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July 27, 2002

Cheney Breaks The Law On The Day
WorldCom Files Bankruptcy!


Judicial Watch

Process Server Threatened With Jail By White House Security

White House Refuses to Allow Complaint to be Lawfully Served On Vice President Cheney

(Washington, DC) Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes public corruption, today reported that security staff at The White House threatened a process server with arrest over his attempt to serve Vice President Cheney with a complaint filed against him by Judicial Watch on behalf of shareholders of Halliburton. It is a crime to interfere with service of process.

According to an affidavit of due diligence filed in the case, the process server attempted to serve the complaint on the Vice President at The White House and was told by a security officer that he would not accept the “papers” for the Vice President. According to the process server’s sworn statement, the security officer said that “if I dropped them [the federal court summons and complaint], he would arrest me.” The attempted service was made on July 22, 2002.

No lawyer for Vice President Cheney has contacted Judicial Watch to accept service on the Vice President’s behalf.

“We have served many a lawsuit on Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Hillary Clinton when they were in The White House. The Clinton White House accepted the papers. Never before have our process servers been threatened with arrest. If this Bush-Cheney White House is serious about corporate corruption and responsibility, it would not allow the Vice President to improperly hide behind White House security to evade service of process in the Halliburton securities fraud litigation, and it would not threaten the process server with arrest,” stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman.

Judicial Watch will continue to attempt service on the Vice President and will move for appropriate sanctions if Vice President Cheney continues to obstruct court process. Mr. Cheney is not above the law.

See Affidavit of Due Diligence Re Attempt of Service

Using a magnifying glass to more closely read process server's Affidavit, I was able to ascertain that the process server attempted service upon Cheney at 1:12 pm, July 22, 2002, White House, Washington, DC.

Cheney/White House Refuse Service of Summons on Complaint


Dick Cheney has been about as visible as Usama bin Laden lately. The question as to whether bin Laden is alive or dead ought to be rephrased. Cheney has been MIA since 9-11-01 except when it comes to brief appearances at fund raisers, so it should come as no surprise that the dark shadow a/k/a the nation's shadow president would dodge a service processor.

The last time I saw a defendant dodge service was in late 1999. I was working at a law firm in Santa Monica where "it came to our attention" that we needed to sue George Hamilton for failure to pay make his lease payments on a cigar store he ostensibly owned in the San Fernando Valley. This case moved to a speedy settlement among the parties about a week later.

Cheney isn't as good-looking as Hamilton if you like the burned out Hollywood, gigolo "actor" type, but he is far richer and far more powerful. As Molly Ivins stated on Phil Donahue's MSNBC TVshow yesterday (July 26, 2002), she believes that there are people in America who are far too rich (and powerful) to ever go to jail. Molly was speaking about Enron, WorldCrimes, et al.

I would counter that by saying that Nixon's Vice President, Spiro T. Agnew was forced to resign the presidency over income tax evasion. Leona Helmsly, "The Queen of Mean," actually did jail time for her income tax malfesance. You may recall Helmsly's memorable remark, "Only the little people pay taxes." Actually, she was right.

The BCCI and Savings and Loan Fraud Scandal that erupted under the Presidency of Bush I (immediately after Reagan's "Greed is Good" era) resulted in convictions. Nevertheless, the billions of dollars lost in this scandal was paid for by the U.S. tax payer. No matter how you slice it, the middle class is going to eat WorldCrimes, Enron, Adelphia, Tyco, Imclone, Arthur Andersen, et al. In case you don't remember, it took the USA ten years to bail itself out of debt from both Ronald Reagan and George Bush I's presidencies.

I suspect it will take a good deal more than ten years for America to bail out of the first 18 months of Dubya's presidency.

Before you mourn the "good old days" of Clinton-Gore and the boom economy, you need to know that during the eight years of that Democrat presidency, CEO's made 418 times the dollar amount of a corporation's average employee. The gap between the rich and the poor widened to an extent not heretofore seen in human history. The gap outclassed that of the gulf between the aristocracy and the poor throughout the history of Europe. By 1999, the equality gap between people of the United States and those of their European counterparts was off the charts. The USA, supposedly the world's "standard bearer," is the most unequal of all Western nations.

