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Howard Dean: 7:21 PM, NYC! Asc: 8 Cancer.

December 10, 2003:

"Claudia, Dean's birth time of 7:21pm is a good one. I was at a fund raiser here in Kansas City back in May. There were only about 30 people there, and towards the end of the evening I found myself one on one with Governor Dean and no one within twenty feet of us. So I said, "I'm just curious, exactly where and at what exact time were you born?" He promptly replied, "In New York City at 7:20, no 7:21pm." The correction certainly had the ring of truth to me, as if he'd either misspoken himself or at some point he'd learned the exact time which was a minute off what he'd been told before. That last is pure speculation of course. As soon as I got home that evening I sent a message to Nancy Waterman through Democratic Underground, and she'd verify that I messaged her. I'd asked Nancy to keep my identity quiet, which perhaps wasn't the best idea. It's led to the notion that the birth time isn't a good one. I've actually met Dr. Dean twice since then, but don't want him to think I'm a complete weirdo obsessing on his birth information. As much as I believe in astrology, I'm all too aware of those who completely scoff at it, and I see no reason to give them further fuel. If you have any more questions about my conversation with Dean, I'll be glad to answer, although there's not much more to say. As soon as he gave me his birth time I changed the subject so he wouldn't start thinking about why I'd ask. I know that some people will go to great lengths to keep their exact time of birth secret precisely so that astrologers can't cast an accurate chart. I rather suspect that Dean isn't one of those, but is simply in the large group of people who don't believe in astrology and don't understand how it actually works. If you do cast a new chart with the 7:21pm birth time, could you let me know just so I can read what you've written? -- Thanks, Sheila Hartney"

Michael Wolfstar of Stariq reports in his July 29, 2003 column the following:

"Howard Dean was born with his Sun at 25 Scorpio (November 17, 1948; 7:21 pm*; New York City), which is a very favorable placement in presidential astrology. His very being (the Sun) resonates strongly with the American people by virtue of the exact square to the U.S. Moon. Dean also has his progressed Pallas, the political asteroid at 25 Taurus, a favorable second link to the U.S. Moon. These connections account for his sudden rise in the polls and his successful online fund raising. Based on their links to the U.S. Moon, Dean is the best choice."

*7:21 pm was obtained from Starlight News. According to the webmaster, Dean told an astrologer who reported it to angelfire, but no one has yet been able to verify the accuracy of this source. This birth time is rated DD for Dirty Data."

ANNOUNCED CANDIDATE: Governor Howard Dean, M.D. -- a Yale-educated physician -- did not seek re-election in 2002 to a seventh consecutive, two-year term as Vermont Governor. Instead, Dean became the first Democrat to formally jump into the P2004 race and spent much of 2002 visiting 28 states (including more than 20 NH visits, a dozen Iowa trips, and multiple FL, NY and CA stops).

Dean likes to tell how he came into office as Governor with the state in the red and left office with it in the black -- and that he was able to do that while also creating the innovative state program that now guarantees health care coverage for all children under age 18. He also adopted campaign finance reform legislation and increased educational funding for poorer communities. Still -- as the obscure Governor of a rather tiny state -- Dean stayed well-below the national political radar for most of his career (which also included 10 years of practicing medicine, two terms in the State House, three terms as Lieutenant Governor and a term as the National Governors Association chairman). His brief flirtation with a 2000 White House bid went largely unnoticed -- and those that noticed opined that Dean was likely trying for a shot at the VP spot. Dean's obscurity ended instantly, however, when he signed the controversia Civil Unions bill into law in April 2000 -- a law that granted full legal recognition and rights to same-sex couples in the state.

From that point forward, Religious Right activists targeted Dean for defeat in 2000 as a supporter of "gay marriages." Dean, however, handily won re-election by a 13-point margin. Not only has Dean refused to back down from his support for civil unions, he stated that his political career would have been "meaningless" had he had not been willing to risk everything to stand up for a significant civil rights law he supported. In November 2001, Dean established a federal leadership PAC (Fund for a Healthy America) -- paving the way for him to begin exploring a 2004 Presidential run. A short time later, he launched an official campaign committee. Dean is making health care reform and opposition to the Iraq war his top issues. Dean -- initially viewed as a long-shot to capture the nomination -- surprised many by quickly building a solid campaign organization in Iowa, New Hampshire and other early contest states. On the stump, his blunt and feisty style sets him apart from the other Dems -- as he is often the only one willing to criticize both the President and the others Dems in the race. He and Congressman Kucinich are clearly the most strident and consistent anti-war candidates in the race -- but Dean is viewed as a much more serious contender. Dean reported raising $2.6 million as of the close of the March 31, 2003 federal reporting period -- with $2 million in cash-on-hand -- and he boasted that his insurgent campaign signed up more than 10,000 volunteers in the same period. Dean Bio Notes courtesy of politics1.com

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