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ANNOUNCED CANDIDATE: Senator Joe Lieberman shot into the national spotlight as Al Gore's VP runningmate in 2000 -- with humor and energy -- and he's been holding onto the attention ever since then in order to keep his "Lieberman for President" effort alive for 2004. Since the 2000 defeat in in the closest Presidential election in US history, Lieberman has re-established his stance as a center-conservative Democrat. He formed his own leadership PAC in 2001 to raise money for fellow Democrats. Lieberman has also traveled frequently to important primary states like California, New York, New Hampshire, Iowa and Florida -- while also cultivating his national support base within the Jewish community (remember: Lieberman was the first Jewish candidate ever to be nominated on a major-party national ticket). Since the 2000 race, he's returned to some of his favorite issues: gun control, supporting President Bush's faith-based initiatives concept (while harshly criticizing Bush's energy and environmental policies), and denouncing the entertainment industry's marketing of sex and violence to children. With Gore out of the race, Lieberman is free to run for President -- as he had publicly stated he would not run against Gore. Certainly, Lieberman's high name recognition and large donor base places him in the "first tier" of candidates. Some Dems are unhappy with Lieberman's strong support for President Bush on the War on Terrorism/Iraq war -- and like to describe as ideologically similar to a "Republican moderate." Others, however, note that these are plusses for Lieberman in a general election race as he is the centrist of the Democrat hopefuls (of course, he first has to win the nomination). Lieberman knows his centrist politics won't play well in liberal Iowa -- and has even gone as far as to say he expects to finish rather poorly there. Still, early national polls place Lieberman in first place for the nomination -- but not first in the polls in any key early contest states. Lieberman reported raising just $3 million as of the close of the March 31, 2003 federal reporting period -- a lackluster total (and only the fourth best among the Democratic candidates) considering his high profile. Lieberman Bio Notes courtesy of politics1.com

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