January 2003

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January 2, 2003 New Moon

U.S. Had Key Role in Iraq Buildup

[U.S.] Trade in Chemical Arms Allowed Despite Their Use on Iranians, Kurds

"High on the Bush administration's list of justifications for war against Iraq are President Saddam Hussein's use of chemical weapons, nuclear and biological programs, and his contacts with international terrorists. What U.S. officials rarely acknowledge is that these offenses date back to a period when Hussein was seen in Washington as a valued ally.

"Among the people instrumental in tilting U.S. policy toward Baghdad during the 1980-88 [Republican Ronald Reagan's presidency. Reagan-Bush and CIA also supported Pakistan's ISI, its version of a "CIA", and helped create the Taliban. -- Starcats.] Iran-Iraq war was Donald H. Rumsfeld, now defense secretary, whose December 1983 meeting with Hussein as a special presidential envoy paved the way for normalization of U.S.-Iraqi relations. Declassified documents show that Rumsfeld traveled to Baghdad at a time when Iraq was using chemical weapons on an "almost daily" basis in defiance of international conventions." Michael Dobbs, Washington Post, 12/30/02

Happy New Year. Mercury is retrograde and the first New Moon of 2003 has retrograde Saturn in the first house of the chart. In horary or event charts, you take that to mean that the matter at issue is spoiled. (Retrograde Saturn, the "great malefic" retrograde, does the most damage in this position).

The part of fortune (21 Gemini) is conjoined to the USA chart's 7th house Mars. The USA's progressed Moon will conjoin it and will be in orb of retrograde Saturn on March 23, 2003.

With 5 planets in fixed signs, it will be very hard for Atlas to shrug.

In other words, Bush's course to war with Iraq will not be altered.

This new Moon at 12 Capricorn will be revisited by Chiron's move to the same degree at the Full Moon of January 18. Presently Chiron, the wounder and the wounded, sits atop Uranus' position (10 Capricorn) for Gulf War I (January 17, 1991).

Mars at 20 Scorpio is atop Gulf War I Pluto: 20 Scorpio. Gulf War I Mars at 29 Taurus was, and is, conjoined to Daddy Bush's Mercury. 29 Taurus is conjoined to the grief-laden fixed star Alcyone -- the significator of great mourning.

As you can see, Uranus in the New Moon chart is at 26 Aquarius, and is ready to reconjoin the USA's birth Moon. It will also form a square aspect to Gulf War I's Mars and Daddy Bush's natal Mercury. Transiting Mercury is retrograde. Uranus comes to square Daddy Bush's Mars. The horror is repeated. You look and look at these charts and get dizzy.

The Midheaven of the New Moon chart is already square Gulf War I Mars. Transiting Pluto will hit 19 degrees Sagittarius making the conjunction to Bush's inauguration Moon in that chart's 8th house of death. The Pluto-Moon configuration, which I liken to mothers wailing over their lost sons, will square inauguration chart's progressed Venus at 19 Pisces. The sacrifice. This is not what American and Iraqi women wanted to make sacred. Dear God, this is not what any of us wanted to give.

Neptune of sex, lies and videotape is still in orb of the Lunar Nodes ruled by retrograde Mercury in mutual reception with Gemini bound Saturn.

The news is war and the sound is a drumbeat by Pluto-ruled Mars' approach to its square with Uranus.

The Capricorn Sun and Moon resonate with Bush's 12 house cancerian Saturn, the "presidential" ruler of this New Moon. Bush, the unforgiving and unforgiven, stalks Saddam like Banquo's ghost.

Venus, already in square to Uranus, may signal a very unexpected and short-term Bush ally. When Mars repeats the Uranus square, that short-term "friend" will become an explosive enemy.

GULF WAR I in Biwheel with January 18, 2003 Full Moon

BBC News "The crunch date for a decision on a US-led war on Iraq could well be 27 January 2003."

[Moon in Sagittarius will conjoin Mars in a conjunction called an occultation.--Starcats]

"That is when the chief United Nations weapons inspector, Hans Blix, will make a full report to the Security Council on Iraqi co-operation with UN Security Council resolution 1441.

"If inspectors do find that Iraq has failed to co-operate, Washington would be expected to discuss the consequences with Security Council members before going to war.

"Washington has already invoked the phrase that could trigger a war, accusing Iraq of being in "material breach" of resolution 1441. "

Planetary Position Notes
  • MC conjunct fixed stars SPICA & Arcturus, same positions as Bush's progressed Venus and Jupiter in January, 2003.
  • Venus conjunct Pluto 1/25/03
  • Hans Blix Report due to U.N. Security Council 1/27/03
  • T-Uranus conjunct USA Moon (direct motion)
  • Mars conjunct South Node 1/28/02
  • Mars conjunct Pluto 2/14/03
  • A Note on USA Solar Arc Directions {chart not shown}:
    The USA's Solar Arc Saturn is 29 Taurus, conjoined to Gulf War I's Mars and Daddy Bush's Mercury.