Factoid: In 1999, Bill Gates, Paul Allen and Warren Buffet's net profits combined were more than the GDP of 41 of the world's poorest nations combined comprised of a population of 550 million people. Boil up that software. I'm wondering how Windows XP Professional Edition will taste atop rice and beans.

Now you know why you can't make ends meet.

Now you know why the USA outclasses workaholic Japan. We work 9 1/2 weeks a year longer than other industrialized nations. Our purchasing power is decreasing by the ticking of the National Debt Clock, and it has become impossible to save money. At this very second, your share of the national debt (and mine) is $21,338.52.

Oh. If you had a 401(k), I'm sorry to report that the majority of it is in Ken Lay, et al.'s pockets.

If you think I'm making it up, get ahold of Starcats' recommended read: "Wealth & Democracy in America" by Kevin Phillips. This is one Republican I like. He's the one who is teaching us all these facts. See my Table of Contents page for the quick link to purchase.

Now to the Chart

The Ascendant at 25 Libra represents the process server who carries the Summons on Complaint to Defendant Cheney represented by 25 Aries on the 7th house cusp. There is no aspect between Venus and Mars (rulers of the process server and Cheney) which means that the two don't meet. The rule is: no aspect, no action.

Venus (Process Server) is applying to a square with complicating Pluto (Plutocracy) in the second house of the chart, which is the future of the matter vis a vis successful service of the Summons on Complaint. The complications are obvious: failure to serve due to Plutocratic intervention.

Saturn in the 9th house of legal actions is also important when considering that Saturn finds its exaltation in the sign of Libra (Process Server). Since Saturn indicates delays and denials, we are tipped off from the chart that the Summons on Compliant would be denied. Service was rejected with a threat of placing the Process Server in jail. This is clearly against the law. The last I heard, there was a U.S. Constitution that guaranteed one's right to a redress of grievances. However, when it comes to the top 10% of the population, we find this astonishing fact vis a vis attempted service of the lawsuit: Uranus retrograde in the 5th house of "speculation," is Cheney's backing off from attempted service and "gambling" on the dodge working to his advantage. Note that Uranus is associated oftentimes with tyranny and those who are "a law unto themselves." Saturn in the 9th house is the traditional ruler of the sign Aquarius. How about some old, hardline cronyism that has found its way right into the White House? The Peoples' House has become a "House of Asylum" for criminals!

Neptune of scandal and lies is in the 4th house of the chart representing "the insiders" within the White House. Neptune will soon be opposed by Mercury, Mars and the Sun, just shy of its entrance into Leo. Leo bespeaks "entitlements." Royalty. The Aristocracy. Those that rule. The growing Leonine planet build up brings the issue of "who has the power?" "Who benefits?" and "Why" squarely before the American public. The aforementioned oppositions to Neptune indicate a growing fight to serve justice.

The Moon at 9 Capricorn is ruled by delaying Saturn in the 9th house of lawsuits. It has just passed over Chiron of wounds in the third house of documents and dissemination of information. The Moon is semi-sextile (aspect of irritation) Neptune retrograde. Neptune is now in trine to the U.S. Constitution's natal Moon at 9 Sagittarius. For now, anyway, it appears easy (trines indicate an easy slide) for Cheney and Bush to continue circumventing the law.

Neptune won't achieve direct motion until October 20th and Uranus goes direct November 3-4, 2002, the date of the 2002 mid-term elections. We'll have to see if Bush invades Iraq in September-October, a thing he'd like to do to turn America's eyes off his and Cheney's illegal doings. Rumor is afoot that U.S. military tent camps are being set up in Qatar, and other Mideast countries in preparation for an invasion. Also, Bush thinks an Iraq invasion would beef up chances for the Repugs in the House to be easily re-elected. After all, why change horses in mid-stream? What Bush and Cheney may not wholly get is that they are rapidly losing ground in the polls. American's have "come home." With eyes now trained on their wallets, politics has sudden gotten personal again.

Note that Sun, Mercury and Mars are applying to an opposition with Uranus retrograde at 27 Aquarius in this chart. August 2002 will be especially contentious for Cheney, WorldCrimes, Enron, etc., as Uranus is conjoined to the USA's natal Moon = the people. The people are in the mood to revolt (Uranus-Aquarius). Fears of terroism on our soil aside for one moment, what will happen when Leo Mars opposes Uranus? Mars combined with Uranus in stressful aspect is the classic explosion scenario. Perhaps this is why Bush wants to review the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878. Bypassing PC would allow the U.S. military to interact or supplant the role of local police. Military take-over of the United States anyone?

