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Afghanistan, The Taliban
And Pakistan -- Ingresses and Planetary Hits 2001

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Ingresses 2001

Each year we experience four ingresses, the time when the Sun reaches 0 degrees of the four cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Mundane Astrologers study ingress charts and eclipses for clues as to what the year in question might portend.

Aries Ingress, March 20, 2001, 8:31 AM EST +5:00, Washington, DC, 38N53, 77W02. 21 Taurus rising.

Mars at 16 Sagittarius (conjoined to Pluto at 15 Sagittarius) is in the 7th house of the chart -- the house of open enemies. Saturn is in the first house of the chart at 26 Taurus, conjoined to the fixed star, Caput Algol, the most malevolent of the fixed stars. The Lunar nodes are at 12 Cancer and 12 Capricorn, respectively. Transiting Jupiter and Mars have just crossed the Aries Ingress Nodes. Pluto hovered at 12 Sagittarius for most of this year via its retrograde, and therefore was in "nodal degree" to this ingress chart. The North Lunar Node at 12 Cancer is alarmingly close to the USA's and Bush's natal Sun (13 Cancer) to avoid noting that Pluto in nodal degree would have catastrophic impact upon the United States. The Midheaven for the Aries Ingress is 1 Aquarius, conjoined to the Taliban's Natal Uranus and in sextile to its Natal Sagittarius. As seen below, the Taliban's Solar Arc Directed Neptune will reach 0 Aquarius very shortly. The Taliban's Uranus, Neptune and Pluto create a Yod with Pakistan's natal chart. Pakistan's natal Mars is at 0 Cancer, the degree of the Summer Solstice, or Cancer Ingress. Remember that this year's Cancer Ingress was set off by a Lunar Eclipse which followed it in July along with the USA's Solar Return and George W. Bush's Solar Return. The Vertex in the Aries Ingress chart is 23 Libra, conjoined to Spica, preferring good fortune upon America, as George Bush's progressed Moon is at 23 Libra.

Cancer Ingress, June 21, 2001, 3:38 AM, EDT Washington, DC, 38N53, 77W02. 21 Taurus rising.

The Ascendant for this ingress is conjoined to Caput Algol (26 Taurus) and Mars is again in the 7th house of the chart, the house of open enemies, retrograde at 20 Sagittarius. The Part of Fortune in the chart is 28 Taurus, conjoined to Alcyone, the fixed star of great grief and crisis. The Moon is at 27 Gemini, one degree shy of the Moon's degree (28) on the morning of September 11, 2001 -- the WTC and Pentagon disasters. As noted above, the Cancer Ingress chart was set off by the USA's Solar Return, a Lunar Eclipse and George W. Bush's Solar Return.

Libra Ingress, September 22, 2001, 7:04 PM, EDT Washington, DC, 38N53, 77W02. 01 Aries rising.

This Ingress is post 9/11/01, and reiterates the 7th house Mars theme by having a 01 Aries rising. Now the "enemy" is in the first house of the chart -- in our own backyard. The early degree of the Ascendant indicates that matters will need to develop further and that great frustration abounds, as the MC is 01 Capricorn. The Ascendant and the MC are in square with their midpoint being 01 Aquarius, the degree of the MC of the Aries Ingress! Mars has just crossed over the South Node at 1 Capricorn (conjoined to the MC!) and is at 7 Capricorn. This indicates that the past actions demand attention in the present. The Libra Sun is in square to the Nodes at 1 Cancer, 1 Capricorn, respectively. The North Node is in the 4th house of the chart . The Moon at 13 Sagittarius has just crossed over Pluto signifying that the people are aware of great danger via the 4th house of the chart: The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Saturn at 14 Gemini, Mars's ruler, is in Mercury's degree on 9/11/01. It's opposition to Pluto indicates the need for great patience, steely resolve, and relentless action. The Saturn-Pluto opposition stretches across the 3rd and 9th houses of the chart: indicating relentless media coverage of foreign countries, noteably Afghanistan, Pakistan, and all nations that comprise the middle east.

Capricorn Ingress, December 21, 2001, 2:22 PM, EST Washington, DC, 38N53, 77W02. 21 Taurus rising.

