Ashcroft Blowout

February 1, 2001 -- MSNBC News Online

"Dodd [Senator Chris Dodd (D) of Connecticut] told his colleagues Wednesday night that he, for one, wanted no more of the bitter confirmation battles that have rocked the Senate since the 1987 Bork battle."

"He said he hoped his vote for Ashcroft would 'help bring about an end to the growing predilection to treat nominations as ideological battlefields.'"

Dodd Logic Twister

IDEOLOGICAL -- Adjective: 1. Of or relating to ideology. 2. Of or concerned with ideas. [American Heritage Dictionary].

To prevent the birth of ideas, many of which become political ideology, would necessitate the aborting of one's logical thought processes. But according to Ashcroft, abortion is wrong. Therefore, [according to Dodd], ideological thinking is wrong. To challenge Ashcroft is to engage in ideological thought. Since thought is inherently wrong, Bush need not worry about his school voucher program. --Starcats.



John Ashcroft
Gale Norton
Eight Democratic Senators:
Russ Feingold (Wisconsin)
Chris Dodd (Connecticut)
Zell Miller (Georgia)
Robert Byrd (W. Virginia)
John Beaux (Louisiana)
Ben Nelson (Nebraska)
Byron Dorgon/Kent Conrad (North Dakota)



The Ascendant for the confirmation chart shows a void Venus conjoined to the fixed star, Scheat, indicating (Anne Wright quotes Robson), "ambition, vanity, intuition, enthusiasm, caprice and bad judgment." and: " In medieval times it was said to indicate vain individuals with a great deal of ambition, but with very poor judgment."

Since the 10th house of the chart refers to the position of Attorney General (or what today's hearing was about), then Venus conjoined to Scheat (in Pisces, the twin fishes, associated with Christianty), points to Ashcroft's appointment as one based upon hubris (vanity-ambition).

The Angles

  1. The Ascendant is the Senate. At 10 Cancer, it is 3° shy of a conjunction with the USA's natal Sun and Bush's natal Sun -- a clear marker for a "yay" vote from the Senate."

  2. The 7th house cusp (10 Capricorn) represents Ashcroft. The South Node (status quo) is in the 7th, and is ruled by Saturn at 24° Taurus in the 11th house of Legislative decisions. The Moon (15° Taurus) is in nodal degree (fated decision), and is ruled by blind Venus on Scheat. The moon applies to a conjunction with Saturn, and if the Moon is the people (particularly women who have a stake in Roe v. Wade) then Friday, February 2nd's Moon-Saturn conjunction (the day before Mercury turns retrograde) indicates depressing fall-out.

Mars opposes Saturn (and both square Uranus, creating a "T" Square), the classic aspect of gridlock, rancor, partisanship, and wrangling. (Think back to Clinton's impeachment hearings where Mars stayed in orb of opposition to Saturn nearly through the whole process). This "T" square defines Ashcroft's tenure as Attorney General. Not only will he be beset, but the American people will be as well.

The Moon (the people) quincunxes ruthless-truth Pluto in Sagittarius (law) as well as the part of fortune at 13° Libra in the 4th house of "how it ends." The POF conjoins the USA's natal Saturn in Libra, thus linking the confirmation to Saturn's hard line interpretation of "the rule of law." (Justices Scalia/Rehnquist are both "strict constructionists", two words that describe Saturn). The Moon also quincunxes the part of fortune. This YOD formation, where energy flows out the Moon, points to the agenda Bush, et al. had all along: a ruthless (Pluto) legal battle (Venus ruler of Part of Fortune) over abortion which leads to depressing (Moon applying to conjoin Saturn) consequences for women.

Since both the Moon and the part of fortune are disposited by void Venus -- one's "legal ideology" is seen as pre-eminently "right," and Jupiter (Pluto's ruler) knows no boundaries, especially in media-spin Gemini. As Jupiter (now direct) moves to trine Neptune in the 8th house of the confirmation chart, it is safe to say that the Church will be used as a bully pulpit for the Right Wing's agenda.

The impact of this confirmation on the USA's chart is just as lethal if not more so:

  1. Confirmation MC (21° Pisces) squares USA's Mars (21° Gemini) and opposes USA's Neptune (22° Virgo). It would appear that militant mouthpieces (Mars in Gemini) for a "Purity of female vision" (Neptune in Virgo) falls, again upon women to become the moral arbitors of mens' conduct (MC 21 Pisces). As Barbara Boxer argued persuasively in the Senate (Wednesday, January 31), if women's reproductive freedoms are denied them, would there be an equal enforcement of justice upon runaway fathers?

  2. The YOD formed by Confirmation Pluto (14° Sag) to the USA's Sun (13° Cancer) where both quincunx confirmation Sun (13° Aquarius), brutally assaults the myth of "freedom of choice" (Pluto transiting the first), the very myth that women (Cancer Sun) actually mean something in America other than what can be stuffed into a Victoria's Secret push-up bra, and enough finanical freedom (Sun 13° Aquarius - 2nd house) to run to Canada or Mexico, should abortion rights be curtailed in the USA.

A Bit of Neptune, A Bit of Pluto

Neptune's current placement on the South Node of the USA's chart in its second house of the people's money corresponds with massive layoffs (already in process); loss of income as employers cut salaries to save their businesses; and a continued phoney fuel shortage. Prices at the pumps are escalating again. Bush's proposed tax cut, which would allow ordinary Americans the equivalent of one extra can of soda a week, is already out of the budget. It is doubtful that Greenspan's cut in interest rates will assuage the fears of the people. Gail Norton, Queen of Arctic Drilling, is ready to roll with the Pluto-sextile-Neptune (a very long transit) Alaska drilling project. Nothing, ultimately, will find its way into our wallets except credit card slips and overdue bill payment stubs. With Mars' 2001 six month transit through Sagittarius (Saddam's Saturn is at 21 Sag; Bush's Saturn conjoins Saddam's natal Pluto), we might look for the bombing to begin in early June.


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