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Rudolph Giuliani
Mayor of New York City

Rudolph Giuliani, the Uranian "law unto himself" Mayor of New York City, was awarded an honorary Knighthood by the British Crown according to CNN, MSNBC, and related media outlets today. CNN Online, October 15, 2001. reports the following:

"Rudolph Giuliani received the news that he is to receive an honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II with the words: "Just call me Rudy."

Giuliani received the honor on Monday for his "outstanding help and support to the bereaved British families in New York" in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Honorary titles of Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire are also being conferred on the city's police and fire commissioners. The titles were announced during a City Hall visit by the Queen's second son, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York. Giuliani will not be able to use the title "Sir Rudolph" because he is not a UK citizen, but he can put the initials "KBE" (Knight of the British Empire) after his name. He then joked: "Just call me Rudy -- I always like that."

Just Call Me "Rudy"

Controversial and rebellious, Guiliani's Sun-Uranus conjunction conjoins the USA's natal Uranus at 8 Gemini. He's a vocal iconoclast (two calls to close down Brooklyn Museum for radical art shows) , and is a master of political spin -- natal Neptune (retrograde) conjoined to the USA's Midheaven in square to the USA's fortuitious Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Cancer -- house 7. Guiliani cleaned out the porn and drugs in Times Square (Neptune) and turned the famous 42nd Street landmark into one of the hottest money-making spots in the USA. Guiliani, at odds with local and national politicians over his scandalous affair (conducted in the Mayor's mansion under his wife's nose), and a horrific bout with prostate cancer during election 2000, Guiliani proved he can survive and deliver when it counts. For a guy with no water in his chart, Guiliani has become an aqueduct bountifully flowing with compassion and support for thousands of New Yorkers.

Guiliani's natal and progressed charts reveal how this beleaguered and sometimes self-destructive Mayor was drawn into global events. Portends of 9/11/01 are clearly read from his natal chart. The honor bestowed upon him by the British Crown is seen in his progressed chart.

Natal Chart Portends

Rudy's natal Venus at 29 Taurus (Alcyone) foreshadows Giuliani's role in the WTC disaster. First, Rudy's natal Venus is conjoined to the USA's 2001 Solar Return Venus. Both are conjoined to the SR ascendant at 01 Gemini. The SR Ascendant trines Rudy's Neptune and is perhaps the significator of the "unknown" 9/11/01 enemy subsequently revealed as Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda network.

9/11/01's Moon at 28 Gemini hits Nodal Degree in Rudy's natal chart (North: 28 Cancer/South 28 Capricorn). The WTC Moon, in quincunx to Rudy's South Node (the past), reiterates the first terrorist attempt to destroy the Twin Towers in 1993. (See 1992 Eclipse WTC) The sacrifice and adjustment demanded by this 150° aspect is represented by Guiliani's Saturn at 27 Gemini, also in the degree of his Lunar Nodes. Saturnine persistence may guarantee a stable result, but it will take a very long time.

Rudy's natal Venus (conjoined to Alycone) trines his South Node. The Mayor will successfully discharge his duties, but at the price of overwhelming pain. He is "married" to NYC's recovery and this may ultimately take the place of any personal life Guiliani can hope for over the next few years. His term as Mayor ends very shortly, but his political future is assured. His natal Juno at 28 Aries is in T-square to his natal Nodes.¹ Warring Mars, as dispositor of Juno, might bring the sword of endings to Rudy's personal relationships, but will confer upon him a vigorous political role. Rudy's natal Mars is conjoined to Pluto in Leo, an atomic stockpile of survival energy. Mars (Juno's ruler) combined with Pluto demands that Rudy expend every last ounce of psychic and physical energy upon New York City.

Rudy is deeply linked to the USA chart and to George W. Bush. Rudy's South Node conjoins the USA's Pluto and opposes G.W. Bush's natal Saturn in Cancer. The USA's money and support axis is mobilized through Rudy's Lunar Nodes. Rudy's nodes also drew out what was hidden inside President Bush --the nodal connection between the President, Guiliani and Ground Zero "married" at the moment Bush shouted, "I hear you!" to the crowd of firefighters on the scene. Bush's Cancerian Sun and Saturn moved out from under his father's shadow and delivered "the waters of life" to Ground Zero's parched landscape.

But what is underneath Bush and Guiliani's developing relationship? Rudy's progressed Jupiter on Regulus (see below) and natal Saturn at 27 Gemini form a YOD configuration in the USA's chart. Bush's natal Saturn at 26 Cancer, in opposition to Pluto, creates a boomerang effect within the YOD. The President and Guiliani will spar for power over New York City's destiny.

Security Alert

The USA's natal Moon at 27 Aquarius, quincunx Rudy's progressed North Node at 27 Cancer, will be struck hard a second time when transiting Mars reaches 27-28 Capricorn on October 28, 2001, and again on December 5-6, 2001 when transiting Mars reaches 27 Aquarius. Mars' conjunction with transiting Uranus on November 28, 29, 2001 may bring another "event" to New York City thus drawing Rudy deeper into another potential national terrorist diaster.


It is a fascination with me that Rudy's Juno at 28 Aries marries him to the British Crown. Guiliani's Juno resonates with planetary placements in the Launch of the Crusades chart. Pluto, Chiron and Uranus are in Aries and their Mars dispositor is at 23 Leo. Crusades Mars conjoins Rudy's progressed Mercury at 24 Leo and Pluto, Chiron and Uranus trine Rudy's progressed Leo planets. The honor itself is indicated by Rudy's progressed Jupiter at 29 Leo, conjoined to the Royal Fixed Star, Regulus! Progressed Jupiter trines his natal Arian Juno! The Mars dispositor of Juno represents the honorable warrior symbolized by the ritual sword used in the knighting ceremony. The head is tapped by the sword -- Aries/Mars. This moment of tapping is the "crowning" Leo moment -- The Royal Sun meeting the honored warrior.²

October 15, 2001 -- Starcats.


¹ The "marriage" asteroid Juno is a significant player in politician's charts and "marries" their "fate" to local, national and global events.

² I refer here to Britain's time honored ritual. It should be understood as such and not construed as my approval of "The Crusades" or of any form of ethnic or religious cleansing.

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