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Sagittarius (churches, religion in traditional astrology) rises and is ruled by Jupiter at 15 Cancer in the 8th house of death. Jupiter quincunxes Pluto in the first house of the chart indicative of sacrificial death resulting from covert (Pluto) operations planned by an open enemy (Saturn retrograde in Gemini in the 7th house). Mercury at 16 Libra in the 11th house of the chart rules the Midheaven at 14 Virgo, the degree of Mercury and the Ascendant for 9-11-01 WTC. Mercury also rules event Saturn in the 7th, retrograde also in the degree of Mercury-ASC for WTC 9-11-01. The degree "14" makes it evident that the attacks on the church were revenge killings for the USA's incursion in to Afghanistan. The trine from Saturn (enemy forces) to both Venus and Saturn in house 11, represents that the gamble taken by the shooters (the 11th is the 5th house from the 7th counting counterclockwise) paid off.

Venus applies to a conjunction with Mercury (exact on October 30, 2001). Both planets square Jupiter in the 8th house of death. The Moon in the 4th house of the chart, disposited by twin-fishes Neptune in Aquarius in the third, seems to suggest that there was no warning of the attack or that the threat was not recognized. Uranus in the third house of "communication" turns direct on October 30. Both Mercury and Venus apply to a trine with the planet of sudden, eruptive changes. This church and others should increase security and improve their communcation network in order to forestall future (Venus and Mercury in the 11th house) attacks.

Mars has just changed signs from authoritarian Capricorn to shattering, revelatory Aquarius. It applies to a conjunction with Neptune: aggressive actions taken against religion. Pluto in the first house of the chart (death/irrevocable change) rules the chart's Scorpio Sun. There is a tearing apart of this community's cohesion (Saturn opposite Pluto) with the profound consequence of fear undermining faith (Jupiter ruler of Pluto). Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio. Thus the profundity of belief and faith (challenged by irrevocable Plutonic action) is also a direct "hit" upon this congregation's "identity" (Sun). The church's will and purpose, as represented by the Solar light, is darkened by the spectre of death (Pluto/Mars).

The Sun's square to Mars is "loosened" and ameliorated by its application to a trine to 8th house "religious" Jupiter in security-oriented Cancer. Jupiter in its exaltation in Cancer cannot lend continuous protection as the Vertex at 26 Cancer (fated axis point) quincunxes Chiron at 25 Sagittarius in the first house. The encounter with Pakistani terrorists was inevitable. The Vertex, in the 8th house of death, disposited by a void of course Pisces Moon in the 4th, indicates that there is little chance that future attacks upon the Christian community can be averted.

As reported in the New York Times Online: "BAHAWALPUR, Pakistan, Oct. 28 At 8:50 a.m. today, on a bright autumn Sunday in this Indus Valley town, three young men with Kalashnikov rifles walked into St. Dominic's Roman Catholic Church just as the last part of the liturgy, known in the old English version as "Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace," was being sung in Urdu. A group of 35 Pakistani Protestants who borrow the church for their services, weddings and funerals were just preparing to go home.

'The Americans are attacking Afghanistan, and we are Christians, and America is mostly a Christian country, and so it is a matter of revenge,' said Elizabeth David, a nurse at the railway hospital in Multan, 55 miles north of here. Islamic militant groups have been staging anti-American protests across Pakistan for weeks, and nobody at the church doubted that the protests had boiled over into something far more sinister. Their fear, voiced repeatedly, was that these killings were only the start."


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