U.S. Politics:
Republic of Iraq

July 14, 1958
5:00 am BAT=3:00
Baghdad, Iraq
33N21 44E25
Asc: 19 Cancer

Source: "Book of World Horoscopes," by Nicholas Campion


Commentary, February 16, 2001

This chart has a most rare configuration: A Star of David, formed by the intersection of two grand trines in fire and air. Air fans fire's flames, and transiting squares aspects set off these configurations. It is no wonder that Iraq is one of the world's "hot spots."

Iraq's T-Square where the Sun squares both Mars and Jupiter which oppose each other, is a highly charged "martial" aspect, indicating a nation that was born of war and spoils for war. Because the T-Square "releases" through the Sun, it is obvious that Iraq's leader, Saddam Hussein (the Solar principle) would be the on-again, off-again focal point for Mid-East eruptions. Saddam's natal Sun is 7° Taurus, forming a square to Iraq's natal Uranus at 10° Leo in the first house. Saddam maintains that he is the people. Saddam routinely slept in civilian homes to insure his life (Iraq Cancer Sun) during the Gulf War.

Mars in opposition to Jupiter alone is a classic, incendiary aspect (only outdone by Mars in square to Uranus). 2001's Mars opposition to Jupiter along the Sagittarius/Gemini axis, including Pluto and transiting Saturn in the mix later this year, impacts Iraq's Saturn in Sagittarius in opposition to its Moon-Venus conjunction.

On February 16, 2001, the day of the USA/British bombing of radar sites in Baghdad, transiting Mars at 0 Sagittarius squared Iraq's natal Pluto at 0 Virgo. The situation promises to escalate the closer transiting Mars comes to Pluto in Sagittarius. When Mars hits Iraq's Saturn (20° Sag), Iraq, Israel and the USA will be hard pressed to find a way out of the obsessive, fanatical stances embraced by the rulers of the aforementioned nations.


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