    The Solar Arc Lunar Nodes are 21 Pisces N/21 Virgo S, the degree of the USA's Mars and Dubya's progressed Uranus.

    Our present transiting Lunar Nodes will retrogress to 7 degrees, the degree of the USA's Solar Arc Neptune (7 Taurus)

    Solar Arc Venus at 17 Aquarius 56 just crossed over Bush Inauguration Mercury and in one year will conjoin Inauguration Uranus (19 Aquarius).

    A Note on USA Tertiary Progressions{chart not shown}:
    TP Moon at 17 Sagittarius is impacted by Transiting Pluto. TP Moon is in square to Bush Inauguration Venus.

    The TP Lunar Nodes are 28 Aquarius N/28 Leo S -- these fated points are under the sway of unpredictable, explosive Transiting Uranus.

    This laundry list of planet positions underscores the number of fated aspects in play driving the Bush Juggernaut to war unending.

    Continuing on, we find that Mercury and Saturn are still in mutual reception. Both bear heavy burdens and are the bringers of depressing news.

    The Full Moon Sun at 27 Capricorn conjoins Gulf War I's Sun-Saturn conjunction in direct opposition to Bush's 12th house Cancerian Saturn which sits atop Saddam Hussein's natal Pluto. These two face each other with ancestral hatreds on both sides and both are prepared to wage bitter war straight down to cellular dissolution. Both will scorch the earth. Both will stop at nothing. Sun-Saturn in authoritarian Capricorn seeking the soft Cancerian underbelly of a rotting Plutonic conjunction to Bush's defensive, overcompensating Saturn.

    The Cancerian Moon at 27 degrees of the sign is pummeled by Bush's unforgiving Saturn and Saddam's relentless/ruthless Pluto. The Moon's opposition to the Sun and to Gulf War I's Saturn is a double-whammy of brutality.

    As Uranus is conjoined to the USA's natal Moon and is in the 6th house of military service in the Bi-wheel chart -- the degree of Sun, Saturn and Moon. It soon hits 28 degrees, the degree of the Gulf War I lunar Nodes, which take on Saddam's Pluto and Bush's Saturn at the South End of the dragon's lunar body. Here again is the ancestral past: Tikrit, Iraq and New Haven, Connecticut. I and thou. Our fathers who are in hell.

    The Full Moon MC at 24 Libra, that takes on Bush's progressed Venus-Jupiter on Spica/Arcturus, is not helped. Look at how the Full Moon MC and Bush's Venus-Jupiter rip the scab off Gulf War I's Cancerian Chiron! Gulf War I Syndrome, now identified as possible exposure to Sarin Gas (chemical warfare) comes back to haunt as it is the Reagan (Republican) administration that sold Sarin, botilism and small pox (among other lethal poisons) to Saddam Hussein for use upon Iran during the Iran-Iraq war. Saddam chose, instead, to use lethal gas upon the Kurds in Northern Iraq. Currently the USA is experimenting with Sarin Gas on laboratory animals. How long will the American people stay asleep and allow these Dr. Josef Mengle/ holocaust tragedies to continue? How long will the Right Wing blind itself to the fact that they are genocidal rather than the compassionate conservatives they claim to be?

    The Full Moon MC is, finally, in a T-square formation Capricorn/Cancer planets in the biwheel. Bush's Saturn and Saddam's Pluto are, of course, a part of the mix.

    It bears mentioning that Transiting Neptune at 10 Aquarius is directly opposite Gulf War I Jupiter in Leo and Full Moon Jupiter is opposite Gulf War I Venus. This is a bloated piece of self-serving religiosity that will thunder out of both Bush and Saddam's voices via retrograde Saturn at 23 Gemini in the 10th house of the biwheel. Saturn is now in orb of a conjunction with the USA's Mars in its 7th house of open enemies. Try as Bush might, the middle east will not see the Iraq invasion as anything other than Christianity attacking Islam. It will appear to Arabs as The Crusades Redux.

    Neptune and Jupiter across the Leo/Aquarius Axis: I am king because I have the oil.

    Transiting Mars and Uranus have, throughout January, been making stressful aspects to Israel's chart (Sun 23 Taurus, in square to its Mars at 28 Leo. Transiting Uranus in Aquarius and Transiting Mars in Scorpio create a fixed grand square in Israel's chart -- a box from which they cannot get out). Like it or not, Israel and the USA, again, are in a nasty mix for the long haul. This time the stakes are far higher than even these two nations are counting upon. The aspects prove it.

    Will Arial Sharon, if re-elected in January, like Bush's progressed Saturn (3 Scorpio) in square to Israel's royal 4 degree Leo Moon in its 10th house? He won't like it much. Nor will Saddam like Bush's progressed Saturn in square to his Taurus Sun! The T-square created between the aforementioned players' planets is a diabolical mix. The brittleness means collapse, and with Uranus, it is like a tree struck by lightening. The middle east is going up in smoke and one must hope it does not turn into a mushroom cloud.

