Saturn Through The Twelve Houses


Saturn in the first: Saturn transiting the first is like having a mean guy sitting on your shoulder telling you that who you are and what you do is just not good enough. This transit can feel like a loss of confidence and faith in oneself with a sense that others are judging and/or criticizing you. The fact is, its all projection. The first thing that Saturn is asking you to do is tighten your boundaries and get clear on self-acceptance. The second thing is to remember is that nobody judges you as harshly as you judge yourself. Getting in touch with low self-esteem and working on a realistic self-appraisal usually curtails the projections. Saturn here can often be extreme in its demands for perfection. If there are things you can do to sharpen up your self-image, do them. If you are upset because plastic surgery still won't make you look like George Clooney or Cindy Crawford, you've got reality issues to address!

Saturn in the second: Limitations, restrictions, and feelings of inadequacy are related to feelings of self-worth and inadequacy around money and values. The lesson here is to separate oneself from one's stuff and one's earning power in order to reassess what value lies behind being a decent human being. In a bankrupt culture where we love things and use people, feeling good about being alive becomes a bigger challenge. Turn on the TV and watch commercials for 15 minutes. L'oreal says, "I'm worth it," if you wash out the gray, Slim Fast will get you thin, and you're not an aging baby boomer if you swap the wagon for a 4 wheel drive. Madison Avenue is paid to push our buttons. Turn yours off!

Saturn in the third: Saturn here can bring on questions of one's native intelligence and ability to communicate clearly. Often times Saturn's transit through the 3rd house is a call to return to school in order to acquire more skills that will pay off in earning power and professional respect later on. Sometimes issues from childhood pop up. If parents kept children under too tight a reign, the adult may feel fearful about risk taking, and exploring one's own natural curiosity. If there were difficulties in early schooling or in communicating with one's peers during that developmental phase, Saturn might be calling you back to unearth those memories and reassess your true capacity to connect with others. Remember, you are allowed to take your time when formulating your thoughts. Others will listen to you and respond if you demonstrate respect and caring for your own voice first.

Saturn in the fourth: This is root chakra business and Saturn's call is to work on one's feeling of basic safety and security. There can be unresolved issues with the family of origin to be processed, particularly with the father, but it may also depend on which parent wielded the authority. The underpinings have to do with a parent who may have been over critical, unavailable, undemonstrative, and unappreciative. If this rings a bell, meditations while sitting on the ground (outdoors) can help channel earth energy and provide a soothing base from which to review family business. Also, sitting on the floor in one's home, and rubbing the lower back vigorously can also help relieve the lower back tension that arises when we don't feel "supported" or capable of supporting ourselves. Working at becoming your own authority and trusting your own counsel helps separate the real you from old ideas that pervade consciousness. You do more things right than you ever do wrong, so make a list of your successes and start owning them.

Saturn in the fifth: Issues of the playful child within come up for review. Saturn transiting the 5th can feel like the cat got in the sand box and you're the one that sat in it. Self-consciousness about free-form dancing, letting loose, and joking in social situations may find you suddenly tongue tied. Spontaneity may go into self-blocking because the "I" keeps judging how you might be coming across. Saturn in the 5th is a lesson in refusing to hide your light under a bushel. Saturn's restrictive nature in the 5th can lead to writer's block, insecurity around romance, and adolescent feelings of wanting to run and hide. The way to handle this is to stick with people you feel safest with and practice letting go. If invited to a social gathering where there will be new people, take an old friend along for support. If self-judgment arises around creativity, give yourself permission to do 10 artistic things badly and laugh at them!

Saturn in the sixth: When Saturn transited my 6th house I contacted my own basic distrust of life and decided to order my universe. I color coded all my clothing in the closet and alphabetized my canned goods in the kitchen cabinets. I sprayed lysol on the soles of my shoes and nearly sent the cat to the cleaners. I fought with all authority figures (employers) because they weren't doing it my way and arranged to either quit or get fired from as many jobs as I could. It was important for me to have unpaid bills and no food so I could worry about that rather than my own basic self-distrust and performance anxiety in the world of work. Once I learned the difference between responsibility to oneself and consciously addressed my fear of not being "perfect," I was able to let go and build my own self-trust. Does any of this sound familiar? Saturn's transit through the 6th can be an extreme time of balancing health, work, and devising daily routines that allow one to rest and re-energize. Compulsive activity won't make a heavy Saturn go away. Accepting responsiblity and creating healthy boundaries will.

