Astrological Counseling


Each of us has the power (and responsibility) to change our own lives. Metaphysical practice demonstrates that self-change depends upon commitment. If we perceive that we can change, we will change. This necessitates an astrology of choices/options. We need not subscribe to determinism and "fate."

The basic thrust of life is toward health and happiness. If we assume that healthy options exist, we are more likely to discover them. By acting "as if" we have already received our miracle, we create synchronistic support in the universe. What we believe we achieve. A good astrologer supports us by championing our desire for change and suggests techniques and options that support our goals.

Acceptance is our greatest healer and so is love. Psychological studies verify the importance of positive mirroring and respect. A good Astrologer mirrors our uniqueness and treats each one of us as special. Because we exist we are valuable. A good astrologer always reminds us of that.

Conflict is a natural part of life. Problems and pain are also natural to life on the dualistic plane. Problems are no reflection of our true worth. It is simply a fact that conflict is part of the human psyche. Life is complex and the choices necessary to resolve issues are not always easy. A good astrologer empowers us by suggesting techniques that enable us to honor all part of ourselves without shame or blame.

We are more talented, capable and loving than we think. We are harder on ourselves than we deserve. We often expect more from ourselves than our loving creator does! A good birth chart analysis can reveal our hidden talents; realistically reveal our assets and liabilities; and lead us toward a more abundant life. A good astrological counselor will empower us toward fuller expression of our inner essence by giving acceptance and applause for the risks we take to grow.

No question or exploration is taboo to a good astrologer. By way of example, here are some of the issues that many of my clients have asked me to explore:

  • How can I balance my extreme thinking? I can't get focused on my goals.
  • What can I do to improve my boundaries in relationships? I keep losing myself!
  • How can I best explore my family of origin issues?
  • Will I have a baby this year?
  • Is marriage in my stars?
  • What career would be best for me?
  • Is it the right time for me to start my own business?
  • Should I end my current relationship?
  • Do I have psychic abilities? How can I best use them?
  • Would you compare my chart with my lover's chart? Are we compatible?
  • Why am I going through so much pain in all areas of my life? What is the lesson for me?
  • I have been ill for over a year. Is there anything in my chart that could tell me what this is about? What can I do to get well? (I am not a licensed physician, therefore, I request that my client get a full medical check-up if he/she has not done so already).
  • How should I invest my bonus check? (I refer financial questions to financial astrologers. This is a highly specialized area of astrology which I do not practice).
  • Should I move to ________? How will my chart unfold in this new location?
  • An astrologer must be ready, willing and able to approach all areas of life, suspend personal judgment, and approach each person on his/her terms. A good astrologer will not force her agenda on another, or reject a client for "not taking advise." The quest is one of exploration, actualization, uncovering, discovering and discarding that which is no longer useful to one's soul path. For that an astrologer needs not only skill and experience, but a deep well-spring of compassion.




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