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The Mercury line (Ascendant and Mercury at 14 Libra in the chart) flows through Kabul, Afghanistan, crosses the Pluto line in Kabul, and runs straight through New York City. The Mercurial "message" was clear: death.

In Reinhold Ebertin's "The Combination of Stellar Influences," Mercury with Pluto is described as: "Psychological Correspondences: Positive: Restless thinking, good powers of observation, a quick grasp of every situation, an amazingly sharp criticism, intellectual triumph over others, slyness or cunning, crafty subtlety, diplomacy."

This sounds like the hijackers.

"Negative: Hasty thinking and speaking, premature action or hastiness, the spirit of opposition, irritablity, impatience, over-estimation of self."

"Sociological Correspondence: A convincing speaker, the power to influence the public of the masses, a critic, a writer. A plagiarist or a demagogue, or misrepresentation in speaking or writing."

This sounds like OBL, or whoever penned the last instructions to the hijackers. John Ashcroft released the text of the letter on September 28, 2001. The handwritten letter (three copies were found) was a concise guide to the hijackers of how to conduct themselves at the commencement of Mission 9/11/01.


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