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Full Moon
November 30, 2001


Bush's Inauguration chart is set off again by November 30's Full Moon. In recent days news reports documenting the fall of the Taliban; increased fighting in Afghanistan's remaining Taliban strongholds; and threats aimed at Saddam Hussein foreshadow an escalation of Al Qaeda forces worldwide. The closer we get to December 14, 2001's Total Solar Eclipse at 22 Sagittarius, the more likely we are to witness retributive strikes against the USA or her interests. If Mullah Omar and/or Osama bin Laden are taken down by mid-December, high security alerts will be in order.

Full Moon Mars (24 Aquarius) squares Inauguration Saturn retrograde. The U.S. Marines are now entrenched in and outside Kandahar, Afganistan engaged in a struggle (Mars-Saturn) to oust Mullah Omar and the most dedicated of bin Laden's Al Qaeda soldiers. Mar's sextile to Inauguration Chiron and Ceres in the 8th house of loss foreshadow U.S. military casualties coupled with difficulties delivering food to Afghan refugees stuck between the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The Lunar Nodes (North 27 Gemini/South 27 Sagittarius) are already in place for December 14's Total Solar Eclipse. The South Node in the 8th house of the Inauguration chart could indicate military "reversals of fortune." Jupiter, the South Node's ruler, is retrograde until March 2, 2002. So long as Jupiter hovers around the USA's natal Venus, Jupiter, Sun and Mercury, military reversals can be parlayed into later successes. However, Rumsfeld's warnings "This is now the most dangerous time of the war," should be heeded. Our Cancerian nation hasn't the "stomach" for entrenched warfare, particularly when it involves sacrifice of our soldiers. It is my supposition that the press in Afghanistan, who complain that they are not granted access to the immediate battlefront, are shielded from it so as to "block" disclosure of the scope and magnitude of the fray if great loss of life is the result. Add retrograde Saturn to the mix (ruler of the North Node) and it would appear that the most critical leg of the Afghanistan incursion just might delay U.S. forces from nailing bin Laden. Although the net is drawing close, bin Laden has had ten years in which to outfit his stony (Saturn) caves. Mars in square to Saturn does sound like Bunker Buster bombs. In cold military terms, how else do you dislodge retrograde Saturn?

The Midheaven of the Full Moon chart is 0 Aquarius: the sign and degree of the Inauguration Sun. USA Inaugurations always occur on January 20 at 12:00 noon. Therefore, the Sun is at 0 degrees of Aquarius. However, not all Full Moon charts have a 0 Aquarius Midheaven. 0 Degrees of the signs resonates with the four Solar Ingresses into the Cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. November 30th's Full Moon quincunx's 2001's Cancer Ingress; the July 5th Solar Eclipse; and George Bush and the USA's Solar Returns. The quincunx is an aspect of sacrifice and adjustment. Harking back to Rumsfeld's statements early in this week: "Now we've entered the most dangerous time of the war." The sacrifices most likely will begin at this juncture.

Pluto at 14 Sagittarius in the 8th house has reached (and surpassed by minutes) its natal position in the Inauguration chart. As ruler of Inauguration Mars (16 Scorpio) and the Full Moon's part of fortune at 19 Scorpio (The fixed star, Unukalhai/Serpentis -- in Square to Inauguration Uranus), a look into this vortex is worthwhile:

"Influence of the constellation: It is said to give wisdom, craft, deceit, malice, a feeble will and danger of poison. (Robson).

General influence of the star: According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Saturn and Mars; to Simmonite, of Saturn and Venus; to Pearce, of Saturn, Venus and Mars; and, to Alvidas, of Mars and Saturn in opposition to Venus. It gives immorality, accidents, violence and danger of poison. (Robson)."

"With Mars: Violence, quarrels, lying, crime, violent death probably by poison. (Robson)."

Anne Wright's Fixed Stars

It is rumored that Osama bin Laden may have bioterrorist materials and/or a "dirty" bomb at his disposal in Afghanistan (or elsewhere). So long as Mars continues its move through Aquarius (it will conjoin the USA's Moon on December 5), extra vigilance is required both at home and abroad.

Astro Map: November 30, 2001 Full Moon

Warring Mars running through Khartoum, Sudan and Nairobi, Africa. Mercury carries the full moon message through Mogadishu, Somalia, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and Baghdad, Iraq. Saturn courses through Iraq and Tehran, Iran. The Moon transmits her light over Saudi Arabia and Iraq as well.

Update: December 2, 2001: Full Moon Venus goes straight through Jerusalem. Israel's natal Venus is 4 Cancer. December 2, 2001's Moon for the suicide bomber's blast in Jerusalem is at 6 Cancer. Transiting Jupiter is at 14 Cancer retrograde. The aforementioned planets line up in Israel's 9th house -- foreign relations. As of this writing, Ariel Sharon is meeting with Bush at Camp David seeking "permission" to launch an all out attack against the Arafat Regime.

See, "Sharon seeks Bush OK for attack that could end Arafat era," World Tribune, December 2, 2001

"Sunday, December 2, 2001

WASHINGTON - In his meeting with President George Bush today, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon may seek U.S. backing for a counterattack that would either exile Yasser Arafat or destroy the Palestinian Authority altogether."

See Starcats' Israel in Crisis: Yasser Arafat October 20, 2001. In this article I discussed the coming downfall of Arafat. December 2, 2001's explosions in Jerusalem appear to signal the end of his regime.


"On Friday, November 30th, at 12:49 PM (PST), the Moon waxes full in Gemini. The Sun makes a powerful conjunction with Pluto this Full Moon and the opposing Moon conjoins Saturn. Mars also conjoins Uranus and squares Venus at this time. This is a very powerful Full Moon as the Sun and Moon line up with the Saturn/Pluto opposition and can help to increase the drama already associated with that aspect. Tensions are already high due to the war in Afghanistan and this configuration could trigger more dramatic events." Jonathan Keyes, Stariq

"December should be a big month for Bush as the nation's Commander-in-Chief. All the outer planet transits are making big hits to his natal horoscope, and he is also in the midst of two major progressions. Making sense of these various measurements can be grouped around one central vibration which is embodied by the war planet Mars." by Michael Wolfstar, Stariq


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