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Updated December 27, 2022

Dedicated With Love to Skitten Skatten, 1980-1993, The World's Best Starcat.

And to my dad, who was instrumental in my choosing the name "Starcats" and getting me online.

My dad, Knute F. Dobkins, December 13, 1921 - January 21, 2012. Dad, you're my hero. I miss you so.

My brother Knute F. Dobkins, Jr., October 17, 1955 - September 20, 2015. Brother, you left too soon.

My mother Bettye Jean Dobkins, August 5, 1927 - May 23, 2018, Mom, we miss you so.

My youngest brother Mack, February 18, 1962 - September 3, 2021. Missing you so.

From left to right Draggie, Buggy & Jiqqi, The Three Original Starcats!


In Memoriam, Jaqqi, the last of the 3 original Starcats.
Rescued at about 6 months of age on August 30, 1994;
Crossed over here at home on Halloween 2011 at 5:02 pm.
He was surrounded by myself & 2 loving veterinary helpers.

In Memoriam - Buggie the Love Bug (middle photo in triptec below), born on April 10, 1993, 1:00 pm (spec time), Woodland Hills, California. She Crossed the Great Water on December 8, 2008 at 1:58 pm, Santa Monica, California.

Photo of Buggie above taken in October 2008

In Memoriam - Draggie the Dragon (left hand photo in triptec above), born on April 10, 1993, 12:00 (midnight) am (spec time), Woodland Hills, California. He Crossed the Great Water on February 6, 2004, between 12:42 pm and 12:50 pm, Santa Monica, California. See Draggie's Official Portrait here, gift of Sally McDonald & artist Judith Wood.

Photo of Official Starcat Miss Kitty taken in August 2010

In Memoriam -- Miss Kitty, a true Starcat, born circa 1993 to January 17, 2016. Miss Kitty was anywhere from 20 to 23 years old. She showed up as a stray at my 20 unit apartment complex and promptly adopted it/us as her home. Miss Kitty was fed, loved, housed, and given veterinarian assistance by many of us. She was the most determined, brave, funny, and enduring feline I've ever met.

Photo of Official Starcats Ricky (2004-July 2019) & Jose 2004 to Present


Ricky and Jose are (and have been) beloved neighborhood friends of mine since 2004. They bring Joy, solace and comfort when I meet them on my walks.

The Legacy Lives On!!

Meet Uno Shiloh Saqqara [Shiloh], He came to live with us on November 21, 2020. He was a rescue lovingly fostered by a friend of our Veternarian. How could I resist this licorice jelly bean!?

Shiloh's official "sleepy" portrait!

Meet Orange Man, aka Buggie's Orange Man or The OM. He's the newest Starcat. He came to live with us on 2/21/09. He was a stray that took shelter in our courtyard and I couldn't resist him!

It is with great sadness that I tell you Orange Man crossed over on December 20, 2022. He is forever present. Forever in my heart.

Orange Man's official portrait!

In Memoriam. Here is our dear Shadow. He came to live with us on 8/13/08. He was born July 7, 2002 in Malibu, California. Shadow crossed over on April 28, 2020. A true Starcat forever.

Honorary Stardog, ZEKE
Year 2000-July 21, 2009
Rest in Peace in the heart of Sirius!
Zeke, beloved friend to my sister Bettye and wife Kathleen

Honorary Starcats

Cecil the Lion, King of Hwange Park, Zimbabwe

Cecil was lured from the protected reserve named Hwange Park by Dentist Walter Palmer and his hunting guide. Palmer poached Cecil using a crossbow. Cecil was a protected lion and wearing a GPS tracking collar. Cecil was shot with a crossbow and survived for 40 hours until shot by Palmer with a gun.

Marjan, the Lion of Kabul, Afghanistan, died in 2002 as a result of neglect and war. His humble keeper did all he could to keep Marjan safe, warm and fed.

