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Update, Feb 18, 2004: New birth time for Kerry posted at Astrodatabank of 8:03 AM, which gives a 16 Sagittarius Asc. and 16 Virgo MC. "Frances McEvoy quotes his mother for "sunrise." In February 2004, Robert Blaschke talked with Karen Thorne, Kerry's sister-in-law by his first marriage, who obtained a time from Kerry of 8:03 AM in 1996."

[Thanks to Mary Louise Bateman for 7:10 AM birth time on John Kerry. She reports: "Just a follow up. John Kerry's time of birth is known. He is a double Sag. From Lois Rodden. 7.10 AM. Astroscapes]

EXPLORATORY CANDIDATE: Senator John Kerry filed federal paperwork formally launching his Presidential exploratory committee in December 2002. He has been a national political figure since ever since -- as a Yale-educated, decorated combat veteran -- he was one of the organizers of Vietnam Veterans Against the War in 1971. ''How do you ask a man to be the last to die for a mistake?'' he asked in his memorable Congressional testimony. He ran for Congress in 1972, but lost (in a district carried by George McGovern!). Following the defeat, he went to law school, worked as a prosecutor, and was elected Lieutenant Governor in 1982 (as Mike Dukakis' runningmate -- see pin at left). In 1984, he won a competitive race for US Senator -- and fended off a tough re-election challenge from libertarian Governor Bill Weld (R) in 1996. Generally a solid liberal, Kerry also supports free trade. On military issues, Kerry supported bombing Bosnia in 1999 and the War on Terrorism. He opposed the constitutional amendment to prohibit flag burning. Working with John McCain, he successfully worked to normalize relations with Vietnam in the 1990s. He has supported some education reforms opposed by the teacher unions (like ending tenure and allowing lateral entry into teaching). He also supported some direct federal grants for faith-based charities. Kerry favored Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China and led the floor fight against the amendment that would have required US review of China's human rights practices. He also sponsored a bill to commit $100 million yearly to a fund to fight the spread of AIDS in Africa. In 1995, he married Teresa Heinz (widow of GOP Senator John Heinz of Pennsylvania), who inherited his fortune of more than $600 million. That now makes Kerry the richest member of Congress with $675 million (note: he repeatedly says he will not spend it on this campaign -- "It's my wife's money, not mine."). Kerry flirted with making a run for President against Al Gore in 2000 -- and several key Massachusetts politicos endorsed Gore early to send Kerry a message. Still, Kerry made the short list of Gore VP runningmates in 2000. Kerry's biggest downside is his cold, patrician demeanor. He works hard and is bright, but is said to lack a common touch and warmth. However, he won an easy re-election in 2002 (and had millions leftover unspent to transfer into his Presidential campaign account). With his financial donor base -- and with New Hampshire in his backyard (and sharing Boston's media market) -- Kerry and Howard Dean will be early favorites in the important New Hampshire primary. Gore's departure also clearly bumped Kerry into "first tier" of candidates for 2004. It also probably doesn't hurt that his initials are "JFK." In the afterman of prostate cancer surgery in February 2003, Kerry may also have to deal with some health concerns (as will Bob Graham). Kerry Bio Notes courtesy of politics1.com

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