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"From his earliest days, Arafat has indulged in exaggeration and the weaving of myths about his life, insisting, for example, that he was born in Jerusalem even though his birth, in 1929, is clearly recorded in Egypt.

Arafat's Sun-Neptune conjunction in Virgo in the second house describes Arafat's need to "earth" an identity myth through tireless publicity. (Mercury dispositor in Virgo in the third house of "media.")

Taurus Moon in Mutual Reception with Venus

"As a young man he was, according to one biographer, "a natural publicist" and a workaholic. At the same time, he developed an obsessive desire to be leader of the pack and to get his way. The end always justified the means. Last Days of Arafat by Gerrold Butt.

Arafat's first house Pluto-Venus conjunction, sextiled by an 11th house (Exalted) Taurus Moon supplies unswerving (Taurus) obsessive drive (Pluto in Cardinal Cancer) to negotiate (Venus) the establishment of a Palestinian State.

Mars In Libra, Ruler of 10th Cusp

"Arafat is a brilliant leader but a hopeless organiser and negotiator. When the peace process began he refused to delegate, fearing that a successful negotiator could represent a threat to his leadership." Last Days of Arafat by Gerrold Butt.

Mars in Libra, applies to a conjunction with the 4th house cusp, "where the matter of a Palestinian State "ends" or "resolves." Mars is in fall, as it is the ruler of Aries, the sign opposite Libra. It opposes Arafat's Uranus-Pallas conjunction in his 10th house (authority). Mars opposite Uranus is a classic terrorist/explosive aspect. Pallas defines the strategy: militant, terrorist strikes against "the enemy" is the means by which Arafat intends to institute a Palistinian State. Pallas and Uranus are in square to Arafat's obsessive Pluto in the first. Here is where Arafat errs: his addiction to power and paranoid fear of usurpation has become Arafat's real fight. So long as war with Israel over land continues, Arafat "has a job." If Arafat were to negotiate lasting peace and a land settlement agreement, his Sun-Neptune mythical identity would die. In his mind, there would be "no more Arafat."

Saturn in Sagittarius

Like Saddam Hussien, Arafat has Saturn in "Jihad" Sagittarius in wide opposition to Jupiter in Gemini. Jupiter, in the opposite sign of its rulership, is in fall, thus damaging the manner in which Jupiter can "live up" to its highest ideals and manifest potentials for the highest common good. More unfortunate for Arafat is that Saturn is in his 6th house, the angle of distress, according to Ivy Goldstein Jacobson, and is further a danger to Arafat's health and life because it is the focal point of a YOD: Saturn quincunx Moon; Saturn quincunx Pluto. Arafat's extreme addiction to personal power weilded through revolutionary idealisms could spell his undoing before the end of 2001.

Transits and Progressions to Arafat's Horoscope

"It is possible, therefore, that Arafat will die before achieving his life-long goals. If so, he will die a broken man, and his flawed personality will be in large part to blame.

Points of Consideration

  1. Arafat's part of death is at 9 Aries.
  2. His part of fatality is at 9 Taurus.
  3. His part of ddanger/peril is 5 Scorpio.
  4. His part of catastrophe is 25 Aquarius.
  5. Nemesis is at 17 Libra in his natal chart.
  6. Icarus is at 22 Sagittarius.
  7. His progressed part of death is at 27 Sagittarius.

Arafat's Uranus Meridian line runs through Jerusalem and is crossed by his natal Venus. Venus, now transiting Libra, conjoined his natal Mars (in fall) on October 18; it will oppose his natal Uranus on October 23, 24 hours after Mercury turns direct at 14 Libra. Venus will square his natal Pluto on Halloween (October 31, 2001) and square his natal Venus on November 4, 2001 (three days after the second Saturn-Pluto opposition on November 1, 2001). Mercury's stationary direct motion on October 22 at 14 degrees Libra is in the degree of Arafat's natal Lunar Nodes (14 Taurus/14 Scorpio). His Chiron, at 14 Taurus, indicates high danger to Arafat as it also is in the degree of the Lunar Nodes. Chiron in Taurus, the "wounding" of the Palestinians in connection with ownership of Mideast "real estate" (Venus/Taurus) is also indicative of Arafat's relentless quest for power at the expense of a negotiated settlement.

Astro Map of Yasser Arafat

Jerusalem's Full Moon November 1, 2001:
Saturn's Second Opposition to Pluto

Arafat In Harm's Way

First, as mentioned above, November 1, 2001 is the second Saturn-Pluto opposition. The first opposition, on August 5, 2001, was the precursor to the 9/11/01 WTC/Pentagon disasters. The third opposition occurs on May 25, 2002. Jerusalem/Israel experiences not only the Saturn-Pluto opposition on November 1, but a full moon on the same day.

  1. The Moon at 8 Taurus conjoins Arafat's arabic part of fatality.
  2. The Sun at 8 Scorpio opposes this arabic part.
  3. The Ascendant/Descendant axis for the assassination of Israel's Tourism Minister Rehavam Zeevi is in the same degree as the Sun and Moon for November 1, 2001! (See chart below).

Christopher Walker of The U.K. Times in Jerusalem reports the following:


"Israel says Arafat era is over PLO fears leader is target of assassination plot Sharon warning of war within a week THE Middle East moved closer to a new war yesterday as Ariel Sharon declared the Arafat era over and moved tanks into three West Bank towns.

Israel also killed a leading Palestinian militant, and the PLO claimed to have evidence that the Jewish state was plotting to assassinate its leader, Yassir Arafat.

