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"The prime minister's comments [October 5, 2001] reflected the growing disappointment at the position of the American administration regarding terrorism in the region, following the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington."

As stated on May 22, 2001 in Starcats' section on Israel:

"The USA's chart is similarly impacted by the transits mentioned above. The accent is on the first and seventh houses. A further eroding of national/international identity (first house) as viewed by our growing number of adversaries (seventh house) -- a result of the Bush administration -- makes for an upsetting summer. Not only will the USA be forced to take a hard line via the Middle East, it will take nasty volleys nationally and internationally for what is perceived as America's egregious disregard for the world community. This year's eclipse cycle (to be explored in "Welcome To The White House") as well as the foregoing transits paint a rather dire portrait of this first year of the Third Millennium."

Israel's progressed Sun at 14 Cancer is now separating from our own natal Sun: 13 Cancer. I noted in the article referenced above that with this Sun-Sun separation (and Israel's progressed Moon at 16 Cancer, now three degrees past the USA's natal Sun), that the two nations' solar will and purpose would diverge. Sooner or later, it would appear that the USA and Israel would face a crisis of alignment.

Israel's progressed Uranus and Mercury are 28 and 29 Gemini, respectively, the degree of the Moon on 9/11/01, the day of the USA's national tragedy. Israel's progressed Mars is 24 Virgo, two degrees past our 9th house Neptune and is only one minute shy of its own progressed Midheaven. However, its Tertiary progressed Mars is 22 Virgo 11 [not shown], and is still conjoined to our Neptune. But TP Mars is retrograde -- which signifies a moving away from the USA's "blind spot" Neptune. That is not to say that the USA fails in her compassion for Israel (or for Afghanistan's refugee population), but it does reveal that the USA must remove her blinders and reassess the manner in which she has conducted her relationships in the Middle East.

Neptune, "purity of vision," for the USA is now supercharged towards building a world coalition which approves and assists her in the long-range attack against terrorism. The USA has become frustrated with her attempts to find remedies for peace between the Israelis and Palistinians. The Mitchell Accords formulated in the late spring of 2001 brought "peace" between the Israelis and Palestinians for only a very brief period. At present, differences seem to be irreconcilable but the partners cannot "divorce" because they "share" the same land. Sane and peace-loving Israelis and Palestinians are willing for peace. However, factions spawned out of the worldwide Jihad movement profit from fomenting crisis and death even if it means victimizing people of Arab descent who are peaceful adherents of the Islamic faith.

Israel's TP Juno is 18 Virgo, the degree of the Sun on 9/11/01, which re-seals our fate to hers and indicates that as time moves forward, we will "remarry"; mend our relationship with her. (Juno is the marriage asteroid. She marries nations as well as individual couples). This could occur, at the latest, when transiting Uranus reaches 24 Aquarius [January 28, 2002] and trines Israel's natal Uranus at 24 Gemini in its 8th house of death and financial loss. The USA will undoubtedly respond to Israel's calls for help. Israel's natal Jupiter is retrograde at 27 Sagittarius in her 2nd house. Transiting Uranus in sextile to retrograde Jupiter and in trine to Israel's 8th house Uranus can mean sudden financial devastation (2nd house) supplemented by loans or money gifts (8th house). Recession is now global -- pushed over the edge by the devastation of 9/11/01. Further terrorist attacks on the globe will exacerbate global recession, which is precisely what Al Qaeda wants. Most likely Israel's financial aid will come from the USA.

December 14, 2001's Solar Eclipse at 22 Sagittarius has North Node at 27 Gemini (conjoined to Israel's natal Uranus) and South Node at 27 Sagittarius (conjoined to her retrograde Jupiter). It is clear that Eclipse events (since this eclipse squares Israel's progressed Mars) will be pivotal for Israel's future. A clear understanding of bin Laden's Al Qaeda organization should include the knowledge that Israel is considered an enemy of the worldwide Jihad. One of its primary goals is the eradication of the Jewish State. Israel's progressed Ascendant is 11 Sagittarius, one degree shy of the USA's natal Ascendant (I prefer the Sagittarius rising chart) which links her destiny with ours. Both nations face the brink of the war on terrorism. Astrology reveals that our two nations share a combined fate -- Al Qaeda has stated that it would like to see the demise of Israel and the demise of the United States.

Transiting Uranus will square Israel's Sun at 23 degrees Taurus, so distress calls as terrorism escalates to unbearable levels, are a realistic expectation. As mentioned in my previous articles on Israel, the Bush Administration could not long exist without re-entering the fray in the Middle East. At present, Transiting Uranus is in square to Israel's Chiron at 21 Scorpio. She feels the wound of betrayal. The U.S.'s broad coalition building with Arab nations is terrifying to Israel. Ariel Sharon says that Israel must now "go it alone" in defense of herself.

October 5, 2001 -- Starcats.


Israel's Sharon:

Don't abandon us, Sharon warns U.S.

By Aluf Benn

For the first time yesterday, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon publicly criticized the United States and its policy in the Middle East, comparing Israel's situation today to that of Czechoslovakia on the eve of the Second World War.

At a press conference in Tel Aviv, Sharon called on the western democracies "not to repeat the horrible error of 1938. The enlightened democracies of Europe decided then to sacrifice Czechoslovakia in favor of a convenient temporary solution. Do not try to appease the Arabs on our backs. We will be unable to accept that. Israel will not be Czechoslovakia, Israel will fight terrorism."

Sharon stressed that "all of our efforts to reach a cease-fire were foiled by the Palestinians and the fire did not stop, not even for a single day. We can only rely on ourselves."

The prime minister's comments reflected the growing disappointment at the position of the American administration regarding terrorism in the region, following the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington. Particularly disturbing is the fact that Syria and Iran are not being held accountable for their role in sponsoring terrorist activities against Israel.

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