Marjan with his keeper Marjan with kitten friend Marjan portrait

  • Claudia D. Dikinis, a/k/a Starcats, Santa Monica, California
  • Knute & Bettye Jean Dobkins, Lake Panasoffkee, Florida
  • Becky Dobkins Keever, Seth, Maggie, Crosby & Evan Keever & Honarary Starcats Black Jack, Trixie, Sadie, Chance
  • Scott & Anastasia Dobkins & sons Talan & Maddox
  • David Dikinis, Sonoma, California
  • Bettye Dobkins & Kathleen Sweeney, Indianapolis, Indiana & honorary star dog, McGhee

  • Achener, Great Britain, Welcome to Astrology in the Age of Aquarius! (UK)
  • Akira, Chiron News/Japan
  • Janice Alexander - Hummingbird
  • Lance Allstun, Biloxi, Mississippi
  • Alisa of Long Island, NY
  • L. Anderson, Houston, Texas
  • Stephen Anderson, Vermont
  • Rainer "Ray" Arnst
  • Carolyn Austin
  • Barbara, San Francisco, CA
  • Jack Begley
  • Nancy Bellucci
  • Arelene Benjamin, aka Solunara
  • Jo Ann/Ananda
  • Harrie B. Bahlin, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
  • Beverlee, lover of stars and cats!
  • Bliss, Oakland, California (originally from Heaven!)
  • Mary Jean & Keith Borg, Resistance is Futile!
  • Harold D. Bradford
  • Marilyn H. Brauning
  • Don Brennecke, Originally From Long Beach, CA
  • Keth Luke & Jan Carter: Awakening & Healing, from Maui!
  • Michael Burton, Santa Cruz, California
  • Cathy, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Cerianwen, UK
  • Chris, Suffolk, UK
  • Cindy Chapelle
  • Mark Childs, Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada
  • Sharon L. Claypool, Tyler, Texas
  • Jon Coleman, Sonoma, California
  • Carole Connell
  • Rob Couteau, Astrocartography
  • Melisa Collinsworth, from
  • Annemiek Cox, The Netherlands!
  • Gail Cunningham, New York City
  • Glen Deen, Plano, TX
  • Janet Defibaugh, Arlington, Texas
  • Knute & Bettye Jean Dobkins - My Mom & Dad
  • Laurie Doe
  • Jamilla - STNG & Mistress of the Web!
  • Pasha, The Cool Cat! She & Jamilla Live In San Diego!
  • Jim Dugger, The Extreme-inator!
  • Elena, Starfire Astrology
  • Char Evans, New York, USA
  • Rinda Lynn Ferguson
  • Lynda Filer, Astrological Knowledge
  • Shar Findahl
  • Cecilia Flowers, Festival Astrology
  • Carol Ford, Arlington, VA
  • Brandi Fornicola
  • Robert Franklin, Frankfort, KY
  • Melanie Galea
  • Grant Gibson, of Australia!
  • Avi Goldman
  • Dorothy Marie Goodman, Springfield, MI
  • Mary Gould, London, England!
  • Rose Grabowski
  • Dorothy Greene, NY, NY, Cape Cod and currently residing in Las Vegas, NV. Professional astrologer for over 19 years.
  • Grian
  • M.C. Grona
  • Wanda Hilliburton of Louisiana
  • Irena Harvey of Hong Kong!
  • Mark Hashizume
  • Kate Halstead, New York
  • Calvin Hayhow, Royal Oak, Michigan
  • Steve & Vicki Hulford
  • Margaret Hurt, Newsgroups
  • Cindy Imhoff
  • Gene Jacobson, Abundance At Spiritweb
  • Jason, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Jean, from Oregon
  • Kathie, Newsgroups
  • Patricia Keller, Cincinnati, OH
  • Ikram Khasim, K.L., Malaysia
  • Judith Knight
  • Sara Kohl
  • L.L., from Missouri
  • Wendy Kozola, Rock Springs, Wyoming
  • Megan Lawless
