Election 2004
Democratic Party
Sen. John Edwards
North Carolina

"About Edwards' birth time: several unsubstantiated times have been floating around, including a popular 7:02 am. The 7:23 am time comes from Vedic astrologer Sat Siri Khalsa, who (according to the message posted in an astrology newsgroup) "managed to slip Elizabeth Edwards a note stating she was a Vedic astrologer and requesting the birth times of both Kerry and Edwards. Mrs. Edwards smiled and immediately walked the note over to her husband and John Kerry who were standing ten feet away. John Edwards replied without hesitation that his birth time was 7:23 AM." Stariq, Newscope, March 27, 2007

This gives Edwards an Ascendant of 15 Cancer. -- Starcats

February 2, 2004/Edwards' birth data: "An anonymous source who obtained the time from an anonymous Edwards staffer. In addition Leslie Astar Walker wrote to PT via e-mail dated 1/30/2004: 'I just met his mother tonight and she said (in no uncertain terms) that it's 7:02 AM.'" Astrodatabank

July 29, 2003:

Michael Wolfstar of Stariq reports in his July 29, 2003 column the following:

"John Edwards was born with his Sun in Gemini (June 10, 1953; 7:02 am; Seneca, SC). Until John F. Kennedy and George Bush Sr. were elected, the U.S. has had no Gemini presidents. However, in this age of mass media, being a Gemini is probably no longer a disadvantage. Edwards' key connection is his progressed Venus which is at 25 Gemini, and favorably the U.S. Moon."

"EXPLORATORY CANDIDATE: Senator John Edwards -- one of the earliest hopefuls to start criss-crossing the nation for the 2004 Presidential race -- filed federal paperwork to launch his campaign in January 2003. Edwards -- a popular, telegenic, multimillionaire trial attorney -- first gained national attention on his first bid for political officer in 1998 when he ousted GOP incumbent US Senator Lauch Faircloth in a major upset. After spending less than two years in the US Senate, Edwards surprisingly made it onto the final short-list of 4-5 names for the Gore VP runningmate spot on the 2000 Democratic ticket. Since then, Edwards has been making a large number of politial trips to Iowa, New Hampshire, California, Florida, New York and other key early contest states. Edwards also appeared for a while in 2001 to be a favorite of the party's wealthy liberal donor base -- and implied he was locking up some good support in early states -- but much of that now appears to have been hype. He has also made no secret of his ambitions to be President and has cultivated a populist image. As for ideology, Edwards falls in the liberal-to-populist range (pro-choice, environmentalist, pro- health care reform, etc.). In what will likely be a distraction for his otherwise focused Presidential campaign campaign, Edwards must also face re-election in 2004. He is certain to be a national GOP target in his conservative home state. Edwards' campaign manager and a top field organizer defected to Senator Bob Graham's rival campaign in March 2003, which was certainly a set-back to his Southern strategy. However, Edwards still raised an impressive $7.4 million as of the close of the March 31, 2003 federal reporting period -- better than any other Democrat in the race -- and that doesn't even county the $1.4 million he rolled over from his US Senate campaign. Edwards' fundraising prowess has also caused him new problems in the form of a US Justice Department investigation. It was launched after news reports alleged that some big name trial attorneys gave thousands to Edwards beyond the legal limit by using surrogates to write the checks (and promising to later reimburse them). To date, Edwards has returned at least $10,000 in questionable contributions. Edwards Bio Notes courtesy of politics1.com

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