The rapid collapse of the peace process followed the murder of Rehavam Zeevi, the Israeli Tourism Minister, by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) on Wednesday. Mr Sharon said: “Arafat has seven days to impose absolute quiet in the (occupied) territories. If not, we will go to war against him. As far as I am concerned, the era of Arafat is over.”

The Palestinians suspect that Israel has decided on its response to the killing of Mr Zeevi. Nabil Abu Rdainah, an Arafat aide, said that the Palestinian Authority had evidence that Israel was planning to assassinate Mr Arafat.

Israel’s Security Cabinet is understood to have sent a blunt message to Mr Arafat that unless Israel’s conditions for the extradition of the killers and the outlawing of all Palestinian terror organisations were adhered to within one week he “would be treated in the way in which the US treats the Taleban”. . . . In advance of the harsher action against Mr Arafat, Mr Sharon nominated four senior ministers to fly to the US to convince the Government and people there that the Palestinian leader was not cracking down on terrorism. "

Additional Chart Points Under Consideration

  1. November 1's Sun-Moon is hooked into a T-square formation to a Mars-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius. Thus, the focal point of the T-square, the Mars-Neptune conjunction, flows out of Arafat's 7th house of open enemies.
  2. The Mercury Venus conjunction of November 1 in Libra squares Arafat's natal Pluto and trines Transiting Uranus in his 8th house of loss and death. Arafat's natal Uranus, at 10 Aries, resonates to the transiting Mars-Neptune conjunction at Full Moon: a classic assassination aspect.

  3. Arafat's natal Jupiter, conjoined to Transiting Saturn, is in opposition to Transiting Pluto. This opposition lies at the midpoint between his natal Lunar Nodes and Chiron (all in the degree of Mercury for WTC 9-11). Here is where Arafat is pushing the envelope by decrying terrorism to the media but secretly plotting for it.

  4. The Ascendant for the Full Moon-Jerusalem is 29 Scorpio the degree of Arafat's "fated" vertex!

  5. The Lunar Nodes for Nov 1 are at 28 Gemini North -- the degree of the Moon for WTC/9-11 -- and 28 Sagittarius South. The transiting Nodes are one degree of shy of their positions for the Solar Eclipse of December 14, 2001 at 22 Sagittarius.

    The asteroid Icarus (flying too high) is at 22 Sagittarius in Arafat's natal chart. December 14th's Solar Eclipse will activate not only Icarus, but Arafat's natal Moon at 22 Taurus and his progressed 4th house (endings) cusp at 21 Sagittarius. What makes this more serious is that Arafat's Solar Arc directed Uranus and Pallas are at 21 Gemini which opposes the upcoming eclipse Sun and Moon and conjoins his progressed Midheaven! Arafat's progressed Saturn is at 27 Sagittarius, his progressed part of death.

  6. Arafat's progressed arabic part of death is at 27 Sagittarius.

Arafat's Additional Sensitive Degrees

  1. Progressed Jupiter at 14 Gemini: WTC Mercury degree.
  2. Progressed Part of Fortune at 19 Cancer: Arafat's natal Pluto.
  3. Progressed Ascendant at 22 Virgo: conjunct the USA's natal Neptune.
  4. Progressed Venus at 22 Libra: degree of Dec. 14, 2001 Solar Eclipse.
  5. Progressed Sun 14 Scorpio: conjunct natal Chiron and in natal Lunar Nodal degree. "14" is Mercury and the Ascendant degree for WTC 9/11.
  6. Progressed Mars at 21 Scorpio: quincunx progressed Midheaven; Solar Arc directed Uranus and semi-sextile progressed IC.
  7. Solar Arc Directed Mars at 14 Sagittarius, conjoined to transiting Pluto; opposite transiting Saturn; opposite Arafat's natal Jupiter. These contacts are lethal.
  8. Solar Arc directed Part of Fortune: 14 Capricorn. Solar Arc Vertex: 14 Aquarius.

    It is clear that degrees activiated between the signs of Libra through Sagittarius are danger points for Arafat. Between now and the eclipse of December 14, 2001, it should come as no surprise if we should hear that the founder and leader of the PLO has met the ultimate fate.

Yasser Arafat: Natal Chart

"Yasser Arafat is the unchallenged leader of the Palestinian people, and with his instantly recognisable face he is the symbol of their struggle for statehood. For decades he has carried on his shoulders the burden of that struggle. But his pathological refusal to share power or delegate responsibility is taking a toll on his health and is weakening popular support. Arafat is, without question, the Palestinians' greatest asset. But with the peace process still failing to live up to expectations, more and more Palestinians are losing patience with his mercurial and dictatorial style of leadership." Last Days of Arafat by Gerrold Butt.


Links to Arafat Sites:

Yasser Arafats' Official Web Site. It's a "must-see" for incredible "spin."

Biography and Timeline

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Israel's Official Web Site Jerusalem Post

Palestinian leader. Born Abdel-Rahman Abdel-Raouf Arafat al-Qudwa al-Husseini. His date and place of birth are disputed; while he claims to have been born August 4, 1929, in Jerusalem, a birth certificate gives the date as August 24, 1929, in Cairo, Egypt. One of seven children of a wealthy merchant, Arafat is related on his mother’s side to the Husseini family, a prominent Sunni Muslim family in Jerusalem. He and his wife, Suha, whom he married in the late 1980s, have one daughter, Zahwa.

Starcats, October 20, 2001.

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