  • Arnoud van Leenan, Astrologer & Hypnotherapist from the Netherlands!
  • Lana Tracy Lewis, South Africa
  • Chris Lilley
  • Cathy Lindsey, Des Moines, IA
  • Colleen Lloyd, Nanaimo, B.C., Canada
  • Claudia Lynch, Denton, Texas
  • William G. Magan
  • Karen McCauley, Dean of Students, Kepler College, home: Beaverton, Oregon
  • Susan McGregor
  • Donna MacInnis, Seattle, Washington
  • Brian McNaughton, Boulder, CO
  • Laura Meyer, Japan
  • JohnMichael, Astrology Researcher, Constructive Link Builder, L.A.
  • Nancy Diane Miller
  • Nancy, "Nanner"
  • Erin Millender, from North Pole "with Santa as my lover."
  • Sue Miller, Great Astrologer & Great Friend!
  • Ina Mitchell, Woodland Hills, CA
  • Karen Molnar
  • Mary Morandin, San Francisco
  • Ann Murray, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Eliza N.
  • Susan Newton, The Shower Diva
  • Neal, USA, referred by Net Search
  • Anna Marie B. Nielson
  • Veikko Niemi
  • Windy Nightstorm, Wicca Queen!
  • Nicki, Author/Editor of "New Moon," An Astrology Newsletter!
  • Yami Nuckels, C*H*A*O*S Astrology List
  • Elna N. Nugent, Signs Studio 2000
  • Odra, Abundance at
  • Jill O'Hara, JoKat Woman w/Kitties!
  • David O'Hara, Jill O'Hara, & 4 Beautiful kitty cats!
  • Sheila O'Hara, Glasgow, Scotland
  • Linda Page, Escondido, California
  • Willy Paine
  • Judith Pavluvcik, Maryland/Spiritweb
  • Luan Pearson, Evanston, Illinois
  • Supphaluck Pillai, Thailand Uranian Astrology for the New Age
  • Jutta Poteat, Festival Astrology Friend
  • Bienvenu Quenum
  • Aletta Raines
  • David Ramsey
  • Melinda Rhinehart, Reno, Nevada
  • Gisele Ray, Balitmore, Maryland
  • Red Wolf, of the USA
  • Roseann, Florida
  • CRose, of Goshen Indiana/Geocities
  • Penny Rhodes
  • Dale Richey, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Elizabeth RN, Long Island, NY
  • SAGE, Marble Falls, AZ
  • Carol Salsbury
  • Sandra, Zagbreb, Croatia!
  • Pasha Schafer
  • David Selburg, Superb Actor/HBO's "Roswell"
  • Shelley Senters
  • Elizabeth Shutter, Elmira, NY
  • Jeni Simpson, New Zealand
  • Skylar
  • Silva, My colleague, The Queen of Australian Astrology!
  • C. Michael Smith aka "flute
  • Philip Sorenson, Bruxelles Belgium, formerly of the USA
  • Beverley Sowers
  • Jean Chapman Snow, NY, WA, now California
  • Tia Starr, Chicago, Illinois
  • Sarah M. Stone, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Teena George Sylvester
  • Sandra Synar
  • Edith Thayer
  • Carolynne Tobin, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Tracy, of North Carolina
  • Hans-Hinrich Taeger, Astrologer from Ireland!
  • T.W., Michigan
  • Michael C. Valdez, Lone Eagle
  • Charles Van Cleave, Waco, Texas
  • Vesta, Abundance List At Spiritweb, Maryland, USA
  • Ken & Jackie Vetter, Indianapolis, IN
  • Carl Walker, Ypsilanti, Michigan
  • Judith V. Wood, San Bruno, California Judith Wood Illustration/
  • Bonnie Cook Yardley, Dallas, TX
  • Daniel Webster, Computer Genius & My Accountant!
  • Susan Welsh
  • Widget of London, England, Widget's World
  • Jooske Wittewolf, An-tAh-rA
  • Brenda Woodford

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