No, it is not unthinkable. I have mentioned elsewhere on Starcats that The Uranus Return to the chart for the formation of the Nazi Party occurs via three hits to 1 degree of Pisces in the year 2003. I have been criticized from time-to-time that my scenarios are fear-filled and so "negative." If you have read my articles since Starcats was born in February of 1998, you'll see that my predictions have about a 97-98 percent accuracy rating. This is not to say that Bush grows a mustache and shouts "zeig heil." History doesn't duplicate itself exactly. But the spirals of it show patterns of great similarity. My job is to inform you of it.

Starcats -- July 27, 2002.

$41 Billion in Debt


Time For WC BK Filing Speculative

Rita Cosby of Fox News reported "live" at 7:04 PM PDT that WorldCom had just filed its Chapter 11 Petition about one hour ago, Eastern Daylight time, which would equate to about 9:00 PM EDT. Since the time stated for the Petition filing is "iffy," the WorldCom Bankruptcy chart should be viewed as speculative only.

It is most likely that Uranus (the shocker), does fall in the first house of WC's Bankruptcy filing chart. Uranus (retrograde) smacks headlong into the USA's birth Moon along with the USA's progressed Sun. The outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, are the "X" factor in political astrology. The outers, associated with conditions and events beyond the collective's control, commonly refers to the strata of society that pays the price for the upper one percent's "arrogance of power." In the WorldCom case, Uranus again diverts our common socio-political destiny.

Transiting Uranus falls within the third house of "media" in the USA chart. "Shocking disclosures" that create national and global anxiety rule the day. It should be no surprise that the stock market is tanking this dark Monday morning. Uranus is also in quincunx (150 degree aspect) to Bush's natal 12th house Saturn. In private (the 12th house rules secrecy and solitude) you can bet that Bush is crapping his pants. The political fall-out (under his watch) from a crashing economy doesn't play well in connection with Dubya's 2001 Tax Cut Plan for the rich. Nor do escalating deficits (he spent the surplus on tax cuts -- crony capitalism) bode well for the administration. It is rumored that Bush still wants to tout workers' placing a portion of their earnings into the stock market as an alternative to Social Security. This boggles the mind and points clearly to what he must transcend of his father's legacy. Bush I was unable to convey that he "got it" when it came to the Average American. His Gulf War "high" didn't last. He was subsequently beaten by Bubba Clinton -- a non-patrician "American" who wasn't "entitled" to public office. As Dubya's poll numbers begin to slip now, it will be up to Karl Rove and Ari Fleischer to "spin doctor" the public's growing perception that Dubya hasn't "restored honor and dignity to the White House."

As mentioned in my Solar Eclipse "Newsmakers," the Gemini Eclipse at 19 degrees of the sign conjoined Bush's natal and progressed Uranus. I mentioned that this eclipse would alter Bush's political destiny. Dubya's Harken Energy dealings now shadow him. Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch filed suit on behalf of shareholders against Cheney and Halliburton Oil. The economy and "bidness," that which the GOP has historically favored over social equality, now becomes this administration's "domestic blowback." Whether Cheney becomes Bush's "Spiro T. Agnew" (Nixon's Vice President convicted for tax fraud) remains to be seen. However, Watergate player, John Dean (former White House counsel to Richard M. Nixon), writes:

"History suggests either Bush or Cheney are a presidential scandal ready to happen. Hopefully, it won't happen. However, I'd give two-to-one odds it will." Truthout.

