Chandra Levy Last Seen


Chandra was last seen at her gym. She cancelled her membership on the evening of April 30, 2001, as she was planning to leave D.C. and return to Modesto, California. She was abruptly terminated from her job at the Bureau of Prisons when she disclosed to her boss that she had earned her Master's Degree in Public Administration in December, 2000. Her employer was under the impression that she would not graduate until Spring, 2001.

Fact: Chandra Levy was not an intern. She was employed by the Bureau of Prisons at a salary of $27,000 a year. "Intern," in this case, is directly related to the fact that Chandra's job would also give her additional graduate school credits towards her Master's Degree. When you hear the GOP spinning about "sex with an intern," remember the foregoing. Also, keep in mind that Chandra had nothing to do with internships at Condit's office. Her job and his were not related.

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