and by August of 1990³, Iraq's Saddam Hussein had invaded Kuwait. America descended into one of its worst recessions in late 1989 and didn't recover until the first Clinton Administration in 1993. Dick Cheney was Secretary of Defense during the Gulf War and Colin Powell was one of the Chiefs of Staff. Of course, we're going to do it all over again. Can there be any doubt?

The Israel-Eclipse chart shows a strong Uranus-Venus square to transiting Saturn which is conjoined to Israel's natal Sun. Both Israel's Uranus (24° Gemini) and Bush's Uranus (19° Gemini) disposit the aforementioned Aquarian transits. By inauguration 2001, Uranus will reach 19° Aquarius (where Venus was for 12/25's Eclipse), thus drawing Bush and the next Administration squarely into Israel and Palestine's struggle. Harking back to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of May 2000, its placement in the 6th house of the military in the USA's Declaration of Independence chart was a clear foreshadowing of "Back to the Future."

Just before, and during the Democratic and Republican Conventions, Summer 2000 saw soaring gas prices at the pumps about the same time we learned that Cheney was resigning his post at Halliburton Oil in favor of becoming Bush's VEEP choice. Neptune, ruler of oil and political chicanery, was in square to transiting Mars on 12/25's Eclipse (in time for Saddam's "Christmas Missive.")

Transiting Mars revisited Mercury's Election 2000 degrees at the Christmas Eclipse (Mercury was retrograde at 29 Libra, then moved forward to 0° and 1° Scorpio a few days after the Election). All this Mercury-Mars hustling around equates to more than just angry rhetoric. Mercury (hands) hurls bombs (Mars) with continued force in the Middle East, and with transiting Saturn in square to Israel's natal "Regulus" Mars (28° Leo) in its 10th house, it is doubtful that the "peace process" will take effect any time soon.

Bill Clinton wants a peace settlement between the Israelis and Palestinians in the worst way in order to claim a strong presidential legacy. Sorry Bill. Transiting Saturn conjoins Bill's natal Moon in his 8th house of legacies and squares his Leo Sun in his 11th house of "the future." As seen most noteably in Bill's second term of office (Monica Lewinsky/House Judiciary Committee Impeachment), whenever Saturn squares his Sun, he pays a price. Clinton's arabic part of catastrophe (0° Leo) is conjoined by Monica Lewinsky's Sun. 0° Leo is a highly sensitive degree in Bill's chart. Transiting Mars on Eclipse day (12/25) squared Bill's part of catastrophe. Thus, his hopes for peace in the Middle East spiral out of control.

Dubya is drawn squarely into the Middle East conflict by virtue of his Ascendant (7° Leo) conjoined to Israel's MC, Moon, Pluto and Saturn. This, in effect, gives Dubya a "Gore" first house. (Gore has both Pluto and Saturn in his first). Perhaps Dubya will find out what it is like to be "Al Gore," when the media starts calling him "wooden," whenever he discusses the Middle East before the nation.

[12/30/00 Update] Letter from Peter Doughty Alignments Online:

"One thing I noted: in relocating Dubya to Jerusalem, Merc-Pluto are at the MC! For Clinton, Saturn on DC and Moon on IC."

Israel's Mars in trine to its natal Jupiter (27° Sagittarius) will be hit by the 2001 transiting Mars cycle (it will also conjoin transiting Pluto) and will exacerbate the violence in relation to Islamic/Jewish religious traditions (Dome of the Rock/The Wailing Wall) and both parties' claims to God/Allah's decree that "this land is ours." 2001's Saturn-Pluto opposition will spawn great acts of cruelty in the name of God and politics. And so it will be in the United States of America, as well.

by Claudia D. Dikinis, 12/29/00


¹Saddam Calls for Holy War on Israel

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Saddam Hussein used his traditional Christmas message Monday to call on the world's Christians and Muslims to rise up in holy war against Israel and the "Zionist conspiracy." [12/25/00]

See, Capricorn Ingress by Starcats.

² November 7, 1988, Jupiter at 3° Gemini. November 7, 2000, Jupiter at 8 Gemini, conjoined to the USA's natal Uranus.

³ I had originally written that Hussein invaded Kuwait in August of 1989. Peter Doughty kindly corrected this error for me by letter advising me that Saddam invaded Kuwait in August of 1990.


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