Uranus in the WorldCom BK filing chart makes a quincunx aspect to Jupiter (ruler of the 10th house of the chart signifying WC's CEOs); to Sun at 29 Cancer; and to Mercury at 0 Leo. Jupiter, Sun and Mercury make an out of sign conjunction to Mercury in Leo. Sun and Moon, then, unlock the quincunx. The Sun at 29 Cancer in the 6th house spells an ending of the matter for the day-to-day operations and routines for WC's employees. Thus far, 17,000 innocent workers have been laid off while CEO Bernard Ebbers luxurates in his palatial mansion. Perhaps he and Ken Lay are yachting as we speak. The Asteroid Vesta (protector and keeper of the flame) at 29 Cancer is also quincunxed by Uranus. "The flame goes out," and the "hearth," traditionally lit under the guise of "we are family" in corporate America, now smolders under the weighty pain of watery, security-oriented Cancer (employee losses). Mercury, the messenger at 0 Leo, is ruler of WC's 5th house Saturn. The 5th house, associated with speculators and gambles now meets "blowback." Saturn in Gemini is in its fall. It is also associated with rulers/CEO's at the helm. CEO Ebbers absconded with illegally gotten stock option dollars. Saturn in the 5th signals the end of his gamble.

Venus in purifying Virgo is in square to Jupiter-ruled Pluto in the 10th house of the chart. Pluto, associated with Plutocracy and Plutolatry (worship of money) describes those at the helm (CEO, Sr. Veeps, etc.) as the purveyors of corruption/covert dealings. Pluto is their "pact with the devil" (Saturn is associated with the Devil Card in the Tarot pack). What we have here is the Faust-meets-Mephistopheles school of economics. Venus also is descriptive of values and ideals. In square to Pluto (Hades) the feminine (Venus) meets the masculine (Pluto) and corporate rape is the result.

The South Node (17 Sagittarius) is also found in the 10th house. This Jupiter-ruled south node spells the end of "belief" in WorldCom. Jupiter in exaltation has already reached 27 degrees of the sign and opposes the USA's Pluto in Capricorn in its second house of the people's assets. By August 1, Jupiter moves to "too much of a good thing" Leo. This will be a "showcasing" time for WC's top brass. (Mercury in Leo now is "the messenger"). Much like watching Liz Taylor model her hope diamond while the American public loses 50% of their retirement portfolios, there will be an unstoppable nausea as WC and other corporations are forced to disclose CEOs mega-assets.

The June 10 eclipse also smacked the USA's Mars and transiting Saturn which conjoined it. Saturn-Mars contacts bring forward-action to a grinding halt. The frustration of this contact is akin to a concrete cutter (Mars) meeting the pavement (Saturn). If you've ever heard the sound of one of those machines, you know what I am talking about.

Update, 11:34 am PDT, from CNN: "It's been a steady, slow grind down, the same thing we've been seeing for weeks," said Tim Heekin, head of stock trading at Thomas Weisel Partners. "There's still a major corporate credibility problem."


Further observations re this speculative BK filing chart find Neptune retrograde conjunct the ascendant. Scandal, prevarication and shady financial dealings are all indicated by Neptune's first house position. Neptune on the ascendant describes what is fundamental about WC at the time of its BK filing. Because Uranus of "shocks" is Neptune's ruler, the initial disclosure of WC's $41 billion debt continues to richochet of the social and psychological "walls" of the American mind.

WC is sure that its $2 billion loan granted it at the time of BK filing will help the corporation reorganize (6th house of day-to-day operations) and rebuild its reputation (10 house). However, The Moon (ruler of Jupiter, Sun and Vesta) is applying to a conjunction with wounding Chiron in authoritarian Capricorn. Saturn in its fall in the speculating 5th house rules both Moon and Chiron. Because Chiron is retrograde and the Moon moves swiftly, the "mutual application" of the two bodies doesn't bode well. The Moon and Chiron, in the 11th house (future outcome of the 10th house as well as "hopes and wishes"), doesn't bode well for WC. Saturn in its fall is also the traditional ruler of Aquarius. Uranus and Saturn are in a flowing trine, but the two planets are not commonly associated with positive outcomes. The comeuppance factor of this Saturn/Uranus trine is more a mirror of the Bush Administration's reactionary (Saturn) style of reform (Uranus) and a dry, arrogant iconoclasm. Dubya has failed to reassure the American people and the Wall Street crowd that his heart (Bush has Leo rising) is really engaged in creating swift, efficient remedies.