The Midheaven is again 01 Aquarius with Neptune and Uranus in the 10th. Uranus squares the Ascendant and 21 Taurus is only one degree shy of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of May 28, 2001. Overlaying Jupiter-Saturn into the chart reveals nearly a perfect square between that Taurean conjunction and Ingress Uranus. Harking back to the three Saturn-Uranus conjunctions in 2000, and the Inauguration chart's T-Square involving Mars, Saturn and Uranus, we are bound to see more iconoclasms, shifts in the administration's early 2001 stances on the role of the Federal Government, and revised laws in regards to intelligence operatives, survellience, and compromises and adjustments on the part of Americans to the reality of a war-on-our-own soil in connection with promised terrorist reprisals in our country for America's role in routing out OBL and the Taliban.

Planetary Transits

Mercury entered 0 Libra, Ingress Degree, on September 1, 2001.
  1. Afghanistan's Pallas Athena at 29 Libra is conjoined to transiting Mercury retrograde in the same degree. Both Pallas and transiting Mercury are in square to Afghanistan's retrograde Mercury at 29 Cancer. Hence, the result of the ruling Taliban's strategy (Pallas) in concert with two retrograde Mercury contacts equates to bad decisions. The Taliban has refused to turn over Osama bin Laden and destroy his terrorist camps. Mullah Muhammed Omar, the Taliban's chief, stated that "America doesn't have the courage to come here." Bad call, Sir.

  2. Transiting Neptune reaches 7 Aquarius December 31, 2001 and will be in exact Nodal Degree to the Taliban's and Afghanistan's Lunar Nodes. Afghanistan's Nodes are Cancer/Capricorn. The Taliban's are Libra/Aries. Neptune will also cross George W. Bush's 7th house cusp during the same time frame. During this Neptune transit, neither the USA nor Afghanistan can clearly "see" each other. Neither side will be able to identify the enemy! It is at this time that our special forces may have infiltrated Afghanistan to such an extent that it is not unlikely to discover later the use of costumes, make-up, false hair and other ruses on the part of our forces to further infiltrate Taliban/bin Laden forces.

  3. 9/9/01 Mars 0 Capricorn, opposite Cancer Ingress Sun supercharted by July 5, 2001 Eclipse, USA's Solar Return and President Bush's Solar Return, July 6, 2001. Mars at 0 Capricorn is the midpoint between the Taliban's natal Pluto at 0 Sag and natal Uranus at 0 Aquarius. It is opposite Pakistan's Mars at 0 Cancer, Ingress degree. Pakistan's chart takes on a Yod (fated aspect) as it's natal Mars is quincunx the Taliban's Uranus and Pluto. At the Cancer Ingress, Pakistan's Yod was ignited, thus forcing her into her current role: critical adjustments (double quincunxes-Yod) to the Taliban and to the United States. Pakistan's Solar Arc Directed Ceres is at 0 Cancer and is also brought into the aforementioned Yod. Pakistan is working with the USA and the United Nations to supply food and grain (Ceres) to avert the crisis facing Afghan refugees. As a point of further interest, General Pervez Musharraf, President of Pakistan, has natal Mars at 22 Taurus, the degree of May 28, 2000's Saturn-Jupiter conjunction. [August 13, 1943, Delhi, India. No time known.]

  4. 9/11/01 Mars 1 Capricorn: WTC and Pentagon attacked. Mars squared the USA's Midheaven: 1 Libra

  5. Mars will be at 25 Capricorn on October 20, 2001 and will conjoin The Taliban's natal, authoritarian Neptune. Mars and Neptune (as well as our current Mars opposite Jupiter) equates to Jihad -- Holy War. Mars at 25-26 Capricorn will oppose Bush's natal Saturn at 26 Cancer. Mars opposite Saturn is the classic "stalemate" aspect. October 20th may be the day when the President sees no other alternative but to commence operations in Afghanistan.

  6. October 26, 2001 at 7:16 pm in Kabul, Afghanistan, The Taliban's Solar Arc Directed Neptune at 29 Capricorn reaches 0 Aquarius, thus conjoining its natal Uranus, sextiling its natal Pluto and adding its subterfuge to the Yod shared by the Taliban and Pakistan!

  7. Transiting Mars reaches 0 Aquarius on October 28, 2001 and conjoins The Taliban's natal Uranus. Not only is Mars conjoined to Uranus the classic "terrorist" explosion aspect, it sets off the Yod in its chart linking Pakistan to explosive events at this time. Transiting Mars will trine the USA's MC at 1 Libra over the next two days. Mercury will have gone direct on October 22-23, 2001, and is at 16 degrees of Libra on October 28, 2001. Mercury will oppose Afghanistan's Mars at 16 Aries and will conjoin the Taliban's Chiron at 17 Libra a day or so later. Mercury opposite The Taliban's Mars equals angry words leading to explosions. Watch November 4, 2001, as Transiting Mars will conjoin The Taliban's Solar Uranus at 5 Aquarius. The Mars-Uranus themes are doubled by these contacts.