    Declaration of Indpendence & Progressions in Biwheel

    The January 2003 Full Moon and Gulf War I planets fall along the 2nd house/8th house axis of the USA's Declaration of Independence chart. It is well-known that the Reagan Admnistration left the United States in desparate straits financially and that Bush I's Gulf War, an unfinished disaster every bit as ugly as the mess Bush II has left for Afghanistan, broke the bank. Top this off with the fact that when Bill Clinton took office in 1993, he discovered that the Reagan and Bush administrations had lied so dreadfully about the state of the U.S. economy that the deficit was double what was reported and that institutions comprising the public trust, such as Medicare and Social Security, had been looted to the tune of $5 trillion dollars. This money was "repaid" by Daddy Bush's administration with useless junk bonds handed to the U.S. Treasury. If you think that is bad, look at what Bush II and Cheney have been doing since Selection 2000.

    Mark my words:

    When Bush and Cheney are done with America, there will not be one thing left of the public trust.

    By the time we reach 2004, we will need at least two generations to repair the damage Bush and Cheney are inflicting upon the America -- a country that was supposed to belong to the people.

    To think that Bush and Cheney are doing anything other than looting the United States of America by using September 11, 2001 as political cover is sheer folly.

    The USA's progressed Moon conjoins Bush's natal Uranus on January 31, 2003. The Progressed Moon conjoins the USA's natal Mars and Bush's progressed Uranus on March 26, 2003. The progressed Moon perfects its square to the USA's natal Neptune in 9th house Virgo on April 23, 2003.

    The USA's Progressed North Node is at 26 Cancer. It takes on the Gulf War I Chart's opposition from the Sun-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn; takes Bush's 12th house Saturn and Saddam's natal pluto. The progressed Aquarian Sun at 29 degrees of the sign falls in the 7th house of the progressed chart linking the nation's leader (Bush) with the American people (Moon at 27 Aquarius). Our fate is bound up with what this madman decides to do in the next 30 days.

    The USA's chart reflects an entity, a nation, that lacks the element of fire. Fire is intuitive. Optimistic. Promethean. Instead, America has overcompensated for this elemental lack by using its Gemini: news as entertainment; shallow obsession with celebrity and gossip; infantile assholes assuming public office, including the presidency; overweening pride; obsession with gagetry; things instead of people plutolatry; self-possesion.

    With the exception of transiting Pluto's long stay in the fire sign Sagittarius, in orb of opposition now with the USA's progressed Gemini Moon and Mars, the USA has settled for its spiritual "voice" as a truncation into its 9th house: Purity of the Vision: Neptune in Virgo. The Mars square to Neptune is also America's blindness in foreign policy: Democracy as a missionary. Global economics confused with religion and politics. Puritan fundamentalism as a springboard for the conduction of foreign policy.

    This is an earthbound Neptune. It cannot soar. And it is terrified of Chaos. Terrified of the loss of a coherent identity in favor of a mystical, non-differentiated consciousness. It is the paradox of sacrificing sovereignty on the alter of globalism while simultaneously becoming an invader/empire nation.

    This mystical vision gone awry is Neptune in its sign of its detriment. It is battered in perpetuity by its square from Mars in demonizing (vocalizing) Gemini. It is, in part, the Virginia comprise: the blindness of an America free for white men, but barred essentially for African Americans and women. It is the blindness of religious zeal gone crazy.

    The USA's progressed Mercury retrograde at 29 Aquarius seems poised to shriek and to break free yet again from tyranny. It may begin to happen when transiting Uranus rolls over Progressed Mercury and makes it to 0 degrees Pisces on March 11, 2003. It may be note sounded on the cosmic harp that draws the people forward. Draws them up and lifts into the desire to risk for something higher. Yet there is no one on the horizon to advocate for them. No one in government shows strength, focus, authenticity and voice.

    The problem then becomes the longing: the desire for a savior, a messiah, a deux ex machina. The same kind of madness and longing that led to fascism and the foundation of the Nazi Party.

    The Uranus return of the founding of the Nazi Party (Uranus at 1 Pisces) is upon us. The music of Neptune and Uranus in mutual reception, then, may be the sirens of Circe rather than the melodious strains of heaven.

    We must hope for the end of this madness before the creature slouches to Bethlehem and is indeed born.

    For this end we must wait. Wait for Saturn's movement into Cancer (June 4, 2003) and watch as it begins approach to Bush's Sun (and the USA's Sun) and apply towards his Saturn. Both are in his 12th house of self-undoing.

    Saddam's Pluto is there.

    The Ruthless struggle for blood and oil coupled with unforgiving media coverage of coming scandal is the payment that the Goddess Nemesis will exact.

    The full price means recovery over two generations. The full tally of the damage won't be known, perhaps, until 2022, the year when America experiences her very first Pluto return.

    January 1, 2003 -- Starcats

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