Transiting Chiron (now retrograde) is hovering close to the 8 Degree mark of December 30th's Lunar Eclipse (Sun 8 Capricorn/Moon 8 Cancer). On December 27, Martha Stewart dumped her Imclone stock allegedly via illegal insider trading. The aforementioned eclipse is at its six month mark now. Issues of power (Capricorn) and security/"securities" (Cancer) take high focus. Chiron in Capricorn speaks of wounds to reputation, honors, mastery, responsibility, accounting "due diligence," respect, authority and personal dignity. WC's BK filing Moon in Capricorn is in detriment, indicating that not only is it the Moon (signifier of the people) that gets hurt by its conjunction with Chiron, but that Saturn in Gemini (ruler of Moon-Chiron) in fall takes a great number of people down with it.

Idle speculation: it is not uncommon for a corporation to file Chapter 11 Bankruptcy (reorganization) as a precursor to a Chapter 7 filing (a full-on "no asset" bankruptcy). Corporations can use the Federal Courts via Chapter 11 to stall for time. WC's true intention may be to file a straight no-asset Chapter 7. Using the arm of a Chapter 11 BK filing, such a maneuver can be used to sway public perception: "we're really trying to clean up our act." Also, the Chapter 11 BK filing might also be a time buying scheme to allow WC to offload itself to piecemeal buyers. This equates to a balkanizing of the original "empire."

Uranus in the first house seems to indicate the high possibility of corporate balkanizing. Uranus, the shatterer, either explodes or implodes. Now that Mars has entered Leo, it will oppose Uranus on August 24, 2002, two days before Pluto changes to direct motion. Mars and Uranus by conjunction, square or opposition are the zodiac's explosion factors. Uranus (enriched Uranium leading to Plutonium) uses Mars as its detonator. This opposition hits the USA's natal Moon in its third house. What explodes may be the global market itself. Not just WorldCom. It could also be terrorism, or Bush invading Iraq in order to divert the people's focus off his administation's growing scandals and failures.

It's going to be a long, hot summer.

July 22, 2001: Stocks Take a Dive After Indecisive Start

CNN/Money, July 22, 2002: "NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Speculation about Citigroup's connection to bankrupt Enron, weak results in the telecom sector and the bankruptcy of long-distance provider WorldCom knocked stocks lower at midday Monday, a continuation of the sharp selling that has burdened markets for months. "

"Around 11:40 a.m. ET, the Dow Jones industrial average tumbled 200.48 to 7,818.78. The Nasdaq composite index lost 34.94 to 1,284.21. The Standard & Poor's 500 index declined 26.99 to 820.76."

Press Release/WorldCom

"Clinton, Mississippi, July 21, 2002 - WorldCom, Inc. (Nasdaq: WCOME, MCITE) today announced that WorldCom and substantially all of its active U.S. subsidiaries filed voluntary petitions for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York. Chapter 11 allows a company to continue operating in the ordinary course of business and to maximize recovery for the company's stakeholders. The filings will enable the company to continue to conduct business as usual while it develops a reorganization plan." WorldCom Web Site

"Bankruptcy at WorldCom Is the Largest in U.S. History"

By SIMON ROMERO and RIVA D. ATLAS "Plagued by the rapid erosion of its profits and an accounting scandal that created billions in illusory earnings, last night submitted the largest bankruptcy filing in United States history.

The bankruptcy is expected to shake an already wobbling telecommunications industry, but is unlikely to have an immediate impact on customers, including the 20 million users of its MCI long-distance service.

The WorldCom filing listed more than $107 billion in assets, far surpassing those of Enron, which filed for bankruptcy last December. The WorldCom filing had been anticipated since the company disclosed in late June that it had improperly accounted for more than $3.8 billion of expenses.. . ."

Chapter 11 Petition filed at about 9:00 pm EDT,
July 21, 2002, In the Southern District of New York

BK Petition is available at: Find law. You'll need Acrobat Reader to peruse the Petition. Scroll down to "Consolidated Creditors Holding 50 Largest Unsecured Claims." You will gasp at the amount of money WorldCom has absconded on.

Note that WorldCom has been given loans up to $2 billion to assist its reorganization procedures.

MCI, the long distance carrier owned by WorldCom happens to have been my LD of choice and is hooked into my Skymiles program with Delta Airlines. As I've often said about the U.S. economy, "There goes the money." In this case, "There go my Skymiles."

Starcats, July 22, 2002.

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Read Queso's story at Justice for Queso.

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