  8. November 1, 2001, Saturn opposes Pluto again at 13 degrees of Gemini/Sagittarius. Saturn sextiles Pakistan's Pluto (13 Leo) and Pluto trines Pakistan's Pluto. Pakistan's progressed Sun at 13 Libra will be sextiled by transiting Pluto and trined by transiting Saturn. Pakistan has a much better chance to fortify itself during this time period than does Afghanistan and the Taliban for the re-entrenchment and escalation of military forces.

  9. Mars reaches transiting Uranus at 21 Aquarius on November 26, 2001. Again, note that Mars conjoined to Uranus is the classic explosion aspect. It falls in the USA's third house, so expect a great deal of media coverage. This "explosion" will be a public/media matter. Since Mars is noted for impatience and has a penchant for jumping the gun, this conjunction may offload its potential a day or two before November 26, 2001. This conjunction is further exacerbated by the Mars-Uranus trine to the USA's natal Mars at 21 Gemini in its 7th house of open enemies. The Mars-Uranus conjunction opposes both Afghanistan and the Tablian's natal Venus and makes a wide trine to Afghanistan's natal Mars at 16 Aries. When transiting Mars makes it to 16 degrees Aquarius, the build-up towards the conjunction event will already be in motion. On December 5, 2001, Mars will conjoin the USA's Moon at 27 Aquarius. November 26, 2001 through December 5, 2001 are weeks in which we must take extra precautions for our safety.

  10. Transiting Mars reaches 28-29 Aquarius on December 7-8, 2001. Mars will be in square to Pakistan's North Node at 28 Taurus 52, conjoined to Alcyone, the Star of great grief. It appears that from November 26, 2001 through December 8, 2001 will be a time of great consequences.

  11. Mars reaches 0 Pisces on December 9, 2001. It will semi-sextile The Taliban's natal Uranus and square it's natal Pluto thus setting off the Yod configuration between its chart and the chart of Pakistan. Mars will square The Taliban's Tertiary Progressed Sun at 10 Pisces, which has been taking hits from Transiting Pluto over the last year and a half. October 1-2, 2001's Full Moon at 9 Libra-9 Aries conjoined and opposed The Tabliban's progressed Sun at 8 Libra. On October 2, 2001, PM Tony Blair declared, "Either surrender Al Qaeda, or surrender your power." Strong aspects to a governing party's Sun or a nation state's Sun can be indicators of loss of status/loss of ruling power. It would seem then, that when transiting Mars reaches Aries on January 25, 2002, opposes the Taliban's natal Sun (3 Libra) and progressed Sun (10 Libra), that Taliban, if still in power, will make on last ditch military effort to maintain or regain the reins of power. Pluto at 16 Sagittarius will trine Afghanistan's Mars and applies to a sextile with its natal Uranus at 19 Libra. Perhaps an Arian Mars and Pluto in the Aries decanate signals the end of the Jihad regime in Afghanistan.

  12. On January 19, 2002 at 8:12 pm EST +5:00 in Washington, DC, Mars will be at 0 Aries 48 and will reach at 0 degrees North Declination. An Aries Moon will also be in 0 degrees of Declination one hour later. Mars at 0 degrees North Declination is one of the key charts Mundane astrologers study during times of war or when war is imminent. Mars at 0 Aries is in "Aries Ingress Degree" and, again, sets off the combined Yod created between the charts of Afghanistan and The Taliban. 6 Virgo rises in the Mars Declination chart and conjoins Pakistani President Musharraf's progressed Venus-Chiron conjunction. Mars in the 7th house just is just shy of the 8th house cusp, but the Moon at 11 Aries is in the 8th house and will have just crossed over The Taliban's natal Saturn (3 Aries). Mars conjoins the Taliban's Saturn on January 23, 2002. This another classic "stalemate" aspect. By this time it is possible that OBL will have been captured and killed and the majority of his weaponry destroyed. If this turns out to be the case, the Taliban will have nothing left to back it up. Transiting Mercury will be retrograde at 14 Aquarius, 14 Libra being the degree and sign in which Mercury was at the time of the WTC and Pentagon catastrophes. Mercury will oppose The Taliban's progressed Mars at 13 Leo during this time frame.

This is a worksheet and will updated/revised as needed.

Starcats, October 2, 2001, Santa Monica, California.

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