June 8, 2006

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Abu Musab al-Zarqawi killed in U.S. Airstrike

al-Zarqawi b. October 20, 1966,* Za-Zarqa, Jordan 32N05, 036E06 (no time known). Killed yesterday, June 7, 2006, @ 6:15 PM Local Time in Hibhib, Iraq, 33N46, 44E58, Asc: 23 Scorpio. Source: White House Official Announcement.

* "NewsScope for June 29, 2004" (Michael Wolfstar) @ Stariq, quotes October 30, 1966. However, NPR (today) and Wikipedia quote October 20, 1966. -- Starcats

Al-Qaeda was born February 23, 1998, 5:00 am, GMT, London, England. 51N30, 000W10. Asc 14 Capricorn. "Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri of Egyptian Islamic Jihad issued a fatwa under the banner of the World Islamic Front for Jihad Against the Jews and Crusaders. . . . saying that 'to kill Americans and their allies, civilians, and military is an individual duty of every Muslim who is able.' . . ." Wikipedia

June 6, 2006

Al Gore, Mars & Saturn by Guest Author, Frances McEvoy

I recently looked at Al Gore's chart and my immediate reaction was that if he were running for election right now he would be a shoo-in.

He was born March 31, 1948 at 12:53 pm in Washington DC (AA, Astrodatabank). His 10/55 degree Aries Sun had just gone over the MC in the 9th house conjunct Pallas and trine his Pluto retrograde in the 1st house. He was born with Mars conjunct Saturn in Leo (Saturn retrograde) closely behind Pluto (also retrograde), and Saturn and Mars are trine his midheaven at 21 Aries.

The powerful March 29th Solar Eclipse was near his natal Sun. His natal Mercury at 16 Pisces in the 8th was exactly quincunx his Saturn and also his Mars. Transiting Pluto is on his natal Jupiter in Sagittarius in the Galactic Center. Transiting Jupiter in Scorpio is on his natal South Node and trine both his Mercury in Pisces and Vesta in Cancer in the 12th. He was born with Moon out-of-bounds at 3 degrees Capricorn; Pluto and Vesta are each out of bounds also. This is a man of courage and vision who is definitely outside the box.

He says he is not interested in running for president again (been there, done that) and it is easy to see why. But I wonder if he could be drafted?

It is interesting that Hillary Clinton, just 5 months older than Gore, also has Mars-Saturn-Pluto in Leo. Both are activated as candidates by the Mars/Saturn conjunction.

It is the closest Mars and Saturn have been to each other since 1978. Mars is moving at top speed and so within a week or so it will have pulled beyond Saturn and headed toward an opposition to Neptune on July 5th.

Jupiter, which will square Mars and Saturn between June 17th and 22nd will station July 5th at 8 degrees of Scorpio and turn direct. Mars is now at aphelion and thus at its furthest distance from the Sun this month. Though clearly visible with high-powered telescopes, it will appear as a tiny dot beside the ringed planet.

And not to be overlooked this month is Pluto which is at opposition to the Sun on June 17th. The Summer solstice on June 21st comes complete with celestial fireworks. To make it complete, the lunar North Node moves across the zero Aries point and into Pisces on June 20th*.

*June 22nd for the “True” Node

Email interchange with Frances, June 6, 2006

"Of course you may quote me but the article was the result of back and forth conversations on line with Liane Wade so was not as complete as my usual articles would be. I think the fact that Gore has Sun elevated in the 9th house in the Gauguelin sector of greatest prominence and strength and that it is also trine Pluto in Leo rising in the first is interesting.

We have had two similar elections to that in 2000 which were so close that there was no clear winner. In 1924 Andrew Jackson received the highest number of electoral votes (99) and John Quincy Adams was second with 84. Henry Clay was speaker of the house and had 37. Adams was elected and then appointed Clay secretry of state. A bargain between Adams and Clay was suspected and the circumstances under which he took office did not augur well for Adams.

In 1828 Jackson defeated Adams 178 to 83. The election of 1828 was a turning point in the history of the United States as he was the first president from west of the Appalachians. He was elected by the masses rather than by a political organization.

In 1960 the Kennedy-Nixon election was also very close and disputed. Eight years later Lyndon Johnson decided not to run for reelection because of public response over the Vietnam War. Nixon ran again and was elected.

There are similarities between 1968 and 2006, and Iraq has become another Vietnam. And Al Gore is probably better prepared for the job of president than any man in history, born in Washington DC the son of a popular Senator from Tennessee who had opposed the Vietnam War. He grew up in Washington as an insider, but his passion long before he ran for president was the environment. He now is more concerned with educating the public about the dangers of Global Warming than he is in being President. But can he be drafted?" -- Frances

My response to Frances, June 6, 2006

. . . He [Al Gore] is a man whose time has come. Everything Gore predicted about Bush as well as evidence that global warming may be our greatest threat are coming true. His Sun opposite Neptune is the inspired truth crusader who can uplift. He is a highly prescient being because of Neptune's help. Exalted Sun in Aries in mutual reception with Mars drives him inexorably into the role of prescient, inspiring truth teller/activist.

Thank you again, Frances.

June 6, 2006, Frances McEvoy & Starcats

Earth from space/ozone layer. infrared photo.

An Inconvenient Truth

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Al Gore, March 31, 1948, 12:53 PM, Washington, DC, Asc: 4 Leo

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