Saturn in the seventh: This one's fun. It's the culmination of the 14 year period that started when Saturn was in your 1st house. If the 1st house is about you, the 7th house is about "them." Here your relationships are tested and some fall by the wayside because they become more trouble than they are worth. Sometimes Saturn in the 7th brings increasing demands from others around us. That includes co-workers who may be sloughing off on the job leaving you to pick up the slack. There will be confrontations with others, and what you will learn is how to confront and what you will or will not put up with. If your boundaries issues haven't been squared away, the test will be harder because there is that much more inner work to be done. Even if you are a master at human relations, encounters are likely to be challenging. It is advisable at this time to lay low and not get dragged into any lawsuits. Your opponent is liable to be very nasty, and your attorney might be nastier. Keep a sharp eye out!

Saturn in the 8th: This is the test of tolerance. Saturn brings people into your life where you are challenged to maintain your own values and at the same time respect the diversity of others. The keenest test for marrieds and co-habitors is throwing their assets in the pot and learning how to SHARE. Most divorces and break ups are over money. Few people have sat down with pen and paper and written out their true feelings about money and handed it to their spouse to read. Therefore, when it comes to money and sex, two of the chief button pushers in American society, everyone is walking around in the dark sending out ciphers and providing no decoders. Oh, let's just love each other and GUESS. Saturn in the 8th is coming to terms with one's values, stating them, and cultivating the willingness to accept another's. It is sharing with no expectation of return. It is giving because you have it to give. Love isn't 50-50. It's 100-100. One day at a time.

Saturn in the 9th: This is where we glue down our philosophy of life, make it practical and workable, and walk as we talk. The thing to watch out for is avoiding a real look at underlying insecurities where we justify using our belief system as a club to beat others. Also, while we nail down our premises, we need to keep an open mind in order to allow new truths to replace what is outmoded. Saturn wants fixity and abhors ruffling change. Saturn wants authority over all dominions as an antidote to fear. That's why the world is full of Jerry Falwells and worse, Marshall Applewhites. The danger of chaining the 9th house to an unmoveable post is dogmatism and self-righteousness. It may make you feel safe in the short term, but will cheat you out of peak experiences and intellectual flexibility. All ideas, no matter how precious they are to us, must be able to stand the scrutiny of light and reality. Open mindedness is the antidote to self-tyranny.

Saturn in the 10th: This is the culmination of the Saturn cycle as begun from the 1st house. Here professional authority, accolades, and rewards for hard work and dedication reach the harvest point. If the last 9 cycles of Saturn were negotiated well, here is the gold metal moment for a job well done. Professionally, and in terms of one's reputation, integrity becomes the final judge. If negative energies have not been dealt with, and if sound principles of fair play have not been integrated, this is the moment when we get "Nixoned." When Saturn was in Nixon's 10th house, he resigned the Presidency because he had failed to maintain his honor. Another danger to avoid is to make sure you don't start identifying with your own press and sacrifice who you are for who "they" say you are. The 9th house and the 10th are social and political houses, too. Those houses rule judges, lawyers and politicians. A word to the wise -- lead. Don't follow.

Saturn in the 11th: I like what Harold Sasportas has to say about Saturn it the 11th better than what I've been thinking, so here it is: "....will usually have to work hard at developing those qualities which earns a person the 'good friend' label....some may be too rigid and formal with a friend, as if they are afraid of putting a foot wrong or being taken advantage of by an associate. Sometimes friends can be felt as a burden, restriction or responsibility. They may worry that a friend will reject or criticize them; or they, themselves might be the ones who feel cold and judgmental at times. They sometimes choose older or more mature associates who have had greater experience in this area and can serve as models or teachers of how to behave. Or Saturn in the 11th may suffer a sense of lonliness and isolation because of a lack of companions. However, if difficulties are faced and examined, Saturn in this house has the capacity for loyal and enduring friendships." Nuff said!

Saturn in the 12th: Saturn's walk through the 12th house can be a time of breaking down old structures. We may experience this as a need to retreat in order to cultivate a creative space for reflection and reorientation. Behaviors and methods of operating in the world that don't work will become apparent to us now. This is not the time to panic and pursue quick fixes. Taking stock of the previous 14 year cycle is what's needed in order to fortify us so that we can begin the next wheel. When Saturn reaches the Ascendant in 2 1/2 years, much of what has lain dormant in the psyche will have become conscious if we've done our self-work well. While Saturn transits the 12th, our physical energy might be low. Friends from the "old days" might call and say, "Hey, you've changed! We don't see you out anymore!" This may cause some of us anxiety. Society imposes a lot of "shoulds" as well as "prescriptions" for what is supposedly "normal." Plenty of it has more to do with our being convenient to others than any real assessment of how well we are coping. With Saturn in the 12th we have an opportunity to visit and honor parts of ourselves that are often sacrificed in the struggle to "make it" in the world of technomania. Saturn in the 12th asks us to be patient while sifting through the trash so that we may discover our treasure. The process is humbling. It is another chance to meet with the Divine.


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